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posted : 2004.Oct.09 @ 9.16pm
history recalls
what everyone knows to be true
answers so easy to find
its an island sinking
call them all fools
we're all laughing
livin in our simplicity
livid in our empathy
the horror
the pain
the torture
the way
when japanese philosophy
just dosen't answer
when christianity doesn't savour
needs of a believer
"we trust in god"
all else fails
"i am an athiest"
can we hear what we're saying
faith in nothing
faith in everything
going on ever on
like human hives
not paying attention
better than contributing
to the fall of the curtain
end of the play
the mind will connect
to the giant infastructure
allowing us needed personality
in a crowd
of 6 billion
be free
some day, we will be

posted : 2004.Oct.11 @ 4.59am
I really like this one. Thank you!

posted : 2004.Oct.14 @ 3.57pm
thanks i wrote it in one sitting, whilst thinking about life the universe and everything

posted : 2004.Oct.16 @ 4.28am
Wow, that is great. Those moments are the best. When it all just flows out with ease and perfection. I would love to see you lend your voice to some of the other threads in this section as well. Point of View, Babble-On or whatever speaks to you.


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