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posted : 2006.Mar.21 @ 4.34pm
Time is quick and passes strange and sweet between our rhythm fingers
life is strange and sweet and passes long and short between our breaths this air is
I give it to you fresh from my mouth this song is
made of open palms and vast expanses and how glances travel eye to eye how
moments ripen on this tree of life
how juice explodes against the tongue stains our knowing crimson

I give it all to you
from a semi-soild state of awestruck wandering
in honor of this paradox we pass between this
intricate simplicity this
deep high this
humble power this
sophisticated innocence this
clean dirt this
solid flow
I give it all up to you

blossoms exploding into another chance to rise wings expanding
in previously uncharted territories of sky and space and time
passes quick and strange this
dance is a pathway this song is a map this girl is your everlovin ally don’t ever doubt it
your back is got your hand is held your head is scratched
your soft quiet secret center is honored with sacred smoke and long long songs and prayers
in the form of laughter and jokes
in the form of tears and screams
in the form of whispers and secrets
in the form of eyes wide
to hold


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