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posted : 2006.Feb.12 @ 8.46pm
The day is finally here. The mastering is finished and the last touch-ups are in place on my latest concoction under the pseudonym Revox. Pop Stars is the culmination of over a year of musical tinkering. And i plan on sharing this release first with fellow podlings.

So without further ado:

Pop Stars

01. Eighties
02. Her Eighties
03. Elias in the Moonlight
04. Bedroom Dancefloor
05. And then the Computer Said
06. The Discos of Quebec (Vitalic Remix)
07. Running to Make a Movie
08. Happy
09. Tres Bass
10. House Thunder
11. Out with the Fishes
12. Robots Fighting
13. Fountainhead
14. Strawberry Jam
15. Future State
16. Mysterious Crystalis
17. Midnight

posted : 2006.Feb.13 @ 10.17am
Even more lush then i remember.
I love it.
How far are you going to release this? If there are any hardcopys produced, put me down for an order.
Seriously fun stuff.


posted : 2006.Feb.13 @ 10.39am
I'm a big fan.
This stuff is great!
I need a faded sleeveless Revox t-shirt that's at least one size too
small and some Zissou kicks to go with it. Is there going to be a Revox ipod?

It is so dope to see another podling drop an album. Pattern Diver rocks. Revox rocks...
and The Year Zero is on the way! Super good, Jam. Many thanks for sharing the creative flow.

posted : 2006.Feb.13 @ 1.08pm
Thanks guys for the kind words. Very Happy

As far as hardcopies- this is my first release that i plan on promoting. I finally feel like im at a place where i'll feel comfortable sharing my work widely with others. I am hoping to design an album cover (front/back/inside/etc) that i feel comfortable with, and then send away to make a couple hundred copies. I plan on selling Pop Stars at a little over cost maybe $6 + S&H so as to get a lot of copies out there so that hopefully someone with some say will notice it. I'd definitely be willing to send out copies to podlings for cost of shipping as soon as it gets printed (keep in mind im north of the border which makes shipping things unfun)

if anyone knows any good sites that do cd reproduction drop me a byte.


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