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posted : 2006.Jan.28 @ 11.16am

I have just stumbled upon the work of Marco Minaya
and I am gleeful tearstrewn, open palmed, agape and glorified.
Who is this creature, from whence cometh such work?

I want to know more please.

posted : 2006.Mar.24 @ 10.22am
Hola Lady Apples...
Thankyou for connecting & appreciating my Arte..
I have to apologize for not responding any sooner...
It has always been kind of hard to really completely describe my work. It's like trying to describe, why I talk and how I talk. I sometimes think that, I try to answer to myself on the many questions I have about where we come from. Sometimes during my paintings , I try to meditate and get deep into the atomic level. I try to establish the connection through my DNA.. as the bridges to the very primal anscestors. Those that saw and knew, what we seem to forget, but what lives hiding inside our DNA. I know our planet is not isolated from all the other ones around us, I feel that there has been connections with other entities. Theres nothing mysterious about that, they live within the confinments of our galaxy. So my expressions are sort of depictions of archeoastrology, the primal art of the South American Indians, the Aborigini, the Africans, and the Psychadelic experience of the urban man in this part of the continent, it's what you see funneled through my hands, on my canvases.
Chao, marco

posted : 2006.Apr.03 @ 5.21am
air just let me know he talked you into poding out. welcome! so glad you have joined us.
for a long time, the indigenous art of australia, paupa new guinea, the trobriand islands and much of what is commonly referred to as oceana or polynesia has resonated more deeply for me than any other visual works. I definitely feel a resonant power in your own art, so it does not surprise me to hear that these have been influences for you.

Where are you working out of? Is there a way I can see your work in person? I am very intested to do so.

I put together art shows from time to time myself, for more details check out

in the menatime, thank you for this work, i am grateful for its presence in my life.


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