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index « audial « jul 29 2006 - re:genesis - andromeda, chromosome LIVE

posted : 2006.Apr.07 @ 3.48pm
deliria and elemental media present:


july 29, 2006
bc, canada


(yse records, sweden)

(yse records, sweden)

andromeda chromosome, and soul surfer are the projects of anders
nilsson: his scandinavian flavoured high resolution production style features
novel underlying melodic components while his grooves continually
stimulate dance floors into bliss.

having releases on yellow sunshine explosion, groove zone, and turbo
trance records, his music stands out uniquely as one of the top progressive
psytrance sounds on earth.


anders nilsson
(yellow sunshine explosion records, sweden)

(geomagnetic records, psicotik, vancouver)

akhentek - hybrid set


gil shanti


rj solo

seed of life chill zone

soul surfer - live
(yse records, sweden)

anahata - live
(aleph zero records, elphinstone, bc)

(seed of life, area 709, calgary, ab)

elemental media

visual artists: trypton media
sound & deco: elemental media
fire performance: crystal flames

tickets and information:
$35 presale
$40 at the door

location, tickets and outlets available online at

More info:


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