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posted : 2005.Aug.09 @ 1.35am
cd cover art,and centerfold for Bill Kreutzman of the Dead, his "Trichromes" project
did 2 album covers for the band while living in San Rafael
had fun on the centerfold part.
it was a long awaited dream come true for me to be able to finally meet most of the Dead and get to do art for them.

EP cover

Album cover

centerfold poster
notice they are all partaking of DaKine

Tower Records mini tour poster

Tower Point of purchase Ad

Relix mag ad for the album and tour.

posted : 2005.Aug.14 @ 10.05am
I must state publicly, how much I like your design for Left Coast Liquid.
There is a great deal of subtlety hidden in this piece and when it's folded out, it works well as a triptych.

I also love the music! It's in heavy rotation.
If anyone is looking for some well done electronic music that sits perfectly on the fence between ambient and trance, go get it!

The idea that one of my new favorite CD's has your artwork on the cover thrills me.

Also, Heavy,
nice work on the 'Trichromes' stuff.
The poster is beautiful.
What do they sound like ?

posted : 2006.Apr.18 @ 7.44am
It's been a while.
I like the way this one came out.

:: Listen ::
» Kirstin Ashe : Magnetic Shadows

posted : 2006.Apr.18 @ 1.43pm
Beautiful warm design man.

very nice

Rychard>>> thanks and lets just say "they didn't last long"

HM Shocked

posted : 2007.Jul.09 @ 6.17pm
Rychard and I are finishing up a new track.
Naturally, if B.O.E. has a new single I get to play around making a cover for it.

posted : 2007.Nov.11 @ 9.09pm
Greetings all.
Respect to the dope designs! I am humbled by the deepskool skills represented.
Here's my tag: cd cover that Sijay and I collaborated on for the Green Samurai Clan.
A serene landscape housed within a gigantic lightship

Listen here:

Here's a short explanation of the process used for the landscape:

produce bows low

posted : 2007.Dec.04 @ 12.12am
Sweet, Duce!
You and Sijay crushed that thing!
I feel deep design intelligence and the expanse of the world you've created.

Delvin's latest Galatik Trading Card project is a holographic Luke Brown brain melter.
I was lucky enough to be asked to make a back for it displaying the creative network involved in birthing the card.

Can't show you the front yet but it's going to be nice.

Brought to you by >>

posted : 2007.Dec.04 @ 5.03pm

Dripping with Airtelligence!
Its awesome to bring the network full circle with the amazing throwdown. I can hardly wait to see the completed card.

posted : 2008.Feb.25 @ 12.15pm
Here's a piece I did to pay the billz this month,
it's the cover of a Premier Agendas student planners line -
produced for Circle Graphics.
It was created with Photoshop, Painter, 3D Studio MAX & Google Image Search.

Can you spot the spirit molecule?

posted : 2008.Feb.25 @ 12.44pm
Great colors. Super fun, super clean.

posted : 2008.Feb.25 @ 5.02pm
An indole advert!
Too bad my organic chemistry books don't respekt this close relative of tryptophan.

What wonderful color brilliance.

The only thing that seems a bit off to my eye is that the buildings are at a slight diagonal vertically,
but I'm not sure why that should be a problem.
Also, maybe fading the buildings at the bottom to reveal the plants more might gel the flow.

Thanks for the ideas man!

posted : 2008.Feb.25 @ 8.15pm
Now that I'm looking at that bird a little closer, I'm seeing metallic like endings to the wings, with biotech:patternitions fading toward the skull.

Phuture:tech catalysis

posted : 2008.Feb.26 @ 10.04pm
nice works everyone.



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