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posted : 2006.Mar.09 @ 10.08pm

lightship : Quanta
A fundamental building block of reality, a package of light, a unit of energy. This is the light architecture card, an architecture and delivery system for the light of life.

light loom :
The new tech faring civilization provides vast uncharted areas to be mapped by the programs and codes of those brave enough to enter into the new world of computer languages. As we realize that our universe operates within the creative fluxuations explainable through mathematical codes, the new scientific enterprise steps into a new understanding about what is possible.

By evolving the means and mediums with which we design our world, we are gaining a great ability to shape and be shapes by the limitless. New forms of language and metapoetiks are modeling these changes in realm of communication. We are being attracted by the healing capabilities of the future, drawn forward towards the dream of actualization. As we change our language we change the way we experience the world, and in doing, we help inform and shape the world itself.

Everything is language. This card represents the language of life, the metalinguistic scriptures that lay upon the surface of everything that is. In this way the universe is made of information and meaning, everything brings knowledge about itself, and through itself, about everything else. How we relate to language and how we relate to the world is changing through this process.

ritual action :
Our bodies eat light, we soak up the cosmic rays and are infused with different kinds of energy. Take some time to go out into the sunshine, let it soak into your bare skin. Let this light vitalize and revive you, feel it charging you up with energy. A regular dose of sunshine will enhance your physical and emotional body.

dedication : han hsang-tzu
He was a poet, academe and student of transcendental lore, one of the eight immortals of Taoist mythology. He could make flowers grow instantly in the ground around him. A magical flute player, he is the patron saint of the musically inclined.

poetik channel : Skyscape Invoker - Cirdan
For his first 257 incarnations, this poetic voice names itself in alliance with the sky wise, ancient lunar companion of the cloth. After the first incarnation changing to cirdan (sindarin elvish for 'ship maker'.

visionary artist : Sijay : Red Lunar Moon
Sijay is a metamedia developer and new systems consultant from the Elphinstone rainforest of westcoast Canada. He has a degree in English Literature with a focus on linguistics, cultural theory and poetics. He is also a dj, music producer and writer. Currently, Sijay runs ONBEYOND METAMEDIA, a new systems design company. He travels globally promoting sentient communications , organik technology and future media culture.

visionary art : :‘Sky Rise'
'the sky is an immensely expansive space. the cloudy vastness of the earth's atmosphere has been and inspiration in my art for many years. this image invokes the timeless quality of the world above the clouds with the ancient future overlays of map patterns for making sense of the objects that appear above our heads. humans have always cast themselves at the heavens to imagine the onbeyond and charted the vastness of the celestial overhead as a way of understanding what is happening on earth. in the center if the piece is an eclipse. such extreme experiences in the skies are evidence of a deeper pattern to celestial motion and cycles. the eclipse symbolizes the perfect alignment of the powers of the sun and moon. the maps symbolize our human tendency to map these flows so that we can be in tune with more galactik frequencies. this piece anticipates the kind of future where interface overlays appear in the sky, allowing us all to understand the motion and flow of heavenly objects and reminding us the splendour of taking flight.' - sijay

artist website :

deck placement :19 of Portals

tarot : Sun

archetype :
This is the field of light card. The solar giver of life to our planetary system. A holistic ecology.

symbolikon :
The sun represents the lord and ladies of light, it is an angelic source for mystical energy vitalizations and chi boosts. The patterns, frequencies and resonances found in the light architectures of this card contain many mystical and scientific secrets about the universe.

chakra : third eye

trigram : (fire) photon

posted : 2006.Mar.10 @ 9.08pm

lightship : Phytoremediation
The art and science of healing plants. Using the plants to remove toxins from the soil, air and water in order to help heal the earth and its many citizens.

light loom :
The deeply grounded forms and forces that shape and guide our world are expressed in the plants which grow here. Just like the birth of our universe, light energy from the sun, stars and from our own souls is creatively emerging as the energy of ecological growth and change.

Using digital technology to learn about natural systems, people are able to use plants as metaphors for the revitalization of our relationships. Decentralizing the place of humans in a not-so human world means thinking about our community as involving all kinds of life on the planet. By looking into nature, we can see both the past and the future.

This card is a gatekeeper, it holds keys to untold sources of sustainable and non-toxic energy that can help heal the planet.

ritual action :
Try to help remediate the soil around your house or neighbourhood. Start by cleaning up any garbage in the area. Next plant some comfrey, phalaris grass, or mycoremediating mushrooms. Find a source of organic fertilizer in your area and help demonstrate its benefits to those around you who are still using chemical fertilizers.

dedication : Hvashang
Hvashang is a kind of zen Santa Claus. Often portrayed as happy, big bellied monk he travelled with a huge sack of ritual goodies and magic items that he gave out. He was the spiritual adjunct to the 16 arhats (enlightened disciples of Shakyamuni).

poetik channel : Sylvanor Crysalis
This is my character from a current dungeons and dragons campaign. He is a 160 year old half sun elf, half moon elf bard (with a trace amount of star elf lineage too!). 'Solkin', as he is known to his friends, trained in the mystic arts and sound healing in both the wilds of nature and esteemed bardic colleges on Evermeet, the fabled elvish isle to the west. He has returned to the land of humans to live out a 52 year cycle learning about the role humanity may play in the future of human-elf relations. After this he plans to return to Evermeet to take his place on the High Council.

visionary artist : Stevee Postman : Yellow Electric Warrior
Stevee Postman is a digital artist, gardener and yogi creating sacred space in Portland, Oregon.

visionary art : :‘Carrot Dance'
'Carrot Dance' is the first image in an evolving series of plant deva gatekeepers and gateways. Working primarily with root vegetables, here a tattooed carrot body with rutabaga head. They grow under the ground yet are freed, dancing floating and even flying. In 'Carrot Dance' the central figure is dancing on water igniting flames at his point of contact. Fire/water opposite elements echoing the figures experience of grounded/freedom earth/air to complete the circle. Witnessing and learning from the dance with amazement is an emerging beet head figure. Through the arch portal, enlightened awareness also observing this event. Nectar drips from the hanging pelican plants filling the pool that is the stage of this dance.

- stevee

artist website :

deck placement :infinity of portals

tarot : Universe

archetype :
This is an immortal gatekeeper. Residing in the liminal space between worlds, he is a keeper of keys and court diviner of the higher order. Here is on of the Eight Gates of Pleasant Dew. Phyto is the Patron Fairy of Portals and represents the power of rebirth.

symbolikon :
Wandering prince, creative light, tetragrammaton, subtle and secret influences coming from a strange and unexpected quarter, wild card, self-mastery, transmitting pure open knowing.

chakra : outside the sequence

trigram : outside the sequence

To order a deck go to
Nemo's Utopia

posted : 2006.Mar.10 @ 9.33pm

lightship : Light Mechanics
The art and science of energy, how it works and how it can be utilized to help support life. This is an essential area of study for light workers and life warriors alike. It is about understanding what is possible through the mechanics of the present moment.

light loom :
Everyone is interacting with the future codes and is able to inform and co-create the underlying patterns and programs that will be played out in time's to come. This is the starting point for real cultural change and exploration. Just as we are the voice of history, all phenomenon are linguistic expressions of evolving information. Our imbedded memory of the deep ecology of our world and our race is beginning to surface and spread a wave of transformative learning across the planet.

Only with attention to higher order relationship dynamics can our world create unified horizons. The reforged coalition between humans, plants and machines is an important alliance for the new culture. We are all technologies, systems of organization and becoming. The creation of a symbiotic community of co-supporting life forms could mean the creation of a more harmonic world. This can only be done when people develop a holistic understanding of the full impact of their thoughts, ideas and actions on the larger systems of life.

The science of light and the science of life are conjoined as symbient explorations of the world. The imaginal realms hold the potential for the creative exploration of many worlds, and the ability to harness energy from the many dimensions. Our creative imaginations can fuel the cultural vessels in their evolutionary journey towards a healthy rebirth of our civilization as a harness for sustainable technologies and no impact energy consumption.

ritual action :
Go learn something about how the world works. Get a book, surf the web or consult a teacher about one or more topics such as theoretical physics, geology, geography, ecology, chemistry, biology or computer science. See how this scientific system approaches the task of finding solutions for problems. Each paradigm has its own strategies for processing information. In this process you will discover new ways of thinking about your own questions.

dedication : Wu
This card is dedicated to wu, the female shamanistic archetype. Wu were birthed as goddess warriors deep in the animistic pre-history of our planetary societies. In taoist philosophy the term is associated with the embodyment of non-being or emptyness meaning without any qualities that can be completely comprehended by the senses. It is considered on of the essential characteristics of the Great Way. I see these female shamanic forces emerging as guides and eco-warriors in the battle to unite intention with the technologies of energetic development and application.

poetik channel : Sender
Sender is a character from the Elfquest world who has not yet appeared in any of the comics. The elves can communicate to each other telepathically. Through this natural ability they can also sense when someone dies or is concieved.

visionary artist : Andy Thomas : Yellow Overtone Human
With a successful graphic design and illustration business venture firmly established over the past 7 years and progressively involved in ever more significant projects, Andy is undoubtedly at the forefront of contemporary graphic art applications. Always interested in painting and drawing from a young age, Andy began his career with his involvement in Melbourne's early rave scene back in 1993 creating UV murals for parties. Inspired by the ever evolving, intrinsic relationship between nature and technology, Android produces lavish works in many formats, incorporating complex and varied themes of science, nature, electronic music, and planet Earth. Andy's elaborate, multi-layered works are a sensory feast, inspiring and drawing the viewer into a tangled worlds of intricate beauty.

visionary art : :‘Abberack’
Abberack is the visual expression of the collision between past and present. Ancient cultural religion, mythology and understanding of the universe mixed and mutated with the ever evolving chaos of modern science and technology. A place where time joins together. A place that embodies the concept of the past effecting the future and the future effecting the past.


artist website :

deck placement :6 of keys

tarot : 6 of wands

archetype :
This is one of the eight Hallowed Halls of the deck. It represents digitalized civilization. This is another of the eight higher technology cards symbolizing our connection and evolution through the technoshamanic. Wu and her totemic companion are keepers of the code and global archivists, they are constantly seeking to explore the possibilities of new technology.

symbolikon :
Victory, energy in balanced manifestation, success, abundant moments.

chakra : crown

trigram : (mountain) temple

To order a deck go to
Nemo's Utopia

posted : 2006.Mar.10 @ 9.59pm

lightship : Access Codes
The codes that access codes. They work by deciphering patterns and translating information. Developing encription keys and higher order algorithms to map the deeper structures means understanding the constantly changing nature of the information. As a practical application, notice how graffiti utilizes coded fonts and uses art to remix language, see how it is both building codes and accessing an awareness of them.

light loom :
This is a collective, co-dependent community of people and plants, living in a harmonic ecology of symbient existence. It is a unity that we can experience in smaller groups, though many are learning the sacred arts of bringing healing, particularly in the form of unconditional love and acceptance, into larger and larger domains of collective experience. Being embraced by the love can be a quality of empowered everyday existence if we only have trust in the patterns of sinchronicity that help to shape and direct our lives.

Visionary art is helping to relaunch culture as a vitalizing metaphor for a healthy change in the civilization. As our awareness grows we are accessing the codes of our genetic and epi-genetic memory systems. It is the ancient call of the nature based, tribal ethic which celebrates life and freedom as the central magic and meaning. Our evolution is an integration of technological and botany, creating a high tech garden culture

By attuning our own personal spiritual practice we can help to building conscious community. Love is the authentic access code.

ritual action :
Everyone has access to the codes, allow yourself access to the information you need to make decisions in your life. Begin to think about your personal processes as solutions to fit other problems in your life. Do a recapitulation exercise involving the close examination of the state of your relationships in your present life. As the patterns settle you will find a treasure trove of information that can help you evolve your relationships in a thousand ways.

dedication : kiku-jido
Grace boy of the crysanthemum : An eternal boy living in a garden by a fountain surrounded by chrysanthemum blossoms, a stream feeds the fountain which is blessed, giving health and vitality to any who drink of it.

poetik channel : Solkin
Son of the Wolfrider Chief Cutter and a Sun Elf Healer, solkin is a magical child from the Elfquest pantheon. He is telepathic and is able to journey to the mystical dimensions and communicate with the magic itself.

visionary artist : Xavi : Red Lunar Moon
'I feel Art has the power to heal. I believe healing occurs within us when we are set back to center, or back into proper alignment with our natural state. My intent is to create harmonious, colorful flowing forms and spaces that all interact with each other through a geometric language of creation formulas. These formulas are evident in cell structure, snow flakes, bubbles, honey combs, atoms, molecules, and beyond. Seeing large luminous paintings, depicting our source structural intention can help set us back into alignment. I see Art through the eyes that see the world around me. And around me, I see a world of unfathomable creation and magnitude. So, I see the creation of Art that attempts to reflect the true power and beauty of its own source. My ultimate goal is to create large scale works of art that blow open the new visionary horizons and remind people of how much beauty there is deep inside our battered hearts.' Xavi lives in San Francisco.

visionary art : :‘Dreams Flow Free'’
'Dreams Flow Free' is a child of the flow. The essence of the piece lies in the title! Created spontaneously at a live show, it is an example of freestyle painting.

Chartreuse greens and vibrant pastel colors support the 'plant-tech' theme, and compliment the playful spirit of the piece¦ Xavi tapped into his deep expertise in Graffiti lettering for the 'dreams flow free' letter piece in the center of the painting. 3d objects were tactfully added to the piece in later sessions, to give it added dimension and 'ness'. Columns of technolographic language code stream vertically through the piece, infusing it with mysterious meanings. And a tribal frog-spirit symbol looms at the top of the piece as a blessing from the spirits. As with all of Xavi's paintings, this piece is a window into the hyperdimensional behind the scenes-scape of reality.

'Dreams Flow Free' has a refreshing key-lime-cooly sherbert flavor, with a rose infused watermelon garnish. Best served with sparkling spring water!


artist website :

deck placement :10 of keys

tarot : 10 of wands

archetype :
The power of your creativity as it is liberated by its own limitless possibilities for growth and manifestation. This galactik graffiti is the imbedded code template written on the Jade Stone (Bao-Yu) as a program biomatrix.

symbolikon :
Founded power, force, releasing burdens, healing outlet.

chakra : third eye

trigram : (fire) brighten

posted : 2006.Mar.12 @ 3.18pm

lightship : Healing Arts
The art of healing and being healed. The process of creating art is healing, as is the process of being transformed by it.

light loom :
The unified magical practice of the emerging medicine culture is a healing path into our future history. An example of these cycles of healing may be seen in the literal and metaphorical journey of energy as it passes through our crystal tools made of quartz and silicon and through the crystal center of our planet.

By generating a directed awareness of the external world, we can explore and evolve our own spiritual craft. This is called 'the art of seeing'. All the learning that we integrate from our relationships with the external world inspires in us the energy to be creative, and actively involve ourselves in life as an artistic process of continual creation. Culture is constantly outgrowing itself, it is the dynamics of this evolutionary growth that spur us on.

The ten thousand facets are from Indra's web, the glowing luminescent strands that connect us with whole web of life in the universe. In each facet one can see every other, just as in every one of us we can see each other. I am another yourself. By understanding the ethical implications of this we are able to stylize and refine our Work in the World. The liberated surface of our communication technologies like music software, graphic art programs, wireless internet and high fidelity printing are changing the way our culture is expressing itself. The mediums of art are being enhanced and with it the culture is being evolved.

ritual action :
Give or receive a healing massage while immersed in an environment of visioniary art and music. You could display some new art around the room that you can contemplate during this energetic exchange and put some brand new music on the sound system Peep if you are looking for elements.

dedication : Evan Bluetech
Evan Bluetech is a visionary music designer and sound architechnician. Creating healing soundtracks to grace workshops, dancefloors and galleries all over the world, this gentle being brings a magical peace to the people.

poetik channel : Avatamsaka
The flower garland scripture describes the joyous bodhisattvic implications of enlightenment and the calling to become universally good.

visionary artist : David Heskin : Yellow Resonant Seed
Each brushstroke is an offering to the life-giving
creative spark that is the source of all existence. Being visually
inclined from early on, every experience has loaned itself towards a
greater understanding of our role in the universe and how art can be a
powerful means of energetic transformation in the direction of harmony
and evolution.

Since the spring of 2001, after 4 years of tattooing, oil painting has
demanded undivided attention, thus requiring this artist to quit painting
the human canvas in pursuit of complete artistic freedom.

David Heskin has called this planet his home since April 7, 1979.

visionary art : :‘Radiance of Release’
radiance of release

grand organizing design
holding center space
for creation thru allaowing all to pass by..
shaped by the currents
formed from the source
imprinted by the elements
in an infinitely refining erosion

flowing in reciprocity
the spiraling tendency toward self generation

jeweled mind of magnetized light intelligence

an explosion gone linear
the fibers of eternity
being shaped by letting go & becoming, harmoniously
alligned in fluid dreams of a parallel existence

one stone

- david

artist website :

deck placement :One of Glyphs

tarot : Ace of Hearts

archetype :
This ace is a spiritual vehicle for creative self-realization. As a waykeeper, it is a guidepost in your emotional journey. This View Point is the second of the Eight Gates of Pleasant Dew that separate the Sixteen Celestial Worlds of the Oracle.

symbolikon :
The source, holy grail, creative impulse, abundance, the root powers of water.

chakra : heart

trigram : (water) heart

posted : 2006.Mar.12 @ 3.56pm

lightship : Channels
Pathways leading along the Way. Sculpted passages that move across time and space alike. This is also refering to channels of communication between ourselves and other people, spirits, entities, energies and bodies of information.

light loom :
With the growth of awareness, people realize their role and place in the planetary ecology. By merging traditional skillsets with new technology and ideation, the post-modern society is creating a world culture that is integrating disparate elements into a unified field of free expression.

A movement of like-minded tribal kin is expanding its foundations and empowering its movement to spread the experience of magic and its potential for authentic development. Aligning people with an ethic of healing and unconditional acceptance, the global culture is dissolving materialism and respiritualizing the human world by reconnecting it with the natural and metaphysical worlds.

Using the flight of birds as a metaphor for the sustainable development of our travel technologies, we begin again by using new vessels of communication to allow us to build relationships with living things and places outside of our current realm of experience. Our planetary culture is going galactic and embracing its integrated play within the larger galactik ecology of which our solar system is one tiny part.

ritual action :
Experiment with channeling. Create an inspirational environment, perhaps by lighting candles, turning of f the phone and putting on some beautiful music. Using a pen, keyboard or artistic tool, allow yourself to freeform flow some ideas, expressions or feelings that address your work and role in the coming time.

dedication : Eve
A numinous bodhisattvic companion and designer poet devoted to the transformative invocation of magic and inspiration in the form of cultural communications. As an active teacher, learner and galactivist she has influenced this text in a thousand ways.

poetik channel : Aies
Aies is the eternal elvish spirit of community magic. A keeper of the high gardens, he is the patron of plants, food and medicine.

visionary artist : Carey Thompson : Yellow Electric Warrior
Harnessing the waves of syncrondipity, Carey has traversed the gaian terrain accumulating the transformational tools to amplify the collective psyche. On a mission to galactivate the crystal template overlaying the planet, he discovers himself landing on portal grid points to complete the work he was sent here for. As a warrior of light, Carey weilds the pen and brush to penetrate through the veiling walls of the individual and collective ego initiating the subtle shifts needed to move humankind into the planetriarchy. He describes his work as holomorphic transmission vision crystals. The imagery channels through, sourced from the universal matrix, and crystallizes into form onto templates based on sacred geometry and other patterns of nature. Beginning usually with only a seed of intention, the color and form evolve unconsciously to create the finished art. Revealing the interconnectedness of all things is the primary intention of Carey's artwork.

visionary art : :‘Channels’
Harmonic Concordance is the name given to the planetary alignment that took place on October 9 2003 in which six planets including the planetoid Chiron formulated a six-pointed star around the earth. Computer models determined an alignment like this has not occurred within the last 3000 years and will not for the next 3000 years. In astrological terms, this is called a grand sextile. All planets involved are in resonant harmony and create a unique balance of the energies and vibrations reaching our experience here on planet earth. In conjunction with this positioning of the planets was a lunar eclipse where the light rays of the sun bend around the earth's atmosphere placing a colorful penumbra on the lunar canvas. I feel we are experiencing a sort of cosmic lock system, like the Panama Canal, in which these alignments serve as bursts of creative pulses catalyzing and accelerating mass consciousness to reach the ultimate elevated level by allowing incremented flooding of the barriers. The Harmonic Concordance was a major elevating flooding of the lock system process, sixteen years after the Harmonic Convergence and nine years before the great crossing of the ecliptic. Astronomically, this is the perpendicular crossing of the galactic equator with the ecliptic marking an extremely significant moment on the precessional cycle. Perhaps as we approach this moment in time, the great attractor that it is, we are being prepared for what is to come with these systematically accelerating floodings of conscious creativity. I felt personally an opening of sorts with the creation of this piece. Beginning during the summer months while studying with renowned artist Robert Venosa in Cadeques, Spain and with no idea or intention in mind, the image seemed to construct itself. We were studying the Mitsch technique of pulling imagery out of a completely random underpainting and applying layers and layers of glazes allowing the art to grow organically. With no preconceived ideas in mind, I was able to completely open up to the unfolding present moment and capture the energetic interference pattern pervading the globe. The same energetic pulses guiding my hand also guided my body as I began traveling Europe and then back to the states painting along the way. In Europe, I was carried to the mystic temples of Gaudi in Barcelona and met global family at the European national rainbow gathering to have my intuitions validated that what is happening in my reality at home is occurring on a global scale. No matter where I went or whom I talked to, everyone seemed to be gravitating towards the same pathways of understanding and feeling a definite shift in reality. Interestingly enough, the synchronicities that I first became completely aware of during my first trip to Europe had been increasing more and more, and the set wave that I caught then had brought me back to the same exact place exactly seven years to the month later. My fluid travels then brought me to the west coast to experience Burning Man, which was undoubtedly a city scale experiment and preparation for our future in reality co-creation. Artistic creativity and energetic interdependence fuel the community and multidimensional realities are directly experienced opening up novel potentialities for all of the initiates involved. Further travels from the west coast to the east coast all revealed from my interactions with souls that something great is surely happening, on many scales. As the polarities flux yet maintain balance, we seem to be gathering strength and resources of light as the darker forces continue to harness military power to acquire global control. As they scramble for whatever fear they can muster out of humanity, they inadvertently feed us the growing force of love initiating our coming together and synergizing a collective movement which will be their ultimate demise. They know that terrorists and weapons of mass destruction aren't the real threat to their regime, it is the workers of light that are here to open the minds and hearts of humanity that truly threaten their control. What they also know is that by wielding the media they can permeate fear across the globe extremely efficiently and attempt to hold humanity in a much lower level of experience and manipulate it for its own purpose. This is now more blatantly apparent than ever and anyone who doesn't realize it is a sorry victim. So just as I was traveling and coalescing experiences in my self, the planets were slowly traveling and coalescing into this super sextile. And as this was happening, I felt an amazing creative burst and new forms and colors seemed to squeeze through me forcing their way onto the canvas. Initially designed to break up the organic flow of the colors and forms, I masked out a simple hexagonal star for contrast in design. This was the only aspect of the piece I was insistent on. I learned of the concordance weeks before but it wasn't until the day of as I began the actual painting of the star that I realized what was really happening. The synchronicity of beginning the star, the final piece painted, on the day of the concordance was just too apparent to be mere happenstance. This, on a painting I began in July with no knowledge whatsoever of the planets making that shape months later. I had reached a new level of connectedness I felt with the creative forces of the universe. The timing was perfect and of course it was to be called Harmonic Concordance. This title to mark the significance of not only the alignment of the planets, but also the alignment of the universe with my own creative flow. At times somewhat overwhelming, I am always amazed at the unfolding understanding of the universe I've experienced through my artistic endeavors.

- carey

artist website :

deck placement :5 of Crystals

tarot : 5 of Swords

archetype :
The channels is a meeting place, a convergence ecologies. The open channels card represents the balanced connection of nature and culture through the tribal kinship of animal and human. Known as the Star Portal, this represents the third of the Eight Gates of Pleasant dew.

symbolikon :
The Lord of Peace. Balance. Coming to a Crossroads.

chakra : heart

trigram : (water) crystals

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 8.32pm

lightship : Fluent
Travelling and communicating with ease and grace. Understanding the languages. Moving rapidly through space.

light loom :
With the evolution of computers come blueprints for a future filled with space faring and time faring transportation technology. We can imagine a fleet of starships and research vessels travelling out into the deep ecology of space to locate new homeworlds and follow our epi-genetic heritage through the galaxy. The docking bays, located after the immanent destruction and recreation of history, are space ports located all over this region of the Milky Way. Our paths are orienting us towards the undiscovered country, a cartographic mission grounded in the ethics of inspired exploration. Think about a digital astrolabe that would display a map of all the outposts and land marks in a million solar systems. We are blazing trails, leading ourselves into greater and greater spheres of awareness. The visionary journey board is our empowered imagination, the star forge of our technological and evolutionary capacity for adapting transformations. We watch as industrial civilization collapses and from its ashes rises a space faring civilization that will take its rightful place in the larger galactik community. We are taking an evolutionary leap that will bring all things with it, speeding into the future.

ritual action :
This is a travel card. Take a journey to a distant place, extend your maps, get to know some distant terrains. This represents an immense potential for growth and discovery, experience your freedom to explore.

dedication : Street Samurai
: An intrepid user interface technician who designs human friendly information architectures. Deep ally, web host and high technology engineer.

poetik channel : Sisco
Captain Sisco was the commanding officer of a distant starbase outpost called Deep Space Nine. He became the Emmisary of the Prophet, half human, half wormhole alien, he helped with the spiritual liberation of the planet Bejor. The Sisco is a link between two very different forms of life, beings that live in 3 dimensions like humans or Bejonans and those that live in higher dimensions like galactik entities or celestial prophets.

visionary artist : Produce : Yellow Planetary Sun
Ryan Kurylo
Yellow Planetary Sun
Portals, chariots, architectures glyphs and guides;
Produce presents visions of the future tech.
Working with digital tools and physical media to
create visionary scenes and artifacts for advanced
Produce's background ranges from 3D modelling and
animation to physical sculpture to audio production,
lending to the dynamics of all his works. An Influence
of sacred geometrics, iconography and sacred spaces is
evident throughout his productions and contributes to
the relevance and intention of his efforts. Born and
based in Western Canada he has contributed to the
success of numerous positive projects and events as a
visual communicator.

visionary art : :‘Chariot of the Stars’
Everphlow Lighteship Technologies
WAV|Luxury Support Frigate
"Chariot of the Stars"

Everphlow Lighteship Technologies presents a third
craft to the series of WAV|Tech Starcraft, the Luxury
Support Frigate.
Galaxy class startravel at its finest.

The concept of WAV|Tech:
WAV|Tech is an energy system based on applied sonic
waves. Sonic propulsion is clean and safe; a future
standard in fartravel. Everphlow Lightship
Technologies applies WAV|Tech into their luxury
starships presenting a new vision for galactic
community builders. Futuretravel solutions for the

The Scene:
Three starcaptains emerge from their wormhole into an
uncharted system and prepare to set off in opposing
directions. Thus begins three epic journeys of
discovery, spreading seeds of higher knowledge and

Image Process:
First a rough sketch of the composition is laid out
using Photoshop and a tablet. The starships are
created as digital 3d models in Softimage XSI, then
textures are created and applied. The proper (virtual)
camera angle is achieved based on the composition
sketch and the starships are posed and rendered as 2D
images. The background is painted then the vehicles
and other elements are composited as layers with
Photoshop. Final touches and light effects are
digitally painted.

- produce

artist website :

deck placement :7 of Portals

tarot : Chariot

archetype :
This starship a vehicle for movement. It represents the ability to travel great distances in a short time. This is one of the sacred eight great technologies of the deck. The LSI Dionysus in a diplomatic envoy for The Patron Saint of Travelers.

symbolikon :
Celestial procession, faithfullness, intrepid travel, protection by providence, potential for resolution, movement and progress.

chakra : root

trigram : (earth) space

To order a deck go to
Nemo's Utopia

here are pictures of both versions : the first now a rare card which is out of print

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 8.49pm

lightship : Ground Therapy
Pathways leading along the Way. Sculpted passages that move across time and space alike. This is also refering to channels of communication between ourselves and other people, spirits, entities, energies and bodies of information.

light loom :
Eco-communities are living examples of our planetary redesign. Using permaculture as a guiding paradigm people can replant the planet as a preparation for the meeting humans will be having with our future selves.

Realigning with the planet mean deepening our subtle connection with the ecosystem. Getting to know our world is the first step to healing it. Garden cultures integrate low impact, technologically sustainable developments like solar power and cob housing, into a long term strategies for preserving the habitat of plants and animals.

This is about charting the interpersonal ley lines of our relationships with all things. Understanding that we are all inextricably linked to the mysteries of nature. Learning how to love is the experiential study of healing ourselves, each other and the planet.

ritual action :
Do a bit of research into deep ecology. A websearch or library visit will aid your quest. After learning a little more about the paradigm, generate an awareness of how your decisions in the present moment are working to create the future.

dedication : P’eng Lai
One of the Taoist blessed isles along with Tai Yu, Yuan Chaio, Fang Hu, and Ying Chou. Realms of verdant growth, jeweled trees, abundant forests and endless occassions of fairied nectars, divine music and joyous company. It is here that the semi-divine beings and their immortal kin keepers dwell, composing poetry for the cosmos, painting with magic and playing zithers for the setting sun.

poetik channel : Kaeru
Kaeru means return' and 'frog' in japanese. This is one of the reincarnations of the original bphrog being.

visionary artist : Mark Henson : Blue Spectral Hand
The Visionary Eroticism and Political Satire Art of Mark Henson'

Mark's sense of eroticism expresses itself in a less voyeuristic
and more spiritual way than most art associated with human passion.
He is more interested in the merging of souls
than the merging of organs.

It is his lifetime self-ordained duty to create a body of work
that is filled with positive imagery surrounding lovemaking
in a culture where sex is often associated with exploitation,
violence and abuse.
He sees the merging of souls as the manifestation
of the cosmic design inherent in all living things.
He calls upon our divinity as natural sensual beings
in harmony with our environment by depicting lovers in all forms.
He defines lovemaking as a revelation more than a thrill,
respectful of the gentle interplay when all creatures are in harmony,
including the elements associated with death and the infinite.
In his vibrant colored oil paintings
he delights in emulating the divine by bringing something out of nothing
into its own sense of existence.
Through these images the deepest parts of our collective soul
are delivered visually
imbued with the core of creation and the love of humanity.
Mark views eroticism and the sex ritual as a natural and exalted state of consciousness.

Mark also paints dark side of humanity in his political satires.
They are timely icons of universal fear and global concern.
We are surrounded by negative input by mass media.
The so-called war between the sexes plays an immense role in forming the patterns of our social interactions.
How do we depict love when the most truthful loving acts
are often considered evil or pornographic
by politicians and religious fanatics?
Yet, images of war, competition, attempts at control over each other fill our eyes.
His comic approach is stirring and iconoclastic.

Born and raised in California,
Mark spends part of his time living and traveling in the jungles of Costa Rica
where he is creating a retreat for artists,
and Upper Lake, California
where he paints daily in his studio,
cooks exotic food
and acts as a lap chair for two cats
and his sweetheart, Ms. Monti.

visionary art : :'Sylvan Serenity’
As you probably know I have a small bit of land in Costa Rica. It is
located at the confluence of a pair of mountain streams that dash their way
downhill from the contintenal divide, only a mile or so upstream, unseen in
the mists of the cloudforest. The larger of the two streams is the Rio San
Luis, usually a sparkling string of pools and small falls along a steep,
narrow canyon. It can become a raging monster after a day or two's hard
rain, or during a hurricane rain in a only a few hours, then return to its
normally placid state in just as short a time, leaving a trail of boulders
and broken trees in its wake. To behold Nature at her more acitve moments
like these is a a strong reminder of her awesome power and our own
To reach my farm, one has to leave any mechanical transport behind a ways
down the trail from a small 'Hammock' style suspension bridge that crosses
the river there. As one walks through a small patch of woods on the trail
from what is called the road up to the bridgehead,they pass though a small
grove of about six trees that remind me of human beings dancing in a
circle. These particular trees aren't literally in the shape of our bodies,
but somehow their organically lively forms evoke this image in my mind.
Something one notices quickly if they spand time in the forest is the
fecundity of the place. You learn about the birds and the bees by direct
observation. Every lifeform is a marvel of seduction, and the jungle is
covered with lifeforms at any magnificaton. Glorious flowers entice the
insect world to participate in an orgy of genetic exchange. Amazingly
colored birds shamelessly flirt in the branches overhead, and choruses of
frogs announce amphibian orgies. Scent, color and flavor and sound fill the
horizon of sensual experience. Seeds, eggs, pods, cocoons- you name it- the
evidence of reproductive behavior is everywhere one looks. The force of
life is erupting in such an eternal timeless climactic frenzy of sexual
activity that it can only be balanced by mortality.
I wanted to share this experience with those who live in cities, or
places where the awarenwess of nature is obscured by the demands and
pressures of life in the contemporary world, and to remind myself of these
places when I am away from them. These magical places are fast disappearing
in our lifetimes, as the uncontrolled human urges to reproduce and to build
villages large and small threaten our renuously balanced position in the
web of life. I also wanted to remind us of the importance of ourrecognizing
this place in nature, that in the scheme of things, we are a part of
nature, not apart from her.
So I made theis painting,'Sylvan Serenity', inspired by a real place.
While of course I have exercised my imagination in the erotic forms of the
trees, and have taken liberties with the landscape, there really is a large
waterfall upstream from my little grove, and the canyon really can be very
steep, with many cliffs and vertical places covered in luscious greenery,
more so than I could ever convey in paint. Clouds, brewed up from
condensation evaporating on the steamy flatlands on the Caribbean side of
the continental divide, stream continually over the ridge, and then break
up again as the cold air moves into the warmer air of the hot-but-dry
lowlands on the Pacific side. And of course, life abounds everywhere, and I
have tried to imitate the intensity of this in the details of the painting.

- mark henson

artist website :

deck placement :4 of Orbs

tarot : 4 of Coins

archetype :
These are the lovers of the earth, ecstatic medicine people who celebrate the Earth's abundance by caring for all Her manifestations. These happy beings dwell in one of the Eight Sacred Paradises of the Oracle.

symbolikon :
Order, balanced serenity, neutrality, earthly power.

chakra : throat

trigram : (wind) forest

posted : 2006.Mar.21 @ 1.19am

lightship : Centering Language
Language that centers us, bringing us closer to our core of authentic communication. An intentional linguistik approach that grounds the dialogues out into clear transmissions of meaning that promote mutual understanding.

light loom :
The personal computer is a launching point for a revolution in communication consciousness that is changing the way we create and maintain relationships. With instant messengers and live chats, the very structure of our social existence is being altered, expanded, grown far beyond its previous reach. The modalities of communication are opening up radically new ways of relating to people and technology, and thus the surface geography of the human experience is being rebirthed.

As our civilization becomes more and more empowered to explore and evolve our collective awareness, we begin to discover magikal landscapes of causation and sinchronicity which act as guidelines or attractors helping shape the more implicate movements of fate. Through this deep archeology we discover that everything exists as an expression of many languages, and that our own languages have mysterious beginnings whose resonance can be seen in the codes and programs that lay within them.

The subtle detailing and beautiful symmetries found at the heart of things is the secret structure of the system. Our potential for growth is as limitless as our potential to evolve our communication skills.

ritual action :
Consider your internal dictionary a pond, drop a pebble into the pond at observe the patterns. Look closely at the words you use and consider what possible meanings they could contain other than the ones that immediately come to mind. How might your parent, friend or stranger understand them or react to them. Notice a number of words that seem to play a role in miscommunications or blocks that you might have with other people and consciously eject these from your lexicon.

dedication : Lynx
Inspired presence and bodhisattvic metapoet whose glowing participation in the sacred play of light in the world continues to penetrate to the very essence of life. Using sacred dance, ritual performance and shamanistic practice she is a potent healer and active planetary galactivist.

poetik channel : Pond Vedic
This is an amphibian practitioner, an incarnation of the magi archetype as a temple clad monk cloistured in the pond of time. Devoted to a deep study of the inner and the outer, this eco- roshi spends the endless days beyond dust contemplating the beauty of it all.

visionary artist : Galen : White Overtone Wind
My primary artistic impulse is to communicate about my relationship to god; to the numinous. The process of making art is a conversation with the numinous. The resulting image or musical piece is a public record of that conversation. The character of specific works develops as evidence of this communion at a given point in the timestream. My artistic process reflects and nourishes my own unfolding as well as the unfolding of my community.

The historical schools' art and artists gravitate into are communities of sharing challenges, language, values, conceptual maps, and physical space. The visionary art community is self-consciously global in nature. The internet provides a global forum for the sharing of technical information, the planning of events, and facilitating collaboration. Many of the themes represented in my community's visionary art derive from experiences of communion with the numinous. Aspects of this communion include but are not limited to 1. integrating the individual and the world 2. inter-relating the temporal and the infinite, 3. juxtaposing the changing to the unchanging. 4. revealing underlying patterns that connect. The visionary art community is inclusive of work in all media types and combinations of media types including new and emerging media.

The left coast of the north america, my home region, nourishes a particularly vibrant and active art community. We are consciously developing a mutually supporting creative network, expanding our reach, reaching new levels of living collaboration. We are consciously invoking new symbols and languages reflective of a planetary cultural awareness.

visionary art : :'Humandala’
The photoshop collage work 'humandala' presented here originally developed in 2001 as a non-premeditated soul-mirror. It was simply a freeform rendering of myself as a Gaian soul. The piece concresced in its entirety in about ten hours of trial and error tending toward wholeness, then was polished over two more days. This piece has become a sort of personal symbol, icon and mandala over the years. It invokes the elements, cycles of time, focus and clarity, and medicine space.

- galen

artist website :

deck placement :5 of Orbs

tarot : 5 of Coins

archetype :
This is the central oracle. An auspicious reading. This card reflects the three worlds (water, earth and sky) and gives access to information. The visionary astrolabe aligns cycles within cycles and is considered one of the Eight High Technologies.

symbolikon :
Reorientation, uniting spirituality with the material world, alignment with the inner, land cultivation.

chakra : etheric heart

trigram : (lake) prophesy

posted : 2006.Mar.21 @ 2.59am

lightship : Healing Practice
The practice of healing the practice of healing. A personal practice that heals others and is healing to use. To live is to heal and therefore the Practice is the art of living.

light loom :
The qualities of leadership and faith lead the way in our collective quest to create a harmonic culture. A whole generation of life workers are rising up across the planet to help lead the Way towards a resacrilized World View.

Living open lives, embracing change and adapting to new situations means integrating work and play, merging the sacred and profane. This comes in a dedication to the larger Work that this being done, being devoted to healing the real causes of illness. This means building a history that considers how the present helps create the future, one that empowers the present to create a future that is healthy, abundant and safe for the growth of a balance ecology.

As the new planetary culture rises up, great transformations begin to take place. These are shifting the way our civilization chooses to represent. This is the return of a healing ethic in full effect, summoned by the strength of the community that invokes it. The Calling is our galactic-gaian epigenetic birthrite and also our natural responsibility to be healing stewards of the collective fate.

ritual action :
Organize a small (or large) training workshop where you share your skills with a group of like minded kin. Do an energy exchange with people who attend this workshop so it can be sustainable for you, know that you are well worth the price. Empower the teacher archetype within you.

dedication : Lu Tung-Pin
One of the 8 Taoist Immortals. After living a life time as a civil servant in a dream vision, Lu Tung-Pin, leaves court life for the mountains to study alchemy and swordsmanship from Chung Li-ch'uan. During his training a red dragon gave him large sword of invisibility which he uses to cut through the influence of evil spirits and charms. He makes potions from good charms imbued in water.
As a folke diety he is a dispenser of medicine and the elixer of life and fabled doctor of the poor.

poetik channel : Delvin
Delving in. The elvin magic of delving. The divinatory graces in the elvish art of life. See : the elvish nation in The Book of Lore. My pen name for the perimeter scouting and outreach workplace.

visionary artist : Roman Villagrana : White Crystal Worldbridger

Roman has represented the 'harmonik vibration' for over 10 linear earth years after a visionary experience. His quest is towards the eternal party at the end of time. For guidance he utilizes art to focus the all-pervading creative force (god). A deeply influential teacher and student of the emerging art movement, Roman gives and receives inspiration from a collective of artists and visionaries along the West Coast and across the world. Roman dwells in Seattle, Washington.

visionary art : :'Galactic Connection'
What do I have fear when the galactic posse has got my back? This image
represents our union with the universe and symbolizes our actions based on
love and respect are protected by all that is. When we go into the world
with a unifying message against the oppressive forces no matter how
powerful they may be we must remember even "they" are composed of the same
universe. So let's represent ourselves without fear as the universe shows
us to grow and shine like the sun that wakes everyday no matter how dark
the world may be.


artist website :

deck placement :3 of Crystals

tarot : 3 of Swords

archetype :
This powerful male force, the emperor of the tarot, is a the self-fullfilling prophesy of empowered co-evolution. This spiritual adventurer is aligned with the power of the Sun and Moon, as well as the connection of his Higher Self. By the force of these three manifestations he uses his magic to create beauty for life. He has incarnated into the archetype of 'the lord of earthly power' as the four of orbs to living 256 lifetimes as ti hsien, an immortal reborne as a human to help liberate the planetary web of life.

symbolikon :
The Lord of Power. Order, balanced serenity, stability, neutrality, earthly power.

chakra : solar plexus

trigram : (sky) horizon

posted : 2006.Mar.25 @ 9.34pm

lightship : Ecomancy
The sphere of magic that draws its energy from nature. Magicians or druids that use this kind of magic specialize in communicating with plants and animals, navigating the wilderness, plant lore, herbal healing, gathering food, and harnessing the elemental forces.

light loom :
Seeking to be freed from the death grip of post-industrial civilization, earth healers work to liberate their energy fields from the karmic consequences of planetary toxification and murder. One of the ways we do this is by not supporting corporate agriculture or unintentional animal farming. There is a sacred trust that people have had with the planet since the beginning of time, to live a sustainable lifestyle that does not harm or use up the many forms of life and resources found here. This means no dumping of toxins, use of genetically modified crops, growing of animals with hormones, chopping down the rainforests, or covering millions of miles of the earth's surface with oxygen trapping cement.

By paying close attention to the cycles of nature we can begin to understand the larger ecological context in which our actions are taking place. Once we begin to see the subtlety of the natural world we can gain access to information about the supernatural world, and peace together the relationship the two worlds have to each other. One of the messages of the magic is that the physical and spiritual worlds are interconnected. Until we can have an intentional relationship with the living ecology of our world, we will not gain access to the full power and potentials of the spirit world.

The world of energy and light, of which our world is an outward reflection, is the real secret to our relationship with life. By honoring the energy in all its splendored manifestations, we can help to heal our relationship to our learning environment. This will enable us to evolve through a relationship with the languages of nature and spirit.

ritual action :
Travel to a wilderness area. This could be a huge park, animal reserve or tract of old growth forest. Make a camp and set up a natural altar to honor the spirits of the wild. Think about your future in relation to a sacred pact to care for and protect the last of the natural wilds. What part are you going to play in the battle? This may not necessarily mean becoming an eco-warrior and moving off the grid, but may mean radically reassessing your relationship to certain corporations, changing who you are supporting as it is reflected in what goods and services you purchase and use. Also take this time to do a meditatation or vision quest in relation to your totem animals and plant allies to understand how they can empower you in your life quest.

dedication : Fang-Shi
A 'master of the formula'. He is a shamanistic taoist wizard. The mountain magician of myths and magic.

poetik channel : Shou
Shou is 'the fairy of long life'. He is one of the Three Stars, a group of taoist immortals often depicted in sacred art. Often appearing with cranes and spotted deer, he is seen carrying a peachwood staff. In Taoism shou is the application of the principle energy of life. Shou is devoted to ensuring the long life of the natural world. May our forests and oceans be preserved so our children and children's children may have access to their energy.

visionary artist : Luke Brown : Red Spectral Skywalker
Surfing the cultural cusp of the emerging culture, luke has his roots in the galactic expanse far beyond the terra gaian. His landing on this plane of existence is a gift of evolution given freely from the universe herself. With his beginnings in the art of tattoo, luke is branching out now to focus on paint and computer mediums for his art. By dissolving boundaries and representing the spiritual realms in a way never before seen, the spectral skywalker is a metaphysical trail blazer, recrafting both the medium and message. By evolving the visionary art movement luke is opening the Way for a sophisticated approach to creating a sustainable post-civilization. He resides on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

visionary art : :'Salvia Dalinorum'

'This painting symbolizes the endless theomorphic dream stream of the biosphere, the collective dnace of it's animal and vegitative inhabitants converging harmonically in the Buddha-mind. It emerged from a very special experience I feel most fortunate to have had. In the summer of 2003, I had the extreme privilege to learn a 600 year old oil painting technique from master painter Robert Venosa in Salvador Dali's villa in Cadaques, Spain. Being immersed in Dali's morphogenetic creativity field for ten consecutive days played a major role in the graceful unfolding of this piece. It is partially about a direct translation of an experience with salvia divinorum, but also to do with a reference to the Maestro himself, whom has played a key role in my development as an artist.'

- Luke

artist website :

deck placement :1 of Portals

tarot : 1 of Portals

archetype :
The ecomancer is one of the powerful male forces in the deck. The medicine man has allied with the natural forces and is given the power to take other forms in order to heal and unify. Here we see him in three incarnations, as a human, as a higher spiritual self or bodhisattva, and as the part of the greater ecology.

symbolikon :
Single unified direction, creative intelligence, logos, a path is chosen, self-realization, galactik reality, occult wisdom, messenger, male destiny.

chakra : root

trigram : (earth) field

posted : 2006.Mar.25 @ 9.34pm

lightship : Life Weave
This is the thread of awareness that connects everything with everything else, the interpenetrating experience of all beings and occurrences in the universe. It is the magic woven together by the Goddess as the creative spirit of all that is. Awareness of it means recognizing that everything is a weaver too.

light loom :
Ancient peoples used song lines to trace their connection to the spirit of the land, and as a way of mapping the energetic landscape. They recognized that passing through space is also passing through time. Seeing how the past, present and future exist as an inextricably woven path. This is about getting familiar with light is a way of connecting with the flow of energy in the world.

The supple art of healing is a spiritual practice that works on both the individual and collective levels. By connecting the physical with the metaphysical, holistic understandings emerge to connect the physical and mental causes of illness. The soul ecology of our world seeks harmony again. The collective weave of energy workers on the planet is invoking the foundations for a planetary healing.

The feminine creation energy is nestled at the heart of the universe, weaving light in a dynamic play of sinchronicity. When there is harmony everything is attuned to the frequency of ecstatic healing creation.

ritual action :
Go out and get a reiki or zenith healing attunement or give an attunement to a person, animal or plant. Evolve your own energetic healing skills to affirm your role as a life steward.

dedication : White Tara
White tara was borne from the teardrops of Avalokiteshvara into the sea of compassion. She is a celestial emanation of health, strength and longevity and represents the purity of undifferentiated completion. White tara is a symbol of the boddisatva vow to liberate all beings. Along with Green Tara she is the 'Mother of Buddhas of all Three Times'.

poetik channel : Nereida
Nereida is an oceanic nymph, a feminine spirit of the flowing embrace.

visionary artist : A. Andrew Gonzalez : Red Spectral Skywalker
A. Andrew Gonzalez, of San Antonio, Texas, is an award-winning figurative artist whose work has been exhibited in several countries. Born on October 13, 1963, and raised in a creative family, Andrew's art education is largely self-taught. His artist father, Anthony A. Gonzalez, encouraged his early interest in drawing and painting but gave him no formal training.
In the year 2000, Andrew Gonzalez had the distinct privilege to work closely with the well-known Fantastic Realist artist Ernst Fuchs in Monaco and Austria. Photos of the experience can be seen at L. Caruana's website.
The paintings of Gonzalez are created with airbrushed acrylics on panel or canvas. Forms, values and highlighting are created by lifting pigment with an abrasive eraser, followed by the application of transparent layers of pigment. Influenced by idealism in the mystical, visionary and esoteric traditions, the artist describes his work as a contemporary Tantric or Transfigurative Art that explores the dramatic union of the sensual and spiritual. His work is akin to a revival of classical neoplatonic ideals centering on the figure as temple and vessel sublimed by transformative forces.

visionary art : :‘Oracle of the Pearl’

artist website :

deck placement :1 of Portals

tarot : 1 of Portals

archetype :
The oracle of the pearl is a powerful female presence and guiding sign. She representing women's mysteries and is known as 'The Bringer of the Craft'. In the galactik oracle pantheon she is the Patron Goddess of Light.

symbolikon :
Real luck, open and transparent structure, exalted influence, weaving the crystals and fruits of the earth, female destiny.

chakra : throat

trigram : (wind) spirit

posted : 2006.Mar.25 @ 9.36pm

lightship : Shamanka
Female shaman. This is wu, the shamaness to which the light mechanics card is dedicated. A powerful female shaman who lived in the wilds of civilization and nature practicing spiritual healing and exploration. In Chuang Tzu she is said to live on ferns and dew, takes flight through the spirit realms and helps crops to grow. In the Songs of the South she is a kind of tennyo who ascends the wind on jeweled vessels driven by cranes and dragonflies riding beyond the four directions.

light loom :
This is a taoist fairy tale in which the totem energies of our shamanic allies are invoked as guides and liberators. Often these allies inspire the art and creative projects that play a transformative role in the evolution of culture.

The shamanic line of blood and teachings can be traced back through time immemorial. In the larger vision of history, light workers are also just a tiny part of this shamanik lineage. It is through the conjunction of our personal histories and our collective destiny that we are able to fully empower our service in the world. I offer a deep blessing to the Mother Goddess as the natural source of life and light in the world.

By approaching our spiritual practice as an alchemy of techniques, faiths and technologies, we can create a personalized experience of the divine element. This will enable us to streamline our approaches to living a spiritual life by being in service to our vision of a better world. The shamanka plays within and beyond time, and with her spiritual knowledge she is able to journey to a thousand different View points.

ritual action :
Engage in a guided visualization or vision quest. Deepen your relationship to the mythical creation of your personal spiritual quest. Seek to understand the relationship between this mythic quest and the work you are doing in the world. How can they inform and empower each other?

dedication : Ho Hsien-ku
The female member of the Pa-hsien, or Eight Immortals of Taoism. Living in the Cloud Mother mountains from childhood, she was visited by a spirit that instructed her to grind up the stone known as the 'mother of clouds' into powder and eat the pill. After this she could fly and needed no nourishment. She met a tao-shih taoist scholar-priest, rumored to be Lu Tung-pin, who gave her an immortal peach to eat which taught her the art of internal alchemy. Now she exists as a fairy dwells in the gardens of Boundless space living off crushed mother of pearl and moonbeams. She has taken a vow never to marry and is a patron saint of the feminine spiritual practice.

poetik channel : Ca Lahun Ahau
Yellow crystal sun. I dedicate in order to enlighten. Universalizing life. I seal the matrix of universal fire with the crystal tone of co-operation. I am guided by the power of free will.

visionary artist : Victor Olenev : White Spectral Wizard

An artist's mission is similar to that of a galactic scout or of a shaman to search, find and bring back or to conjure up visions that will
- feed the flame or fire of creation,
- nourish the spirit of humanity as the vehicle of creation by infusing it with fresh energy to prevent stagnation and enable healing,
- revise the description of reality to make it resonant with the natural vibration of the universe being created.The visionary artist has the power and the duty to create the images that will restore a sense of magic to our perception of the world by offering a visual guide to the realms of perception beyond the surface reality, and will reflect our true godhead essence thus triggering self-healing and self-regeneration. I am presently entrenched on the frontline of the sorcerers' testsite for the New World Order San Francisco/Bay Area of the sunny California.

visionary art : :‘Astral Tigress’

artist website :

deck placement :Key Deva

tarot : Knight of Staffs

archetype :
The shamanka is the powerful feminine force of life bursting forth. As one of the four Queens of the Fae, she embodies the intuitive visionary arts.

symbolikon :
Activity, fluidity, generosity, warmth, abundant giving, sharing love.

chakra : third eye

trigram : (fire) prism


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