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posted : 2004.Sep.29 @ 2.41pm
Not THIS morning, but a few months ago morning paddle to the war machines with my brother Joe.




posted : 2004.Oct.04 @ 9.39pm

posted : 2004.Oct.08 @ 10.11am
discarded technology:

posted : 2004.Oct.11 @ 6.32pm
ang- Funny enough I was looking at your picture of the morman church in La Jolla when i was only a mile or so away from it, while visiting the UC: San Diego campus.

posted : 2004.Oct.15 @ 6.57pm
This twisty bit of metallic loveliness winked at me as I was leaving work last night.

posted : 2004.Oct.16 @ 3.24pm
New York in October. Not what you thought?

posted : 2004.Oct.16 @ 10.49pm
nice machinery!
You have many good shots of mechanism.
New thread maybe?

posted : 2004.Oct.28 @ 6.35pm
On my way to work.

posted : 2004.Nov.05 @ 9.56am
it's all about the rainbow Ry
these were taken at work while waiting for my samples to be printed




posted : 2004.Nov.05 @ 10.12am
Loving #6.

Got a mouthfull of that while arguing with a girlfriend in the 80s...

We worked at a screen print shop.

She won the argument..

posted : 2004.Nov.05 @ 8.19pm
big fluffy clouds

posted : 2004.Nov.12 @ 7.48am
Anson, tea's ready!

posted : 2004.Nov.14 @ 5.50pm
Walking to Santos (local coffee grind)

Shot driving to work


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