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posted : 2006.Mar.25 @ 9.39pm

lightship : Clear Spirit
The clear spirit is transparent, totally open to a connection with the whole awareness. In this holistic state a clear spirit may freely heal everyone it comes into contact with. This is also an affirmation for for us all to clear our spirits, healing ourselves so we can become healers for each Other.

light loom :
The medicine path is open to everybody as a channel for healing and a vital spiritual conduit for connecting with the divine agency. Manifesting as being in this world means dedicating ourselves to the Work of healing it. The medicine path honors the web of life living in harmonic sustainability with the planetary ecology of our world. Imagine the feeling of being healed, feel the memory of the healing. Our lives are healing journeys between this world and the next. We are always guided by the chords that link us together, they will always lead us home.

ritual action :
Undergo a ritual clearing facilitated by a spiritual practisioner of some kind. An intentional friend could do it with you using sage or smoke or any manner of sacred tools.

dedication : T'ieh-Kuai Li
He is one of the 8 immortals of the Taoist Pantheon, the Patron of the Sick and Sage Magician. He always carries with him a gourd of life preserving medicine rumored to contain juice from the Peach tree of Immortality located in the Queens court at Alabaster Terrace. With his mystical powers he could leave his body to explore the celestial sphere. Trained by the Queen of the Immortals, Hsi-wang-mu, he is said to have had magic powers and left his body to explore the celestial sphere. His karmic path on the planet is to help alleviate human suffering.

poetik channel : Delvin
The delvin majere and sometimes delvin 'the elvin' solkinson is a living poetic process. Delvin works with the nation as an elvish poetik envoy.

visionary artist : Robert Venosa : Red Overtone Skywalker

'If the most exciting art-making one can hope to encounter is an exploration of the furthest realities of the imagination, then Robert Venosa must surely rank among the luminaries of our era. His unique approach to Visionary art is nothing less than a fascinating scrutinization of the mysterious realms of being. Venosa's imagery enfolds us with its magical power - truly a mythology for our times'.
Nevill Drury

In his confrontations with the transpersonal, other-worldly offerings of the entheogens, Venosa discovered the magic and magicians of the Fantastic/Visionary world of art. Having ubermeisters Mati Klarwein and Ernst Fuchs as mentors, while discussing art and decadence with Salvador Dali, Venosa was suffused with the energy and dynamics that transported him into the realm of the Fantastic, while providing him with the palette and paints with which to make it manifest.

Through his participation in various workshops and seminars, Venosa now shares the techniques and experiences that entice and enchant one and all as to the magic and mysteries of the transcendent realms he inhabits...and paints.'

visionary art : :'Shroomglow'

The painting, 'Shroomglow', was conceived during the time that I was putting together my more recent book, 'Illuminatus', in which Terrence McKenna's text is featured. It was in Terrence's honor that the painting was created. He provided the inspiration for my forays into the deeper realms of Stropharia Land with his introduction of the 'Heroic Dose' - 5 grams of dried psilocybine. In turn, this painting inspired Ralph Metzner to use it as the cover art on 'Teonanacatl', his book on the sacred mushroom. As with most of my paintings, 'Shroomglow' emanates from an entheogenic foundation.

Robert Venosa
Boulder, Colorado, March 2006

artist website :

deck placement :11 of Portals

tarot : Strength / Force

archetype :
The 11 of portals card represents the healing path. It is a unified sign to seek healing for yourself in order to provide healing for those around you.

symbolikon :
Divine ecstacy, use of magikal energy, instinctual nature and desires, empowerment.

chakra : third eye

trigram : (fire) vision

posted : 2006.Mar.27 @ 1.00pm

lightship : Design Destiny
Design is Destiny. Design your own Destiny. It is through conscious design strategies and esthetics that culture is able to evolve. We are heading into a design oriented future.

light loom :
One of the Great Journeys of Exploration is through the energetic and spiritual geographies of our future. Charting future surfaces means creating the shapes of the world to come.

The soul console is the interface of being, here compared to the display screens and future computer software of our galactik-gaian civilization that comes after starfaring technology is deep into its scientific development. The future codes are eschatological information banks that represent the underlying patterns and structures, an imbedded cartography of the forms that shape the world.

The elvish nation is an intermatrix of cultural experiences including everyone who is associated with elves, fairies or other heart minded, light oriented spiritual avatars. Elvish is also a design sentimentality, an approach to creating and representing sacred space in the world. The cosmo-bardic poetry of the ages that flows through the elvish lineage imagines language in order to inspire the creative growth of their kind.

ritual action :
See how you are a designer. Pick a project and do a design of its characteristics. This would include preliminary pictures of the process, using art and sketching techniques as well as word lists showing your action plan. Try to illustrate all the elements that are relevant for your project and how they are going to work together to pull off the project. You could use brainstorming, flow charting, mindmapping, or any creative visioning techniques for transfering your ideas about the project you will be doing into a design map using art and words.

dedication : Neto
A supergalactik brother of the kind time, extended through the Way in deep heart lineages of healing and evolutionary design. obsc. The next incarnation of the lineage, peeking through the present.

poetik channel : Aduial
Elvish for twilight or dusk. Obsc. Elvish word for navigator.

visionary artist : Sijay : Red Lunar Moon

Sijay is a metamedia developer and new systems consultant from the Elphinstone rainforest of westcoast Canada. He has a degree in English Literature with a focus on linguistics, cultural theory and poetics. He is also a dj, music producer and writer. Currently, Sijay runs Onbeyond Metamedia, a new systems design company. He travels globally promoting sentient communications , organik technology and future media culture.

visionary art : :'Waveforms'
'Underwater exploration pods move effortlessly thru the aquatic depths. ancient maps of the sea kings overlay the bubbles indicating a past/present/future cross temporality. this piece is an extension of series inspired by evan bluetech, and his music, which both invokes the fluidity of water, and the cyclical flows of waves and tides. the pods are anticipation of a future form of bio-organic living exploration vehicles which have the ability to operate both underwater, and in the air. they are essentially an extrapolation of the human desire to explore, and the frontiers we choose to venture into. these pods are intended to advance the idea that the plant world will inform our concept of environmental design in the future: living, all terrain eco-pods for a sustainable human habitat environment in balance with the planet. there is an emphasis on navigation and interface. the panels to the left and right of the pods are giving informational readouts on the wave cycles, time, oceanic geography, weather and wind patterns. the encoded language is a codex based on the 26 letters of the standard alphabet.'

- sijay

artist website :

deck placement :6 of Crystals

tarot : Lord of Science : 6 of Swords

archetype :
This is one of the communication cards, it represents the evolution of relationships through design consciousness.

symbolikon :
Interconnectedness, intelligence, clarity, portal.

chakra : throat

trigram : (wind) path

posted : 2006.Mar.27 @ 1.51pm

lightship : Free Casting
An open divinatory practice. We are all casting ourselves out into an unknown future. This card implies releasing ourselves into the mystery of this undertaking. It also refers to everyones personal magic, empowering us all to freely cast our magic out in order to heal and inspire the many around us.

light loom :
With the evolution of technology, our ability to vision what structures are possible for us to create, and what the long term impact of such a creation would be, giving us keys to aid in the building of a healthy and sustainable world. The legacy of toxification and destruction that our industrial civilization has left to the emerging generations must be tranmuted and altered if our planet is to survive this transition. Slipping into the streams of effortless symbiotic living is the harmonic future that this card would like you to consider.

The visionary design of this harmonic future will be driven by an application of our awareness of all that has come before us, integrating the mistakes that have already been made. Modelling nature, in its wasteless ecology of co-habitation and fluid, adapatable operations, means linking the organic and the technological, incorporating an understaneding the sacred geometry supporting the imbedded design of all things. As our culture learns and accepts the implications of quantum reality the context in which we live and the content that we contribute to this living has potential for virtually infinite refinement.

The new planetary polyculture links a plethora of cultural traditions and worldviews together, merging paradigms which could support an expansion of the possibilities. Once we have created viable foundations, we can leave the immediate details behind and enter into a post-production planning, focussing untapped energy on the future from the place of a sustainable present.

ritual action :
Make a flow chart or some other kind of freely creative writing exercise focused on imagining the kind of future that you would like to invoke for yourself, your children and your childrens' children. What would this future look like? what structures would be in place for it to operate? and what present conditions or decisions would have to be made to lead things this direction? Circle or colorize any of the main blocks or issues you imagine in the present that are standing in the way of the positive changes that would lead to the kind of world you would like to imagine.

dedication : Chung Li-Ch'uan
As one of the Pa Hsien, 8 mystical immortals from the Taoist Pantheon, Chung Li-Ch'uan was sometimes considered the eldar or leader of the group. Famous for his taste in wine and other intoxicants, he is often shown as a pot bellied man with a connection to the military as well as to taoist alchemy. Said to have discovered the elixer of life, he sometimes carries a peach symbolizing immortality, and a fan with which he could revive the dead.

poetik channel : Codon
Codon is a future hacker and elvish myth maker interested in the collective evolution of our civilization.

visionary artist : Kris D : Red Spectral Earth

At the age of 15, Kris Davidson began a series of what he would refer to as doodles. Although he has drawn since before he can remember, it was at this point when he began his life work by delving into the vast subject of geometry. These doodles have and still are developing into the pattern intensive navigational systems that appear in his paintings. Kris was born in Atlanta, Ga and has since lived in Athens, Ga, Maui, Ha, San Francisco, Ca, and has presently returned to his roots in Athens. He works devotedly in his studio and continues to paint with live music. When asked what direction he feels the paintings are moving towards, Kris's reply suggests that he is very much interested in the movement behind the stillness of his paintings. 'My vision at this stage of my journey is to animate what i paint and for this to synchronize with sound and or music. I'm faithful that the animation will eventually lead my work into a realm of architecture. At its essence, my work is an ever evolving doodle that relates to the ultimate story of humanity's journey.'

visionary art : :'New Optic Composition #8'
'The 'newoptic riddles' are a new paradigmatic adaptation of the Op art of the 1960's. A lot of the optical art that emerged out of that genre embraced the term optical illusion. I see optical illusions as visual imagery that tricks the eye into seeing things that aren't there. Instead of tricking the eye into seeing illusion, the 'newoptic riddles' are intended to accentuate what the eye can potentially see. They are more like optical realities than optical illusions. Our eyes have the potential to see much more than they are cultured to see. I noticed when I intuitively stumbled into painting the newoptic riddle series that when my eye would relax, I would actually see deeper visual realities embedded into the compositions of the paintings. That is where the term riddle comes from. Visual riddles potentially revealing more encompassing seeing.....newoptic riddles. There are a total of 25 hexagonal paintings in the newoptic riddles series. Like other series' I have worked on, certain paintings stand out as being the ones that were taken deeper and worked on longer. 'Newoptic composition #8' was one of these. For the Galactic Trading Card Oracle Complex this painting was modified to add an extra novel twist to the series.;

- Kris D

artist website :

deck placement :7 of Crystals

tarot : 7 of Swords

archetype :
This is the technical assistance card. Embrace its direction to up your technical presence.

symbolikon :
The Lord of Power. Order, balanced serenity, stability, neutrality, earthly power.

chakra : etheric heart

trigram : (lake) reflection

posted : 2006.Mar.28 @ 1.37am

lightship : Communitas
The spirit of real community. Communitas breaks down social hierarchy through celebration, creating equality. A ritual bond that unites people from all walks of life with communal ecstatic experience.

light loom :
Morphic fields are being set up using resonant intentions to celebrate divine ecstacy in the context of large dance parties. Enhanced by connecting different dancefloors and synchronizing the musical environments, dance music culture affirms and reinforces the spirit of communal experience.

The global networks of intentional communities are being interwoven and linked up through mutual love and openness. These root networks are creating the localized foundation for the emerging planetary culture.

The center path is the one we may all walk in order to cocreate a sustainable and abundant future for our people. Building bridges between those of different cultures and paradigms is a key to affirming our collective goals. Sharing skills and technology the new culture evolves its ability to integrate new information and adapt to new situations.

ritual action :
Go out to an intentional party or rave whose promotional material implies some level of conscious or evolutionary intentions. Spend the night connecting with the collective spirit or vibe of the gathering.

dedication : Herbanmama
A joyous keeper and teacher of the people, one whose generous loving spirit touches those lucky enough to meet her along the Way. A deep influence on the unfolding of this work in its thousand thousand incarnations.

poetik channel : Elendil
Quenya for 'elf friend' or 'star lover'.

visionary artist : Roman Villagrana. White Crystal Worldbridger

'Roman has represented the 'harmonik vibration' for over 10 linear earth years after a visionary experience. His quest is towards the eternal party at the end of time. For guidance he utilizes art to focus the all-pervading creative force (god).' A deeply influential teacher and student of the emerging art movement, Roman gives and receives inspiration from a collective of artists and visionaries along the West Coast and across the world. Roman dwells in Seattle, Washington.

visionary art : 'Burnin' Down Babylon'
My quest is to represent a modern culture conscious of unifying our world onto a new stage of interdimensional existence, a culture which I call 'Tribe13'. This image(Burnin' Down Babylon) represents our generation of people that not only accept the gifts of our ancestral past and our
imagined future but focus the mixing of these two together. We are the children of destiny to unify the separation with the celebration of life
through creative offerings. Give thanks by sharing your art, music and any offering of love and let the cosmic dj mix it together,future and past
together at last in one eternal blast!


artist website :

deck placement :Crystals Deva

tarot : Knight of Swords

archetype :
This is the wind spirit. A force of penetration instilling energy into all who encounter it.

symbolikon :
Conscious perception of an idea, liberator of the mind.

chakra : throat

trigram : lake

posted : 2006.Apr.03 @ 12.00am

lightship : Nourish
Vitalize everything. Share abundance with yourself, and everything around you. Bring life to your world.

light loom :
This card is a plant omen, a ritual gateway into another level of your experience of yourself. A vantage point from which you can assess your current situation and move fluidly forward.

As a deep oceanic pantheon card, the king of water brings purification and clearing. By washing away the accumulated dust of the world, this omen stimulates memories of the deeper realities and larger level plotlines that are at play in your life. Cleaning your magic means working with clean magic which is like drinking sweet dew for the spirit.

Bodhisattva's have dedicated their lives to relieving suffering and spreading the dharma, helping other beings to become conscious of what is happening in the world. This act of service to life truly honors the human path in the world.

ritual action :
Use water to clear and cleanse yourself. Take a bath or shower, or go for a swim in the lake, river or ocean. Wash yourself, even just with your hands if you are in nature, and visualize the water washing away any stagnant energy, attachments, or projections. Feel the negative energy replaced with a vital open ness.

dedication : Gamma Sennin
Gamma is a gentle and kind hermit-sage, a keeper of lore about medicine and healing. His companion is a toad which he sometimes changes his own shape into. Though sennin are rarely spotted in the realms of red dust, they often appear to mortals in dreams. Gamma-Sennin is sometimes called Kosensei, and is said to wander the lands teaching the secrets of magical herbs and medicinal knowledge.

poetik channel : Yun-Chuan
This is cloud script, an ancient taoist secret lexicon text whose form immitates cirrus clouds. Often found on amulets, messages written in cloud script were only discernable by mystical initiates. It is imbedded with magical properties for healing and protection.

visionary artist : Nemo : Red Overtone Earth

Nemo's art is complex, colorful and embedded with symbols. His process involves painting in a meditative state often using both hands simultaneously. The works can be seen as a dance between the polarities of left and right, and chaos and order. Science shows us that the left brain focuses on ordering systems and organization while the right brain is more chaotic and creative. By coordinating successive layers of organized chaos such works bubble up from the canvas with a life of their own.

Because of his studies, the works are often infused with mythic symbols and stories. He has studied many alphabets and symbologies, mixing them freely to create works that transcend eon and continent.

While Nemo has had no formal art training he has been an art enthusiast from an early age. He has found inspiration in the bold lines and forms seen in Europe's Art Nouveau period and in Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Most recently his attention has shifted to antiquated museum catalogs of ancient and indigenous artifacts.

visionary art : 'Tlaloc'

'Tlaloc (Meso-American God of Rain and Lightening)

Tlaloc is a God of Balance and Rhythm in nature manifesting as rains, floods, life, death, flowering, desolation and abundance. The cycles
and order that he dances in can be predicted to a point; but the natural deep rhythm of fluid transformation is above the intellect.
Tlaloc is similar to Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction who destroys not for evil purposes but to renew and reinvigorate the world.

This visual facet of Tlaloc utilizes aspects of his classic form with new symbols to shape and focus this energy in a positive manner. In
his right hand, he holds a lightening bolt, one of his classic symbols, which also appears as a serpentine vine. The vine itself reveals its binary nature, negative electrical energy at the top attracts and transforms, while the bottom of the vine is positively aligned, churning out rainbows from the heavens. (This can also allude to Kundalini energy, the coiled serpent of abundant energy and inspiration in our spine) The right hand itself is the agent of active engagement in the world, jolting us through the veils to greater understanding of the natural world's rhythm and the dance of life, death and and the transformation of one into the other, and back again, through time. This soul wisdom is timeless and infinite not always easy to absorb because its effect is instantaneous and transformative, like a lightening bolt, to the ego. In Tlaloc's left hand, the place of receptivity, he holds a blue lotus, a symbolizing rebirth in Egypt and peaceful purity in Hinduism and
Buddhism. Anyone receptive to this wisdom will endure purification and be reborn to blossom anew, resistance however, can bring great
pain upon the ego. Perhaps if one is truly receptive to the lotus, one can receive the wisdom of the vine through peaceful meditation.
Each soul will find its own path.

Life has a funny way of presenting us with harsh and sometimes dangerous challenges regardless of who or what we are. The choice
lies in how we can adapt into a state of greater strength, wisdom and beauty by following a path that transforms challenges into
opportunities for personal alchemy. Tlaloc grants the tools of destruction, growth and ultimate transformation. With wisdom and love we can apply them to in the crucible of the soul to achieve self-realization and and personal evolution. The energy of creation and destruction, Solve et Coagula, is omnipresent in the field of time, the face we give it and way we integrate its lessons are our
own to decide.'

- Nemo

artist website :

deck placement :Glyph Deva

tarot : Knight of Pentacles

archetype :
This card represents the fertile presence of the divine. Let it symbolize a vitalization of you and your works.

symbolikon :
Spring rain, tranquility, romance, spiritual aspirations.

chakra : heart

trigram : water

posted : 2006.Apr.03 @ 12.29am

lightship : Life Signs
Signs of life abound. Our world is teeming with life. The living ecology of our planet has a way of communicating using a natural sign language. By paying careful attention to the signs around us we can receive communications from the owls, the plants, the wind, and the dewdrops, gaining vital information about the whole system that can help to refine our relationship to the spirit of our experience and the imprint of our actions in the world.

light loom :
We are forming relationships with our increasingly sentient toolsets, offering solutions to problems of the present and the future. This card is an agent of spirit, a directed channel from the dreamy muse tommorrow. It represents a medicine journey that cleanses the soul.

Powerful shamanic teaching traditions are carried through lineages of masters and students. Shamanism generates awareness about ecology, about the micro and macro patternings and systems of development that are operating of multiple levels of reality. Working with light, the visionary imagination is instilled with new experiences and sensations while the power to direct energy for healing or manifestation is enhanced. On the cusp of cultural movements that stretch back into the depths of history, modern shamanistic practice is informing movements and shifts in personal and collective development that is changing the face of what it means to be human, and what it means to be a planetary citizen.

The spiritual superstructure is the underlying energetik architecture through which our world is cast. Our world being only one shard of the crystal formed by the interconnection of the many shards. Liberated by our technology, the new culture is primed to deepen its relationship with the spirit of the possibile, sinchronizing science and magic. This card is a burst of open energy towards a re:unification of the energy.

ritual action :
Research a cross-platform analysis of mystical or religious experience. Look at the relationship between two or more different spiritual systems or traditions. For example you could see Crowley's work uniting the cabala with the tarot, or Arguelles work uniting the i ching and mayan calendar.

dedication : Munko
Seabrook Leaf is a planet ally and eldar of the new time. his pondik roots help ground out the harmonic cocreation of community as a foundation for the emerging planetary culture. this project has been inspired, directed and uplifted by his many graces and spiritual vast ness.

poetik channel : Amandil
This is elvish for 'cleric' or priest. It also refers to a character from tolkien, the Lord of Andunie, who sailed to the west to seek the Valar in order to ask forgiveness for the acts of men and whose ultimate fate remains unknown.

visionary artist : Carey Thompson : Yellow Electric Warrior
Harnessing the waves of syncrondipity, Carey has traversed the gaian terrain accumulating the transformational tools to amplify the collective psyche. On a mission to galactivate the crystal template overlaying the planet, he discovers himself landing on portal grid points to complete the work he was sent here for. As a warrior of light, Carey weilds the pen and brush to penetrate through the veiling walls of the individual and collective ego initiating the subtle shifts needed to move humankind into the planetriarchy. He describes his work as holomorphic transmission vision crystals. The imagery channels through, sourced from the universal matrix, and crystallizes into form onto templates based on sacred geometry and other patterns of nature. Beginning usually with only a seed of intention, the color and form evolve unconsciously to create the finished art. Revealing the interconnectedness of all things is the primary intention of Carey's artwork.

visionary art : 'Singularity'
'Interspersed throughout the universe are billions of galaxies each containing within them a point of concrescence drawing in energy and matter towards its center. So much energy is drawn in that the gravitational field approaches infinity where nothing, including light, can escape. When this occurs, a singularity is formed where all of our known science breaks down and is unable in any way to accurately describe it. In a similar fashion, humankind is in a trajectory towards some event horizon in our near future where our understanding of reality cannot see beyond. This path includes many coinciding events, including a technological singularity where accelerating advances in nanotechnology, computer technology, and molecular biotechnology continue to feedback propelling humankind exponentially into an era inconceivable to the human mind. This temporal attractor is creating an acceleration of the sciences as well as in other areas more spiritual. A global culture is emerging based on harmonious existence, awareness of time cycles, and interconnectivity to the entire web of creation. Despite the resistance by the controlling regimes, this culture continues to grow like a mycelial network rooting its strength with tools such as permaculture, expressive arts, and cybernetic communications. As we approach the steepening curve of novelty, we can peer back towards our past and see that this is not the first and only time. Remnants of our ancient past reveal evidence of a global civilization united in mind and spirit. Spanning the continents we can see similarities in the architecture, art, costume, language, and cosmology of several civilizations perhaps rooted by even earlier civilizations. Technologies such as those used to construct the pyramids, those used to create the crystal skulls, or those used to track the precession of the equinoxes had been lost for millennia. Through careful analysis of the archeological record, we can start to understand the ebb and flow of consciousness and technology and begin to prepare ourselves fro the upcoming changes. This painting was designed to catalyze an awareness of these past and future events in order to attune the viewer with the present and ease the transition into the singularity.'

- Carey

artist website :

deck placement :5 of portals

tarot : Hierophant

archetype :
This is the polypractice card representing a merging of all different spiritual systems into one unified holism. It represents the threads of connection between all mystical traditions.

symbolikon :
Divine wisdom, occult force voluntarily invoked, appearance of powerful mystical figure, nothingness, inspiration, love supported by freedom, compassion.

chakra : sacral

trigram : (sky) celestial

posted : 2006.Apr.04 @ 10.07pm

lightship : Energy Surfaces
This is the surfacing of energy sources. It heralds an increasing awareness about new ways of accessing the energy.

light loom :
With the evolution of the scientific method and mystical practice, our civilization is generating an understanding of the overlapping influence of different fields of imbedded energies and forms that help shape our experience of the world. The application of these new understandings is contributing to our collective ability to be sustainable, both in our personal lives and cultural developments.

The magical energies within the natural ecology of our world form a life grid that supports growth and sustains life on this planet. By revisioning our approach to creating and maintaining relationships through symbolic and post-symbolic communication, we are able to live in harmony and actualize our potentials for peaceful co-existence and creative possibility. As the energy evolves, so does our relationship to it. It is through this cycle of mutual growth that we may move forward into a new kind of metaphysical co-habitation that promotes galactik consciousness and pan-planetary community building.

The imaginal points of access are the many doors with our own creative imagination that can lead to integrated solutions for renewable energy sources and the developments that can be fueled by them. Our world is a will to power, empowerment is central in our ability to act with confidence and constructively create the content in which our collective values, aspirations and intentions may be created. Aligning with the structures, forms and patterns inherent in the spaces around us connects us with the limitations and boundaries of our world. Working with the renewable energy of our imaginal, spiritual and mystical sources we are able to connect with the freedom of unlimited possibility. By remastering our design consciousness we are able to create energetically sustainable projects and products which support the evolution

ritual action :
Learn about alternative energy sources. Take some time to consider how you might impliment an alternative energy source into your home, work or project in a way that would generate less waste and save your financial resources for other projects.

dedication : Ts'ao Kua-Chiu
As the patron saint of the theatre, this Taoist immortal also represented music and nobility. After living in connection to the Imperial Sung Dynasty government, Ts'ao Kua'chiu retired to a deep mountain hermitage to study the Way and perfect his soul. It is said he was given the recipe for perfection from Han Ching-Li and Lu Tung-Pin.

poetik channel : Proton
The positively charged subatomic particle often found in the nucleus of an atom. This micro energy form is perfectly equalized to electrons which are negatively charged. The number of protons in an atom give each element its unique identity or atomic number. Occasionally found outside atomic stuctures, free protons often display suprising and unexplained behaviors.

visionary artist : Fabian : White Resonant Dog
The name symboli-ka means the power of the symbol. during the psychedelic experience a symbolic visual language is projected inside our minds, this universal language has the power to transform and expand our consciousness. the practice of materializing these visions is symbolika.

visionary art : 'Dance like a Tree'
'dance like a tree
shifting the
energies between
the right and left
pilare of the tree of
life and bringing
them together at
the middle pilar.
with both feet on
the ground and the
head in the sky.'

- Fabian

artist website :

deck placement :2 of Crystals

tarot : 2 of Swords (The Lord of Peace)

archetype :
This card represents energetic awareness on all levels. From this awareness come a practice that promotes health and healing as a sustaining foundation for an active life participating in the world.

symbolikon :
Balance, crossroads, concord, solutions.

chakra : crown

trigram : (mountain) gate

posted : 2006.Apr.05 @ 2.13am

lightship : Sign Wise
Connected to the Signs. Able to apply an understanding of the implications of oracular features in our learning environment. The characteristic of a successful diviner or oracle.

light loom :
The shamanic lineage represents a tradition of learning that stretches back throughout the vastness of our spiritual history. This blessed heritage represents a cross-generational spiritual journey of ascension oriented evolutionary growth.

The aspiring spirit is ourselves and our cultural zeitgeist. Decentralizing the messages means understanding the universal implications of localized information, it comes from knowing that everything contains information about everything else. In a world of rapidly densifying and complexifying information, the deeper we go into the architectures the deeper the stream of experiential information gets. As we move into the future we are being streamed with increasing amounts of information at increasing download speeds. This is because we are gaining access to larger and larger bodies of information. Now our local spaces, through the internet and libraries, are connected to all the other local spaces around the globe. The collective cultures, histories, wisdom, spirituality, art and science are all combining and informing each other to create a superset of tools for approaching the creation of an integrated planetary culture.

Coding paradigms is a way of imbedding different systems of how to approach the organization and application of information banks. Relanguaging comes from approaching language with the intention of enhancing its ability to communicate across culture and paradigms by creating new words and redefining old ones. In an age of technology it is important to learn how to communicate with technology, and understand how it can communicate with us. Channeling energy provides the motion that supports the growth of our polytech civilization but our very lives as well.

ritual action :
Try experimenting with sign consciousness. Practice making decisions based on your intuitive reading of what certain signs mean in your environment. It may be helpful to start with to simply observe and see where major challenges are coming up and interpret this as a sign to put energy else where. For example, this may mean that missing the bus instigates a decision to put a plan B into effect instead of continuing on to your destination or that receiving supportive or healing energy from a new person is a sign for you to get to know them better.

dedication : Ho Hsien-Ku
This 1400 year old Taoist Immortal has been a master of internal alchemy since eating an immortal peach she was given by Lu Tung-Pin which turned her into a faiery. She has been blessed by Hsi Wang Mu (the Taoist Mother Goddess of Immortality) who brough her to the gardens of the boundless where she still lives. Ho Hsien-Ku lives off sweet divine dew infused with Chi in addition to crushed Mother of Pearl and moonbeams. For many years she flew between mountain peaks giving fortunes and collecting magical herbs for the Poor. She is a patroness for women, the virtuous and the innocent as well as any who are oppressed. She often carries a lotus blossom representing open-heartedness.

poetik channel : Solkinson
Solkinson is an elvish family name. Soul kin and Son of the Sun.

visionary artist : Victor Olenev : White Spectral Wizard
An artist's mission is similar to that of a galactic scout or of a shaman to search, find and bring back or to conjure up visions that will
- feed the flame or fire of creation,
- nourish the spirit of humanity as the vehicle of creation by infusing it with fresh energy to prevent stagnation and enable healing,
- revise the description of reality to make it resonant with the natural vibration of the universe being created.The visionary artist has the power and the duty to create the images that will restore a sense of magic to our perception of the world by offering a visual guide to the realms of perception beyond the surface reality, and will reflect our true godhead essence thus triggering self-healing and self-regeneration. I am presently entrenched on the frontline of the sorcerers testsite for the New World Order
San Francisco/Bay Area of the sunny California.

visionary art : 'Totem of D'

artist website :

deck placement :9 of Keys

tarot : 9 of Wands

archetype :
This is the inner oracle card. It represents the ability to scry into our inner intuitive feelings in order to gain information about the outside world.

symbolikon :
Transcendence, strength, overcoming challenge, health.

chakra : third eye

trigram : (fire) prism

posted : 2006.Apr.09 @ 2.47pm

lightship : Design Movements
Design your own movements. Direct the design of your movements. Link up and become part of design movements in the larger culture. The future is design oriented. Join the movement.

light loom :
The beings of this card are ideograms for larger ecologies of life, representations of higher order superstructures made of the codes that create the space. These codes are sentient, growing and evolving relationships with light. The post-texture is the landscapes of feeling from the times to come. It is the texture that appears in loo of our own, the new feeling that will redefine and shape the very fabric of all that is.

The poly-signature alliance is a communication network instantly linking places across spaces. Beyond this it is the spirit of the network, its metaphysical presence in the lightwork. The light inside the light is the true light or direct emination of divine presence.

Clear joy is the spirit of higher awareness, able to explore the mystery with open wonder. The symmetry dynamism is a mandalic pattern archetype, a magical recurso for sacred art and expression. Our age is still young, our race is still at the onset of its spiritual process. There is hope for us yet.

ritual action :
Create a multimedia statement or platform. This could be some collage combination of ; a peace of art, a song or peace of music, a poem, a short peace of writing, a video, layered together to create a variety of media streams. It could also be many of any of these elements mixed together into a larger whole system.

dedication : Samantabhadri
Primordial Mother of the Buddhas. The female counterpart of Samantabhadra, the primordial buddha of the old skool tibetan buddhist traditions. Usually depicted naked as a reflection of the all pervasive truth of phenomena, where beingness and emptyness synergize into the spirit of experience.

poetik channel : Eledhwhen
Eledhwhen means elvish light in Sindarin.

visionary artist : Vibrata Chromodoris : Red Electric Skywalker
Originally from Ontario, Canada, Vibrata graduated from Lakehead University's Fine Arts program in 1992. She has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1999, exhibiting at multimedia events and alternative venues and working on commission. Her intermedia paintings and digital work are in private collections in America, Canada and Japan.

Vibrata was given her name during a meditation in 1998. Along with the name she was shown a vision of waves of energy, undulating and expanding infinitely in all directions as a continuum. It was the triggering event for a profound change in her work, and since then she has been in perpetual dialogue with the vision through her paintings.

Her images include elements of symmetry and rhythmic patterning, geometry and the use of perceptual distortions. She is an intermedia artist, seamlessly blending computer design with traditional acrylic-on-canvas techniques.

'I am distilling the essence of my subjects into their most basic energy patterns. The formal properties of each piece inform through metaphor of the nature of movement and change. This is an exploration of the infinitely divisible; Existence as a continuum.'

Vibrata is a member of YLEM, Artists using Science and Technology, and is a long time member of the Rhythm Society, an intentional community focused on spiritual experience through dance. She is a five-time veteran of the Burning Man festival, held every year in Nevada, and designed and produced her own art installation there called 'the Wind Oracle'.

visionary art : 'Warriors'
'When setting out on a vision quest, be sure to arm yourself with the *right question* if what you desire is the truth. What is peace? Why is there evil? How can I be better, higher, more worthy? These are questions born of the ignorance of the dual mind. Answers will not dispel the ignorance. Look more deeply into the questions themselves.'

- Vibrata

artist website :

deck placement :8 of Crystals

tarot : 8 of Swords

archetype :
This is the empowerment through technique card. It relates to free movement. By moving in ways you have not yet moved, you can go to places to which you have not yet gone.

symbolikon :
Knowledge, breaking free, dissolving boundaries, journeying from place to place.

chakra : solar plexus

trigram : (sky) creation

posted : 2006.Apr.09 @ 9.04pm

lightship : Healing Spirit
This is a healing spirit, a kind reminder of the power of our own love for healing and reconnection. In this way the card represents the spirit of healing: coming into wholeness. By healing our spirit, as individuals and collectives, we may integrate our heart with our actions, remembering our unlimited connection to Source.

light loom :
Embracing the Way means trusting that everything that happens is a reflection of destiny. When you can truly surrender to your experience of the world, you can accept your circumstances and feel the love in a new way. Part of this awareness arises when we recognize that everything is a potent signpost along our path giving us important information about what choices to make and how to grow as individuals. Both the signs that point to what to do, and what not to do, are special keys to guide us in choosing our path.

This card is a deity of light, an incarnated form of beauty and grace, connecting us to our lives and our lives to each others lives. It heralds a soft and gentle return to our center, a grounding and clarifying of our energy field.

The map of our spirit realm is demarcated by ley lines and other spiritual geographies. Here we may see the wonderous directions of our destiny which perfectly bridges our past with our future. Across the vistas of our true fate we may see love in all directions.

ritual action :
Undergo some healing. This could be with yourself, healing from another focussed on yourself, or you focussing healing on another. Healing can happen through direct presence or at a distance through directed visualization. Some forms this healing could take would be : massage, reiki, lomi-lomi, past life regression, recapitulation, tantra, meditation, lightwork, bodywork, or a warm bath in the candlelight.

dedication : Hsi Wang-Mu
She is the 'Queen Mother of the West' from the Taoist pantheon. She lives in Hsi Hua (West Flower), a paradise fairyland full of female genies and is connected with Mu Kung (her male partner) who dwells in Tung Hua (East Flower) Paradise. She has been transformed from a previous incarnation as a mountain spirit. As the Goddess of Immortality and embodyment of Yin energy, she lives in a royal jade palace in the Kun-lun mountains. She tends to the sacred Peach Tree of immortality which resides at her court on Alabaster Terrace and only provides a peach once every three thousand years.

poetik channel : Ming
Ming mean means 'brightness' in elvish. Though it is worth noting that in other circles it is the interface by which an application program accesses operating systems. It exists at the level of Source Code, and facilitates the relationship between the application and operating system to ensure the portability of the code.

visionary artist : A. Andrew Gonzalez : Red Spectral Skywalker
A. Andrew Gonzalez, of San Antonio, Texas, is an award-winning figurative artist whose work has been exhibited in several countries. Born on October 13, 1963, and raised in a creative family, Andrew's art education is largely self-taught. His artist father, Anthony A. Gonzalez, encouraged his early interest in drawing and painting but gave him no formal training.
In the year 2000, Andrew Gonzalez had the distinct privilege to work closely with the well-known Fantastic Realist artist Ernst Fuchs in Monaco and Austria. Photos of the experience can be seen at L. Caruana's website.
The paintings of Gonzalez are created with airbrushed acrylics on panel or canvas. Forms, values and highlighting are created by lifting pigment with an abrasive eraser, followed by the application of transparent layers of pigment. Influenced by idealism in the mystical, visionary and esoteric traditions, the artist describes his work as a contemporary Tantric or Transfigurative Art that explores the dramatic union of the sensual and spiritual. His work is akin to a revival of classical neoplatonic ideals centering on the figure as temple and vessel sublimed by transformative forces.

visionary art : 'Xvarnah'

artist website :

deck placement :3 of Portals

tarot : Empress

archetype :
This card represents the experience of healing and being healed.

symbolikon :
Feels a response to itself and is affected, renewing energy, good fortune, initiative, inner approaches.

chakra : etheric heart

trigram : (lake) joy

posted : 2006.Apr.10 @ 2.02am

lightship : Healing Rituals
Healing and vitalizing our relationship to ritual consciousness and participating in rituals that heal.

light loom :
This is the galactik radio sending forthe kind dharmic communications. A center for spirits to share in. A ring of life, connecting a community of artists, musicians, healers, and performers together for open co-creation.

In service to the vision, these luminaries are dedicated to gaining merit for all beings by creating places in which harmonic relationships may be built. Embracing the Work as a spiritual lifestyle, an integrative practice of co-connection and co-participation in the divine. Every moment an infinite overlay of light prints or imbedded moments of sentience, an ecology of souls sharing in that moment, linked thru the light that defines them all as interconnected and interdependent. The future of education looms large in the wondered journey which embeds our personal and collective growth.

It is from the auspices of my kind elvish heart that i offer forth these soft blessings to touch, heal, inspire, affirm and empower all those in resonance with the light heart. The dream sound is the noise experience makes when it wakes up, sometimes this can be an alarm bell or the sound of the self and world coming into awareness again.

ritual action :
Soak up some sunlight, let it enter into your skin and charge you with vitalizing chi energy.

dedication : Phong
A bodhisattvic presence and podular inspiration of high merit, dedicated to the universal evolution of the creative spirit. A countless influence in the unfolding of this project, informing and shaping it in a thousand blessed ways. A co-creator of and infinite provider of the pure ness.

poetik channel : anoron'quessir
The Sunrise Elves, sometimes called Cala'Quessir or High Elves. These are noble elves interested in cultivating pure streams through the contemplative life. In their granite palaces built into the high cliffs of distant peaks they dedicate themselves to study and the application of new knowledge. Known for their potent mages, the Sunrise elves have developed extremely intricate and beautiful art, music and craft of a quality not often found in other elvish or human cultures.

visionary artist : Xavi : Red Lunar Moon

'I feel Art has the power to heal. I believe healing occurs within us when we are set back to center, or back into proper alignment with our natural state. My intent is to create harmonious, colorful flowing forms and spaces that all interact with each other through a geometric language of creation formulas. These formulas are evident in cell structure, snow flakes, bubbles, honey combs, atoms, molecules, and beyond. Seeing large luminous paintings, depicting our source structural intention can help set us back into alignment. I see Art through the eyes that see the world around me. And around me, I see a world of unfathomable creation and magnitude. So, I see the creation of Art that attempts to reflect the true power and beauty of its own source. My ultimate goal is to create large scale works of art that blow open the new visionary horizons and remind people of how much beauty there is deep inside our battered hearts.' Xavi lives in San Francisco.

visionary art : 'Hello my name is light being'

artist website :

deck placement :Key Sennin

tarot : King of Wands

archetype :
The everpresence of light both as a guiding sign and a vitalizing element in the pantheon.

symbolikon :
Confidence, activity, courage, mastery of light, integrated use of fire energy to create.

chakra : crown

trigram : mountain key

posted : 2006.Apr.10 @ 2.24am

lightship : Life Stewards
It is the spark of life that guides us, and stewards our planetary fate. Gaia is the natural steward of earth's whole ecology of life. We have the potential, through evolving our applied awareness of how we can be healers and helpers in the larger web of life, to become life stewards as well.

light loom :
The plant people are gardeners, permaculturalists, medicine workers, earth healers and all manner of dedicated people allied to the plant world. The deep Work is healing that goes beyond treating symptoms and addresses the root causes of our problems. The grounding chords for our wildly tech and waring civilization are provided by those in touch with the natural world.

The medicine polyculture is a lineage of skill bearers who support the cultural emergence of the more than human world. These medicine workers heal our relationship to information while spreading information that heals those of us who are open to receiving it. This process of clearing and purification is constantly battling with the industrial toxification of the world.

This is the imaginal vessel that can carry us to new places by transforming our relationship to experience and enhancing our awareness of the role and influence of light in our lives. Working with the programs and codes that underlie the dysfunctional habits hindering the present civilization, the shamanic traditions help to heal through the sustainable redesigning of our world.

ritual action :
Consider participating in a shamanic medicine circle. This could be one you create with your friends or one facilitated by a more experienced ritualist. This circle can involve any ritual activities or dialogue centered around giving and receiving healing with the more than human world.

dedication : Curanderos
These traditional folk healers use many methods to provide healing to the people. Some use plants (vegitalistas) and others a variety of physical and energetic techniques for rooting out and healing the deeper causes of illness.

poetik channel : Vairar
This is elvish for 'weaver'.

visionary artist : Martina Hoffmann : Red Overtone Moon

German-born artist Martina Hoffmann spent her childhood in Cameroon, West Africa. She majored in art with professor Kiefer (father of Anselm Kiefer) and studied sculpting at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. Hoffmann works as a painter and sculptress. Her paintings fall within the realm of Visionary Art and have been greatly inspired by expanded states of consciousness; the realms of the imagination, shamanic journeys and the dream state. Much of her imagery addresses the sacred feminine while her sculptural work shows undeniable African influences. For the past ten years, Hoffmann has taught painting workshops with her husband, Robert Venosa, at Esalen Institute, CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies), Omega Institute and Skyros Institute (Greece), The Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence as well as at various private retreat centers. She has spoken at the 'AllChemical Conference' in Kona Hawaii, the 'Entheogens, Transcendence & Creativity'- Panel at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, the 'Prophets Conference' in Santa Fe, NM, the 'Mindstates' Conference' in Berkeley, CA, Boom Festival, Portugal as well as Synergenesis, CA.

visionary art : 'Caught in the Web’

'The plant kingdom offers us a vast variety of healing plants, and their wisdom as well as desire to communicate with us are nothing short of a miracle. 'Caught in The Web' refers to the profound healing effects that can occur with the shamanic usage of the sacred ayahuasca brew, indigenous to the Amazonian rainforest, if the journeyer is indeed able to surrender completely. This immensely transformational medicine will potentially strip away all unnecessary debris in body, mind and soul, and allow the traveler to be reborn to a new life and a deeper connection to the source. Grandmother Huasca expects absolute honesty from us and returns our efforts with undivided, infinite tough love. The imagery of this piece shows the rich and colorful worlds of ayahuasca animal totems and Amazonian plant life. As an artist, I strive for absolute openness to the infinite pictorial wealth of the visionary experience and hope to decode the messages inherent in this language made of form and color. Its wisdom and depth is staggering. I would feel deep satisfaction if only I could truly depict just a fleeting moment of these ephemeral movies.'

- Martina Hoffmann

artist website :

deck placement :9 of orbs

tarot : 9 of Pentacles

archetype :
This is the plant healing card, it represents our revitalized relationships with the natural world.

symbolikon :
Accomplishment, gain, well-being, contentment, garden, harmony with nature, inheritance, consciousness, ripeness.

chakra : root

trigram : (earth) vine

posted : 2006.Apr.21 @ 12.53pm

lightship : Philter
An alchemical potion or elixer with magical properties. A dimensional lense through which secret aspects are revealed.

light loom :
The Taoist tradition hosts a lineage teaching about 'inner alchemy' which can heal, orient, align, empower and integrate things in our bodies, minds and souls. It implies working with deeper energetic infrastructures in order to connect up seperate peaces of the puzzle, reconnecting the shards in the cosmic crystal superstructure. Tapping into the universal data bank, a unified body of information or divine emmanation, is the higher order quest of this world age.

Metatags are access points linking one node of information to another, on the web these take you to different web sites that have similar or connected bodies of information. The metatags are linked nodes in Indra's Web and represent the connectedness between all forms and manifestations. The pre-production is the organization and metastructure in the present that preceeds what is to come in the future, it is what Terrence calls 'the wiring under the boards'. In this rehersal for the eschaton, our culture is creating new tools and toolsets for looking back into the alchemy of space-time, seeking solutions for transmuting and transforming toxins into viable energy.

All these activities and causal chains are imbedded into the larger influence of what it to come. These maps are future blueprints created and transmitted through alien aspects. Understanding the present in light of the future means mapping the territory and applying the maps.

ritual action :
Do some research on alchemy, investigating how it organizes information by comparing a few charts or diagrams illustrating alchemical theory and practice. Think about some of the main goals and destinations you imagine are in your future besides your own death. Create a flow chart, picture, diagram or any form of expression that first writes down your main goals at the outside of a larger circle in whose center is the present moment. Between the center present and the outer ring of main goals, write down a list of the minor actions and actualizations that would lead from the present moment to those destiny destinations. In this way you can practice connecting the visionary present to the visionary future and seeing the influence the future is having on the present.

dedication : Vajrasattva
The Buddha of Purification represents the healing power of all the Buddhas often associated with purifying negative karma. It also means diamond reality, diamond essence and the diamond heart, refering to a spiritual quality coming from great strength and connectedness.

poetik channel : Alkahest
A universal solvent that alchemists used to dissolve all substances and was known for its powerful medicinal qualities.

visionary artist : Paul Laffoley : White Rhythmic Mirror

Paul Laffoley was born into an Irish Catholic family in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1940. He spoke his first word, 'Constantinople', at six months, then remained silent until the age of four (having been diagnosed as slightly autistic), when he began to draw and paint. In his senior year at Brown University, he was given eight electric-shock treatments. He was dismissed from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, but managed to apprentice with the sculptor Mirko Baseldella, before going to New York to apprentice with the visionary architect Frederick Kiesler. In 1968 he moved into an eighteen- by thirty-foot utility room to found a one-man 'think tank' and creative unit called the Boston Visionary Cell. Laffoley supports himself with a job at the Boston Museum of Science, returning to the BVC not only to eat and sleep but to work on multimedia renderings of his visions of alternative futures and complex realities. During a routine CAT-scan of his head in 1992, a miniature metallic implant, 3/8 of an inch long, was discovered in the occipital lobe of his brain, near the pineal gland. Local M.U.F.O.N. investigators declared it to be an alien nanotechnological laboratory. He has come to believe that the 'implant' is extraterrestrial in origin and is the main motivation behind his ideas and theories.

visionary art : 'Physiological Dimensionality'

artist website :

deck placement :13 of portals

tarot : Death / Transmutation

archetype :
This is the unifying map illustrating the connectedness beyond all duality. It charts the world beyond our world, the dimensions in which the very fabric of our world is woven.

symbolikon :
Life under water, serpent, death or destruction that appears illusory when viewed from a higher perspective, reincarnation bubbles of life, transformation, worldbridging, sword that cuts thru illusion.

chakra : root

trigram : (earth) diamond

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