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posted : 2006.Feb.24 @ 10.09am
coheed and cambria
doug martsch
built to spill

posted : 2006.Feb.24 @ 2.36pm

posted : 2006.Mar.20 @ 12.41am
I thought I'd share some music with you in the hopes that you can rock out with me in a similar fashion:

TL playlist (in no particular order with small blurbs):

Thievery Corporation - Abductions and Reconstructions: more cool music, but remixed to make it sound cooler. Definitely one of my current favorites.
Thievery Corporation - Babylon Remixed: Songs from the album "The Richest Man In Babylon" remixed DUB style. Oh yes.
Alpha - Stargazing: Music to listen to alone at night. Soft, slow, and pretty (hi guys).
M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts: If you crammed your feelings into a synthesizer, and it was that synthesizer's time of the month, then maybe it would sound like this. It gushes awesome.
Brazilian Girls - Brazilian Girls: They have a song entitled "Pussy" with an infectious chorus, and the lead vocalists voice sounds awesome, in all it's multilinguistic glory.
Daddy G - Dj Kicks: Awesome if you like Massive Attack, Leftfield, and Tricky. He's also from Massive Attack.
Peace Orchestra - Peace Orchestra: So good, I wish I could go back in time and buy this album in stores still. Jazzy Trip hop.
Dj krush & toshinori kondo - ki-oku: Simplistic dark beats, with a sexy Saxaphone. Yes, I said sexy. Perhaps another to listen to on those nights alone.
Alpha - Come from Heaven: You know, I think I can just make a playlist of artists you can listen to on your nights alone.
Lamb - Lamb: portishead, with jungle infused beats. MMMGOOD.
New Order - Power, Corruption, and Lies: In the spirit of the trailer for the new Marie Antoinette movie. To quote a friend, "I'm putting this song on repeat. Forever." (in reference to the first track -Age of Consent)

Emiliana Torrini - Love in the Time of Science: You know, I've been on this whole Bristol kick. Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead. So I came across this artist, and it was one of those moments of self realization. Kind of like when Yellowcard came around, and you were like "Yeah, this is punk, and it's so formulatic and predictable that it was almost crafted to perfection that it makes me sick." -but you still listened to it. Well, she may not be as original as Portishead or Massive Attack, but she definitely took the dark and the chunky, combined it will a little chug, and produced this awesome album. Did I mention that she is also Icelandic? You know , I think I'm going to purchase her CD tomorrow just so I can get it over with, because it's going to bug me forever until I do. Geez.


Also, Silky, I know it's like 5 months later, but Jon Brion still rocks.

posted : 2006.Mar.20 @ 2.25am
yo TL!
thanks for the download...
this is a great list for when I'm in music hunting mode.
a little of what's eminating from my room:

Shakatura for the Galactivation vibration

Anahata - "my mind can't comprehend the magnitude of the moment"

Native State's new compilation:
Beneath the Surface for some crisp wintery fresh:asis

Kaya Project for the ness : Elixir


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