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posted : 2006.Jan.22 @ 3.10pm
>> GalCrash

This is an interactive java applet which allows you to model galaxy collisions on your own computer. With this applet you can study how galaxies collide and merge gravitationally and how the effects of the collision depend on the properties of the galaxies. You can also recreate collisions between real interacting galaxies observed in the sky.

posted : 2006.Jan.25 @ 12.42pm

posted : 2006.Feb.10 @ 6.56pm
big fatty touchscreen tech >> video >> web

posted : 2006.Feb.13 @ 2.43pm
air dude that is so incredible.

i was joking to sijay that he's a techno visionary
what with making the websites four times the screen size
dreaming that monitors will one day be big enough Smile

i joked to him about the vision of having holographic com pads
like on that movie final fantasy
being able to work layer upon layer of holographic reality
which then integrates with "real life" holographic reality

in not so many words.

he responded with that link from your blog and said no more.

i was like Shocked wtf omg WHOA. humina humina humina



posted : 2006.Feb.26 @ 10.01pm
actually to make up for not having a tv for the last 11 years,
i've for sure had my eye on this 32" liquid crystal monitor
for a pretty realistic price considering i have a job and all

my original plan for the studio computer was to have 3 x 19"
lcd displays, but after seeing a demo of one of these, i'm
pretty much sold.

technology turns me on these daze...

posted : 2006.Mar.01 @ 5.59am
I got myself a one of these
>> hyperdimentional crystaline hexagram display matrixes.
it allows me to see into many dimentions.

posted : 2006.Mar.02 @ 1.05pm
nice one phong : )

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 9.52am
the moon at sunset... from the north pole.

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 10.08am
» Snopes page

Looks fake... and overly compressed.
We'll keep our eye on this one for developements Wink

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 10.18am
the mountains look fake, yeah. i don't know what compressed means, but i think part of why it looks fake is because it's so astoundingly beautiful.

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 10.55am

Thomas Scott Kuebler »

posted : 2006.Apr.19 @ 1.51am
this is my dream... 12800x1600 res... can you imagine?! *drool*

posted : 2006.Apr.19 @ 5.02pm
This one put a huge smile on my face when i saw it this morning...

it's almost enough reason to go out and buy a tank...


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