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posted : 2006.Mar.09 @ 9.23am
" Fuente Eterno or the 'Eternal Fountain' exists and is an experience unlike any other.
A 3-day retreat to a paradise in Baja, Mexico where numerous natural hot springs bubble up from the earth,
waterfalls cascade into pools of cool emerald water, and beats from Southern California's finest Sonic Shaman
mingle with the sounds of our laughter to echo through the canyon... "

Close perhaps. But, honestly, words fail to encompass the experience. It was bliss.

Friday night was a good warm up.

Saturday morning hike time!

... and as soon as we get back... there's a little get ta getha at the big pool Very Happy

Saturday night was off tha deep end!
Only a few quick shots before putting Mr. Nikon to bed early.

posted : 2006.Mar.09 @ 12.26pm
Some seriously sweet pics as usual Aaron... Love those water shots

posted : 2006.Mar.10 @ 11.37am
Words and images cannot describe the unity and feeling of love that was in that canyon that weekend. Everyone felt it. It was a magical time. Podlings would have loved it!!

posted : 2006.Mar.10 @ 8.29pm
Great picts, and looks like a great time !

posted : 2006.Mar.12 @ 7.12pm
Holdin down the hot sunny springs vibes wow! We're still chillin up here. going to the hot springs this weekend comming. I'll have to make a drop.

I'd have loved to have been in that place. We may live in magic mountain land, but you folk travel about the outerworld fringes. So much respect.

Could feel the love all the way up here.

posted : 2006.Apr.02 @ 12.35pm
On the road to...


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