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posted : 2006.Feb.09 @ 4.26am

podular lightbox // symbol crystalization

posted : 2006.Feb.09 @ 6.40pm

podular lightbox
through xavi:metronic organism // phongular crystaline grid

posted : 2006.Feb.09 @ 7.05pm
YES!!!! My heart bursts!... The activation is happening!
awesome work Phong! The animation is great. I love seeing how my crude galactic-caveman paint channellings crystalize through the phongular grid-system! sooo coool. I am honored and excited to see my symbols mature into perfectly symmetrical mathematic code nodes... keep rocking!!
...blessings.... Laughing

posted : 2006.Mar.30 @ 7.17pm
many thankasis for your blessonious xaver
with reflections to your heartpiece. Deep respect

sun : god
xavimetrical channel // phongular crystal

posted : 2006.Mar.30 @ 7.41pm

higher glyphiks
xavimetrical articulation // phongular precision

posted : 2006.Mar.31 @ 9.39am
holy shizah!!!

this is the unmitigated uppery
the phongular xavular collaboration tech
is raising the bar higher than previously imagined

i stand in awe
at the radiant goodness
that flows forthe

posted : 2006.Mar.31 @ 3.43pm
nice werk. Smile

posted : 2006.Apr.01 @ 4.00am
forehead brushes the earth
in profound gratitude to the
for wilde generosity of techskillz

higher glyphiks is in full service to the pod vision

ladyapples blossoms shower blessings upon you
honored to be a part of the whole

posted : 2006.Apr.03 @ 6.49am

delvin solkinson
blessed keeper of the crystal, permaculture coordination
xavimetrical portraiture // phongular decor

posted : 2006.Apr.18 @ 5.15am

geo.electric plant portal // channelling the flows

posted : 2006.Apr.20 @ 10.03pm
Madskool alliances
reconfiguring the boundries
of manifestation.

Deep bows to the masters for rendering manifestation of the
Alien Family glyph what appears to be 80 feet long in the sand.

It is a deep honor to receive this level of uppery.

alien family: 02 // phongcentric circles

posted : 2006.Apr.20 @ 10.07pm
i bow low
stunned by the podular collab
double deep:ness in the meaning
coming together as a galactic family,
collabing on the self-reflecting xavimetrically
inspired phong blast of alien family symbol:tech
wonder and respect flows out to the creative feedback
loop of Andres and Amy for ufo precision unleashed in
analog digital styles on the earph itself bringing the whole trip
to a place it has never been before.

inspired and greatful...

posted : 2006.Apr.20 @ 10.36pm

great work Phong! Oh boy, its ON now!!! look out!!!

And is that phongs digital symbol drawn in the sand??? OOOOOHHHH MMMYYYY GGOOOODDDD

uuummm something is happenning!

Hey Analogia.... do you want to do my sun god symbol in the sand as a message to the light beings that we are ready for first conact?!

If you would like to, I fully endorse it! Amazing sand work folks!

This is so fun! I cant wait to see whats next!

mega blessingulations to alllllll......


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