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posted : 2006.Mar.31 @ 5.12pm
The essence of understanding time lies in understanding organism. And so it yields to a low tech observational style of natural science which we call [raja] yoga. By looking inside the body and the mind as you still gross physiological functions, subtler and subtler shells of vibration and emanation and physiological activity come into view. My hypothesis is if you do this with sufficient care and attention you get down to a level where you’re actually interfacing the primal quantum mechanical vibrations that lie behind everything. In other words, you are in the realm of primal patterns whose activity downloads and eventuates as the macro-physical world.

In other words, you’re in the realm of the butterfly’s wing-
in the chaos theory that says the butterfly’s wing can start the cascade that leads to a hurricane.

posted : 2006.Mar.31 @ 5.15pm
The people who have penetrated into this realm mapped it phenomenologically. They said time is a thing of elements, in the same way that western science discovered matter is a thing of elements. Time is made of elements.

So the question immediately becomes, for the rational mind, how many elements? A million, ten thousand? One hundred? The answer is observe- make notes. Observe similarities, observe differences. Mathematically analyze your data.

The answer is 64. Time comes in 64 irreducible species, and the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching are simply a way of noting and assigning each one a distinct symbol for purposes of manipulation. And in the same way that plutonium is not sulpher and tin is not oxygen, these species of time display properties. So that objects which arise in time carry the impress in their structure of the medium in which they arose.

Organism becomes a microcosmic downloading, a mapping of the architectonics of being.

- Terrence McKenna
In the Valley of Novelty, Pt.03, 1998

posted : 2006.Apr.04 @ 4.46am
"The uniqueness of being human lies in our ability to continually weave the linguistic metwork in which we are embedded. To be human is to exist in language. In language we coordinate our behavior, and together in language we bring forth the world."

-Fritjof Capra

"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society."


"Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it."

-Bertoldt Brecht

posted : 2006.Apr.23 @ 2.58pm
At the very heart and source of all religion is a profound experience that an individual or group has in an altered state of consciousness. Then what happens is that the classic bureaucratic structures of humanity begin to impose themselves on that original experience, and within a few generations the religion has moved away from direct experience of the spirit realm and has substituted a class of priests in between us and the spirit world. Those priests are generally motivated entirely by this world and religion for them becomes a tool for material oppression and control thus is co-opted by the political establishment. Yet at the heart of the religion is a direct experience of another world which is politically relegated to myth.

Many religions as they develop turn against the notion that those who follow the religion should experience altered states of consciousness. Religious politics are vehemently opposed to altered states of consciousness even though their own validity is derived directly from an altered state.

- Graham Hancock
Conscious Media Network, Hancock on Ayahuasca

posted : 2006.Apr.23 @ 8.14pm
fear is only unanswered questions

posted : 2006.Apr.23 @ 8.16pm
any sufficiently advanced technology is virtually indistinguishable from magic
arthur c clarke

posted : 2006.Apr.24 @ 12.52pm
In earlier times, when esoteric knowledge was under jealous guard, a spiritual aspirant usually had to endure years of patient waiting before being taught. Now that information has become and article of commerce, all manner of secrets would seem to have become available to anyone who has the price of a book or tape; however, simply because secret doctrines can now be purchased and thus easily possessed does not mean they can be easily comprehended. Though words can be bought and sold, that living wisdom which cannot be confined within words must still be earned.

- Robert E. Svoboda
Aghora II : Kundalini

posted : 2006.Apr.27 @ 7.59pm
"be who you are and say how you feel
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind."

Dr. Seuss

posted : 2006.Apr.27 @ 8.11pm
"Our collective consciousness remembers a time when art did not exist. When daily life flowed within a context of continuous creation, magical reality and integrated ritual. When art was how song created the world, how humans honored their gods, how the lessons of the plant teachers were integrated, how ideas existed as story; carved in stone, stomped into the ground, painted on the walls and faces of healers, warriors and children becoming adults."

- higher glyphiks : vision catalogue

posted : 2006.Apr.27 @ 9.05pm
I have to share a recent page from my Ken Wilber book - 'A Brief History of Everything'.

Q: This is also God and the Goddess--as Eros and Agape, Wisdom and Compassion, Ascent and Descent (re: evolution)....

KW: Yes, in a broad sense. If we ignore for the moment the more provincial and stage-specific notions of horticultural Great Mother as a farming protectress, and the agrarian images of the God the Father as the Big Daddy in the Sky -- these mythic images are not very useful for an overall picture--and if we look instead to the broad understanding of God and Goddess, then the balanced picture that emerges is something like this:

If we wish to think in such terms, then the Masculine Face of Spirit -- or God -- is preeminently Eros, the Ascenting and transcendental current of the Kosmos, ever-striving to find greater wholeness and wider unions, to break the limits and reach for the sky, to rise to unending revelations of a greater Good and Glory, always rejecting the shallower in search of the deeper, rejecting the lower in search of the higher.

And the Feminine Face of Spirit - the Goddess, is preeminently Agape, or Compassion, the Descending and immanent and manifesting current of the Kosmos, the principle of the embodiment, and bodily incarnation, and relationship, and relational and manifest embrace., touching each and every being with perfect and equal grace, rejecting nothing, embracing all. Where Eros strives for the Good of the One in trancendental wisdom, Agape embraces the Mang with Goodness and immanent care.

Q: Which you tie in with Tantra.

KW: Tantra, in the general sense, presents the ultimate Nondual realityas the sexual embrace of God and the Goddess, of Shiva and Shakti, of Emptiness and Form. Neither Ascent nor Descent is final, ultimate, or privileged, but rather, like th primordial yin and yang, they generate each other, depend upon each other, cannot exist with out the other, and find their own true being by dying into the other, only to awaken together, joined in bliss, as the entire Kosmos, finding that eternity is wildly in love with the productions of time, the non-dual Heart radiating as all creation, and blessing all creation, and singing this embrace for all eternity -- an embrace that we are all asked to repeat in our own awareness, moment to moment, endlesslymiraculously, as the immediate presence of One Taste. This is exactly the Nondual vision, this union of Reflux and Efflux, God and the Goddess, Emptiness and Form, Wisdom and Compassion, Eros and Agape, Ascent and Descent -- perfectly and blissfully united in One Taste, the radical sound of one hand clapping.

posted : 2006.Apr.28 @ 3.38am
nice one silverbirch!

the only reason we die is because we except it as an enevitability
- stewie griffin

been pondering that one

posted : 2006.May.03 @ 8.37am
"Then I became a bird whose body was of Oneness and whose wings were Everlastingness, and I continued to fly in the air of the Absolute until I passed into the sphere of Purification, and gazed upon the field of Eternity, and beheld there the tree of Oneness."

- Abu Yazid of Bistam (sufi mystik)

posted : 2006.May.03 @ 2.56pm
"The Health of the Soul depends on whether we can express our creative energy freely or feel we must keep it hidden or supressed"

- Alex Grey


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