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posted : 2006.Feb.20 @ 9.18am

Seek to reveal and enhance


The image below is colorized photo of a sculpture by Scott Richard.

Use more than one color for a face Be careful how you use white in

any piece Push values and colors, use many layers, experiment.

The PSD will give you some ideas.


Download Layered PSD >> 3.4 mb zip

































 (Anyone who reads this is welcome to download the zip file above.)


When using a texture overlay make sure to run a displacement filter on it.

This will cause the overlay to take on the shape of the object it covers. 


First make a map of the area. Here's the one I used >> Displacement Map

Filter/Distort/Displace : Set both numbers to 3 or 4 (or to taste) and pick your map from your HD.

Use your Dodge and Burn tools to do some additional 2D scuplting on the piece. Always use copies of

layers when making major changes so you have a path back to where you started. I use Color to color

because the words are the same... that and Overlay affects value as well as color and I like all elements

controlled separately for maximum fluidity. Here's another thing I do when compositing...


Example: Using the lasso tool cut out the wise old man and put him on his own layer. That we already have in common, yes?

Then, Control / Command click his layer thus loading his outline as a selection. Select - Modify - Contract one pixel then

feather the selection at .5 (The point is important). Then invert the selection and delete. Now you should

have a very sexy non-pixelated outline. Sometimes you will want a touch more feather. All settings I have mentioned should be

adjusted to suit your taste. There are a bazillion things to mention and I think the PSD is a good starting point. After you have

pondered it you can ask specific quesions and I'll respond as time allows.


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