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index « biological « holistic metamap : the galactik trading card oracle complex

posted : 2006.Feb.11 @ 5.32pm

temple tea--
the cat is served

- issa


archive metamap 3.0

the following is an archive of information
created as support material
for the sixth incarnation of the
galactik trading card oracle complex

for the new, seventh edition, a shorter version of the full map has been created
as a fresh alternative

for the full spread of the podular new ness
including pictures and info about the galactik oracle complex


primer | array interface | holistic metamap

“The cloudy realms of Penglai Shan
are a crane’s universe.”

- Stonehouse



StarSystem Navigational Array v.4
Upper Deck
Harmonik System Buffering 8.0

a metaphysical garden of celestial produce
(from visionary art to metapoetiks:
building community by building culture )

a form of elvish design science
manifested to create a representation of
emerging movements in the development
of a sustainable planetary culture

To order a pack of trading cards :
>> Elphintome Art Catalogue | Nemo's Utopia <<

Using metaprogramming and dimensional cueing to re:member and re:connect humans with information about themselves, their environment and the host of people, energies, spirits, visions, knowledge and magik that streams in from their past, present and future.

Grounded in the concept of sustainable growth, the galactic trading card divination program is an intentional, not-for-profit production to promote healing, transformational learning, and creative inspiration.

Conscious cultures
Evolving the kind.

Planetary Paralinguistik Light Ship Docking Bay

With their origins in the depths of the shamanik imagination, the galactik trading card cultural program was birthed as an impulse to help support the free evolutionary growth of the global underground networks into a unified planetary post-civilization.

The cards stand alone as divinatory tools and ritual aids for evolving the play of relationships. They also come together as a whole systems deck concept or ‘galactik oracle complex’.

The trading cards are distributed globally at tribal gatherings, rituals, festivals, conferences and councils where the singles are often given away or traded as a form of free art, ideas, forms and designs.

Galactic booster packs are sold to the intrepid, in order to generate enough money to pay for the costs of the project, so it can continue to grow sustainably. No money above and beyond the costs of direct production (design, printing and distribution) will be made in order to maintain the intentional integrity of the project and support it’s intentional energetic.

The lower deck was created over a three year period during which time it went through 3 complete redesigns by Onbeyond Metamedia. The community based project saw local art distributed up and down the West Coast of North America and in Europe. Thousands of cards were freely given away and 20 full decks were sold and traded. The lower deck represents the physical and metaphysical foundation upon which the upper deck has been built. There were 60 different lower deck cards made.

The upper deck has been created over a three year period, starting when the lower deck went out of print. Each year a 13 card booster pack has been released. In addition upper deck has gone through two different design incarnations. So far there are 39 cards in the set, while the elvish workshop engages in the collective creation of the fourth deck scheduled for release in the summer of 2006.


Besides being antonymous oracular articles, the cards also connect up with the Tarot, I Ching, Chakra system and Mayan calendar. The deck is connected by a pattern of patterns. Symmetries appear around the numbers 1,2,3,5,8,13,20,32,64. The cards are also related to the Qabalistic Tree of Life and the sacred geometry of Platonic Solids.


The fabled divinatory system from the old world. Arising out of the post-pagan earth magic tradition, the tarot system has been interpreted and revisioned by a number of different occult traditions and perspectives.

The cards are divided into Minor and Major Arcanas. The minor arcana represents the four elements of water, fire, earth, and water. The minor arcanas contain 13 cards of each element totaling 52 cards. The major arcana is the fifth element representing the space between the minor arcana elements, it contains 22 archetypal cards.


This suit contains the twenty-two cards of the major arcana.

1. portals (major arcana : awareness) : 20 cards + 2 beyonder cards

This is the space card; it is the fifth element, and the spirit at the center. It symbolizes the mysterious unity that connects all things together. The Major Arcana represent the Higher Forces that are at work in every situation. The galaxy is both the human birthplace and collective destination. The planet is hurdling through the cosmos at breakneak speed, on route to a location many light years away from its original location. On the card back is a picture of the milky way galaxy. Near the portals icon is a galactic compass used to navigate through the surrounding solar systems.


Here we have four suits which align with the four elements, directions and seasons.

2. orbs (diamonds : earth) : 13 cards

The orbs are magical devices for scrying in order to see into the true nature of things. Used as navigational devices and growing tools, the orbs will grant visions to those that live in alignment with the Earth. The moss represents the great, ancient beings of the plant world. The earth suit focuses on the practical approach to making decisions. It is grounded in an awareness of the external, material world of things and how they effect the decision you are making. It is also associated with matters of business. Near the orbs glyph s a geomantic compass, or Lo Pan. This tool is used as the principle tool of Feng Shui to measure invisible forces.

3. crystals (spades : air) : 13 cards

Crystal technology provides toolsets and prismatic sciences for understanding and evolving our relationship to light. Representing the philter of awareness, the crystal suit is focused on intellectual approaches to understanding and solving the problems surrounding any decisions you are making. Around the crystal reflection is a bodhisattvic compass which illustrates the 108 states of bodhisattvahood.

4. keys (clubs : fire) : 13 cards

The light key holds the secret information and energy which is at the center of all life’s processes. It represents the alchemical fires through which everything is transformed. The key is also imagined as a light filter through which to see the world, operating as a kind of vision lense. The keys are action cards, and are used readily in response to any locks or blocks that might come up in your decision making process (every problem has a solution key). They are also serve to provide an energizing effect on the situation at hand. Near the key icon is a dreamspell compass showing the relationship between the mayan glyphs and tones with the I ching trigrams.

5. glyphs (hearts : water) : 13 cards

Glyphs are the magical writings and patterns made by water as it follows the inherent shapes of the surface geography over which it flows. They mark the relationship between the visible and invisible forces of nature. This element represents the flow cycles associated with the tides and menstruation. The glyphs focus on the subtle and receptive emotional qualities that underlie any decisions you are in the process of making. They are also connected to pleasure and love. Near the glyphs icon is a navigational compass used by ships crossing over the oceans.

Glyphik design by Onbeyond Metamedia
Glyphik 3d rendering Everflow

11. Deva

In Sanskrit ‘Deva’ means ‘shining one’. In Hinduism there are three kinds of Devas, mortal beings living on higher planes (such as shambhala, abhirati or sakhavati), enlightened beings, or manifestations of ‘brahman’ (‘power’ in Sanskrit). Brahman is the unified workings of the energy, the source, creator and essence of everything. The manifested combination of all the gods together is called the Vishvadevas, or ‘Allgods.’ In Hinduism Devas represent the power of spiritual practice for bringing about life affirming, healing and empowering changes in the inner and outer world. In the cosmologies of Buddhism, Devas are gods who live in the blessed realms as rewards for earning good karma, and are born into the World of Red Dust regularly to do good in the world. The Theosophists thought Devas to be angels who were evolved entities from previous planetary periods waiting until humans reached a gate in time at when they would reintegrate into human culture and help advance spiritual evolution. In the newer skool that evolved out of pagan traditions, Devas are seen as magical beings, nature spirits, and plant fae. The Devas are caretakers for all living things on the planet and have the power to heal and stimulate growth. They are cosmic tinkerers who know how to work with the seasons, they are said to teach humans about sun, moon and planetary cycles and their effect on sowing, planting, harvesting and fertilizing plants as well as how to understand soil as a living organism.

In this deck the Devas are bearers of news and messengers of light. They are the communicating forces of elves, fairy and other semi-divine beings from the plant world. Oracles to help us find our way.

12. Tennyo

These ‘celestial nymphs’ or ‘Divine-Star-Maidens’ lived in the blessed realms. Sometimes they would come to earth to enjoy the beauty of the natural world, roaming in the sky on irridescent clouds, playing celestial music or sometimes inhabits blooming woods in the form of flower faieries, female genii of trees and fountains. Their travels are aided with magical cloths called ‘hagoromo’ or ‘angelic robes’.
The Tennyo in this galactic oracle are the queens of the four elemental realms. They are powerful female figures transmitting energy for integrative healing and change. They are the mothers of the world, ancient and wise eldars whose many graces help to lead the other archetypes in the deck.

13. Sennin

These wise alchemical beings lived deep in the mountains, eating ferns and drinking the mist. They were said to be able to transform into animals, ride the winds and live forever. Some used alchemy and secret pills to achieve this transformation, others were said to harvest magical herbs from high in the mountains. Sennin-do (way of the Sennin) is a series of disciplines from the lineage of esoteric Taoist practices of meditation as well as the healing arts or ‘Sennin Ryoji’. These Taoist sages are venerated as sharers of folke magic and spiritual teachings.

For the purposes of this galactic oracle the Sennin represent the men of the mountains, magickally advanced beings with strange powers who bring good into the world. As the king’s of the deck, the sennin are powerful male figures who are activating the energy for evolutionary transformation. They may often be seen riding cranes thru the misty cliffs and mossy climes of the ancient hermitage sites. These wizened father figures offer stories and teachings , working with the Tennyo to provide spiritual leadership in the many worlds.

2.2 Yi Jing

Each card is also associated with one of the trigrams from the I Ching (the eight elements of taoist-shamanik alchemy). Below each trigram on the cards is a translation of the word-concept which each trigram represents. There are 8 cards for each of the 8 trigrams.

1. earth :
field, diamond, allies, vine, forest,

2. thunder :
storm, initiation, quickening, bamboo, motion

3. heaven :
firmament, fruit, celestial, horizon, creation

4. water :
crystal, heart, water,

5. lake :
joy, reflection, oracle, prophesy

6. wind :
spirit, travel, path,

7. fire :
photon, vision, brighten, prism,

8. mountain :
mediation, gate, temple,

There 8 cards per trigram (64 trigram cards) as well as 8 trigram code keys (making 72 trigram cards), as well as two cards outside of the I ching sequence.

In the Minor Arcana there are thirteen cards in each of the four suits.
Each of the 13 cards have ritual significance.

1. aces :
new beginnings, movement, force in its purity, the lightship cards, root energy of each suit

2. twos :
first manifestations, polarity.

3. threes :

4. fours :
balancing energy

5. fives :
energy coming to the aid of matter

6. sixes :
center of the whole system, focus of energy

7. sevens :
generation of energy

8. eights :
healing energy

9. nines :
crystallization of energy

10. tens :
evolution of the energy

2.3 Chakras

The cards are also connected to the eight lower chakras (including the thalamus or etheric heart), these chakras are connected with the trigrams.

1. earth :
root : security center : Maladhara

2. thunder :
sacral : sensation center : Svadhisthana

3. heaven :
solar plexus : power center : Manipura

4. water :
heart : living love center : Anahata

5. lake :
etheric heart : compassion center : Dhuma

6. wind :
throat : communication center : Visuddha

7. fire :
third eye conscious awareness center : Ajna

8. mountain :
crown : cosmic consciousness center : Sahasrara

2.4 Mayan Dreamspell

Each card has a mayan number (a line = 5 and a dot = 1). The major arcana cards (portal suite) have the number 1-20 corresponding to the 20 daykeeper glyphs. The minor arcana cards (orbs, crystals, glyphs and keys) have numbers 1-10, as well as devas (value of 11), tennyo (value of 12) and sennin (value of 13) corresponding to the 13 tones of the dreamspell.

Each card also has one of the 260 solar kin which corresponds to the artists dreamspell sign as well as describing an archetypal creative energy contained in the card art.

2.5 Platonic Solids

The deck recognizes a collection of sacred geometric figures called polyhedra or polygons. A dimensional object built with congruent regular polygons. The polygons are called faces; they intersect in edges, the points where three or more edges intersect are called vertices. The interior angles of the polygons meeting at a vertex add to less than 360 degrees. If these polygons met in a plane, the interior angles of all the polygons meeting at a vertex add to exactly 360 degrees. Plato Timaeus equated the sacred geometries with the five elements, tetrahedron with the elementsof fire (keys) , the cube with earth (orbs) , the icosohedron with water (glyphs), the octahedron with air (crystals), and the dodecahedron with world soul from which constellations and heavens were made (portals).

You can see an image from sacred geometry that contains the shape of all five platonic solids in the main readout screen on the center of the cardback upon which the metapoetiks are written.

2.6 Tree of Life

The Cabalistic Tree of Life is a multidimensional representation and organization of the ten centers or Sephiroth, and the 22 paths that connect them. Linked with the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, the tree of life is a symbient metaphor for understanding the inner and outer workings of reality. Each of the five suits represents a dimension of the tree. The four elementary Minor Arcana suits represent the 4 dimensions of space-time. The fifth element or the Major Arcana represents the space between the four sides that holds everything together and enables the other dimensions to exist in relation to each other.

The tree may be seen as a background on the upper right hand side display screen found on the backside of the two beyond cards, the Fool and the Multiverse.

3.0 Navigational Display

In the upper right of the card backs, there is an oracular interface. The top is the trigram and its corresponding word concept (complied from many different translations). Below this is a Mayan number (lines count as 5 and dots as 1) which corresponds to one of the 20 mayan sun glyphs and 13 tones of creation. This Mayan number also corresponds to the number of the card in the Tarot. Further below this, in its own circular interface, is a chakra glyph which corresponds to the I Ching trigram. These are color coded and designed as evolutionary peace work. As you climb through the chakras, lines are added one by one until the whole system icon is revealed as the crown chakra crystal. Below the charka circle is the galactik trading card webpage and virtual home of Open I productions as well as Dew Press ( At the bottom right of the card is information about the visionary art including the name and mayan sign of the artist, the artists webpage and the name of the art peace on the front side of the card. The bottom left of the card is the icon and concept, this also relates to the elemental suit that the card belongs to in the Tarot and is connected to the elemental background design for the card. The top of the card is the lightship, or card title. Below this is the metapoetik body copy. Under the main poetry is the poetic voice, a different one for each card and one card from each pack demystifying the system with ‘delvin’. Just beneath the poetic voice is the dedication.

The card interfaces were designed by Sijay.

Luminous background photographs are from Aaron Rix of the pod.

The galactik trading card backs are designed as sentient display interfaces, symbolic and conceptual starship control panels for traveling beyond. They have gone through six distict design incarnations.

4.2 Metapoetic Body

The main textual body of work is a three tiered system of exploratory writing introducing specific concepts and meme engines designed and metaprogrammed to inform the felt world of experience and imagination. Using metapoetiks and neurolinguistik programming, the text is designed like a zen koan or media virus to enter into the consciousness and stimulate a transformational experience or paradigm shifts in the moment, or at some sinchronik moment in the future when the meaning resurfaces like a lightning flash in the void . The body of text is also set up to stimulate an oracular and self-directed process of internal and external exploration about meaning and possibility.

4.3 Poetik Channel

The poetik channel right below the text refers to the poet, delvin, and represents a community of linked yet autonymous voices that are used to give each card an individual perspective source. These poetik channels are giving dynamik information about the poet and the poetik process by refering to 64 of delvin’s ten thousand names.

4.4 Dedications

There are 74 dedications found to the right of the poetik channel at the card bottom. These use name mantras to invoke inspirational characters from the community as well as divinities and sacred spaces.

32 Incarnated Bodhisattvas

1. Rezin
2. Shen
3. Psilli
4. Ember
5. Katib
6. Munko
7. Street Samurai
8. Herbanmama
9. Neto
10. Eve
11. Phong
12. Lynx
13. Bluetech

8 Blessed Realms :

1. Sukhavati :
Where seven rows of railings, seven rows of fine nets, and seven rows trees, a cosmic array all made of the four gems (gold, silver, beryl and crystal), surround and enclose the land.

2. Abhirati :
An estatic pure land called the Realm of Exceeding Great Delight. Anyone who is reborn there will never fall back to a lower level of consciousness

3. Shambhala : A mythological kingdom, the divine seat of spiritual energies in the world. Internally it is the dharma chakra, located in the spiritual center. It is also considered to represent tathagatagarbha or buddha-nature, the transcendent foundation for both samsara and nirvana.

4. P’eng-Lai : One of the Taoist paradises, a mountain on an isle of magical plants, blessed faery culture and abundant food and medicine.

8 Buddhist Dieties

1. Amitabha : Dhyani Buddha of Boundless Light
2. Amitayus : Buddha of Boundless Life
3. Maitreya : Buddha of the Eschaton
4. Hsi Wang-Mu : Queen Mother of the West
5. Prajnaparamita : Goddess of Perfect Wisdom
6. White Tara : Goddess of Compassion
7. Samantabhadri : Primordial Mother of the Buddhas
8. Vajrasattva : Buddha of Purification

8 Taoist Immortals
1. Lan Ts’ai-ho
2. T’ieh-Kuai Li
3. Chang Kua-Lao
4. Han Hsang-Tzu
5. Ho Hsien-Ku
6. Chung Li-Ch’uan
7. Ts’ao Kua-Chiu
8. Lu Tung-Pin

8 Ancient Beings of Power
1. Shih-Te
2. Dai-yu
3. Kiku-Jido
4. Weiwobo
5. Curanderos
6. Han Shan
7. Gamma sennin

5.0 Visionary Artisans

The pictures on the front side of the galactik trading cards are dimensional representations from the emerging visionary art movement. The collection is a visual array invoking new forms of metacultural expression and multimodal experience. The deck is a microgallery of different images, a pocket size collection of art from many different styles and perspectives, methods and mediums. At the bottom right of the cardbacks is the name and webpage contact for the artists involved. Also included is the dreamspell mayan sign of the artist to inform the diviners understanding of the energy involved in the art. As an active community building project, the galactik oracle links visionary artists to each other and to the culture at large. The galactik trading cards represent an elvish network, a visionary art collective that aids in the collective construction of a spiritual foundation for the emerging culture. So far the artists who have contributed are

posted : 2006.Feb.12 @ 5.24pm
6.0 Lightfold

Published by dew press, the galactik trading cards are created as an inspiration based meta cultural program. They are intended to be a gift of light, vision and intelligence to the emergent tribal nexus. Dew press is engaged in the intentional production of visionary art, writing and design, publishing an array of books, tomes, zines, cards, pamplets and toolsets.

Spreading the metaphysical Word with the metaphysical Vision

8.0 Working with the Weave: How to use the deck

This is an open system. A lego architecture that can be endlessly rearranged. How you relate to the cards and the deck could happen in countless ways.

Firstly the deck is set to function as a fully autonymous galactic oracle deck. You can pick a card, or a spread of cards and interpret them however you wish. The basic idea is to have a question in mind, some kind of directed quandry about the past, present or future. When you see the card art on the front and read the text and correspondences on the card back try and see if there is a relationship between these things and your intentions when drawing the card. The process of trying to relate the card content to your question will help you to see the question in a new way and frame answers you may not yet have been able to see.

To draw an I ching hexagram, first take out the two beyonder cards (the fool and the multiverse as they are outside of the sequence), then draw two cards. The first card drawn will be the lower trigram and the second the upper trigram. Together these make a 6 line hexagram, one of 64.

To draw a mayan sign, take out the beyonder cards and separate the remaining into two piles, the minor arcana and the major ancana. Then draw one card from each pile. The mayan number you see on major arcane card (portals suite) will refer to one of 20 mayan glyphs. The mayan number you see on the minor arcane card you drew will refer to one of the 13 tones. Together they made one of the 260 mayan signs.

To draw a tarot spread, refer to the suites (recognizable both through the main card icons and background elements) in combination with the mayan numbers. The portal cards (major arcana) of the space element are numbered 1 – 20 with two beyonder cards (the fool and the multiverse). The minor arcana cards of the fire (keys = staffs / clubs), air (crystals = swords / spades), earth (orbs = coins / diamonds) and water (glyphs = cups / hearts) elements are numbered 1 – 10 in addition to each having three court cards (deva = jack, tennyo = queen, sennin = king).

If you use the cards in a ritual fashion they will take on greater potentials. This could be as easy as holding the deck for a moment and visualizing your intentions before drawing a card or spread of cards. It could be as dynamic as having the cards on an altar where a new card is moved to the top of the deck at regular intervals. Your rituals could be as complex as trading the cards , playing card games with your friends, or giving out single cards to your friends to mark or celebrate special occasions. There is no right or wrong way to use the trading cards, how creative can you be with them?

8.0 Intentional Awareness

The formal intentions of the galactic trading card oracle complex are…

1. healing paradigms
2. to help co-create and promote the budding global visionary culture
3. to distribute celestial produce which gives light and shares love
4. to provide awakening meaning sinchronistically
5. to help facilitate sacred experiences and transformational communications
6. to teach and share the craft of oracle reading and the divinatory arts
7. to spread the word of visionary art, catalyzing abundant manifestations for the artists of the project
8. to be distributed directly, hand to hand as well as through the mail via intentional allied distribution networks
9. never to release the decks by any corporate source of mass production
10. never to make money above and beyond the basic direct costs of designing, printing, promoting and distributing the cards
11. to co-construct altar items and ritual tools for use along the new pathways
12. to honor the energy
13. to inspire others to create their own trading cards, art and poetry: a whole new ecology of culturally creative ness.

8.1 Manifestation Rites

Open I productions and Dew Press are always looking for support in the form of printing, cash flow or promotion that can help the GTC to grow in a sustainable and intentional Way. Promoters of intentional gatherings, festivals and rituals have sometimes sponsored galactik trading card giveaways to freely support conscious environments and intelligent culture. Others provide no-interest loans which continues to be what is making this project even possible. We are also looking for distributors to help the cards get out into the world.

9.0 Diamond Center

A whole community of kin has supported the collective creation of these divinatory processes. Deepest of the Deep thanks to the following for direct participation.

The cards are layed out and designed by
Sijay of Onbeyond Metamedia.

Origami booster pack fold tech, as well design premixes, remixes, 3d rendering and the crystal lightship cities in this drop, were done by produce of Everphlow.

Luminous background photographs by Aaron Rix.

Phong has provided immaculate uppery of whole systems, podular modalities, rendered representations and done all the photographs featured in this online tome. Level up

Xavi has provided the phat glyphic goodness. The ‘galactik’ graff from the cover packaging of packs two and three are from his wondered hands, as is the gtc logo. Unmitigated goodness.

The whole process of the card creation, poetik crafting and conceptual awareness have been deeply inspired, informed, and influenced by the koan brothers:
sijay, naasko and noah.

Jedi-tech, systems operation, web work, and downloading time has been generously provided by streetsamurai.

The cards have been distributed and wizened by Nemo of


Silverbirch and her host of magical awareness invokes beauty, channels learning and inspires healing in a transformational education interface by doing workshops, teaching classes, orienting art galleries, writing books, making visionary art and integrating with the plants. Her luminous energy in the galactik oracle project can be felt in every facet of its radiant unfolding, including network linking, life bridging, art and artist connecting, holistic consultation and distribution to all the four corners.

The project has been blessed, distributed and empowered in the world by Lynx.

The supersystem has been informed and radiantly touched by the higher glyphiks metamythology.

The cards have been evolved, upped, inspired, and spiritually supported by Psilli

Webbing and articulations provided by doktorj.

distributed by

ELFINTOME (Elphinstone, BC)

(help distribute : contact

Visioned, Enhanced and Evolved through

SunMoon Dynamic.
A celestial connection of synergized solar and lunar influences, combining to form a unified horizon of intersecting patterns and living design ecologies.

Invisible Productions

Sound design, production, sentient environments, light works, distribution, sacred space.

Universal Movement In Co-inspiration (UMIC)

A unified collective and elvish community market representing a network of artists and artifacts. This metamythology orients free events, produces jams, rituals, workshops, gatherings, and rehersals giving energy freely to the world to inspire the creation of art and music.

Zoetic Art

Zoetic Art is a place for Visionary Artists to gather as one community and share their creations with a growing international audience. Seeking to furthur the recognition of visionary, surreal, and psychedelic art through the presentation of fine examples in its online gallery and live exhibitions around the globe.

Frogwood Lodge Retreat Center

A multi-use facility in a beautiful remote and private natural setting in Boonville, California (Mendocino County, a 2.5 hour drive from SF). Frogwood can be a group retreat spot (for up to 60 people), a cabin-rental get-away, hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, conference center, workshop classroom, meeting space, party and wedding venue, personal retreat facility, and more. Offer our large and beautiful Lodge building, well-equipped community kitchen, dining room, several fully-furnished cabins, deluxe hot tub in the Redwoods, and some walking trails.

Tribe 13

A gallery/store showcasing visionary art/products and events, from local to well known talent. This cultural hub is helping to build the new visionary art culture by showing and distributing art culture, organizing live paintings, producing events and doing galactic outreach.


An evolutionary elvish interface for advancing our awareness. This full spread multimedia site is full of amazing visuals, myths, stories, flash animation, and a whole world of interactive content.

Bringing in the new time is this brilliant European 13 Moon calendar and galactic culture portal and e-shop.

ET (Elfin Tome)

A virtual marketplace in the guise of a bookstore, distributing conscious books, new music, visionary art, rare and signed texts, and terran culture. Affluent focus on galactik culture, metapoetiks, permaculture, elfquest, poet-recluse Zen and Taoist traditions, Sufism, Buddhism, holistic health, healing modalities, biodynamics, plant paths, and sacred dance.

Pod Collective

A luminant online community hub and art inspiration interface. Aligned by Air and Phong, this future forming creative vessel is helping to spread the light across the space.

Lady Apples

Seeding interactivation, an open source matrix of whole system curation.An interdisciplinary exploration of art, culture design, collaboration, living systems, song, memory, family, time travel, metapoetiks, desire, memes, pattern, medicine, adornment, archetype, liminality, flavor, mysticism, symbiosis and sustainability, this is work in progress.

Green Samurai Clan

A worldbuilding collective dedicated to the collective creation of design ecologies. Performance troup, downtempo collective, production company, record label, sub-culture.

Frog kin

Dedicated to inspiring collective growth, art culture creation, integrated healing and intentional approaches to sacred experience.


Sharing, embracing, effortlessly dreaming this life. A sanctuary of light on the web.

Dhawq Transmissions

A spiritual learning experience manifesting as dharma transmissions, articles, books, workshops, musical environments and refined lifestyles.

Open I

A permacultured production company providing design alternatives, pamphlets, divination cards, art catalogues, tomes, workshops, presentations, conferences, gatherings, workshops, classes, and festival circuits. Pre-production and post-production consulting agency. Galactik way station.

Elvish Nation

The collective planetary culture of elvish and elf friendly folke. A localized node in a galactik civilization of elvish and elf-allied worlds.

Spiritual systems science support networking provided by rezin, monko, psilli, galen, matt the elf master, gabriel and sapphire and streetsamurai. Without the intelligence and evolutionary foresight of eve, lynx, marisa, isis, ainsley, sandra, silverbirch, johanna, luke, jefe, jeetk, sobey, andrew, produce, maggie, david heskin, phong, air, xavi, evan bluetech and sqrwol this project would not have become so splendored.


posted : 2006.Feb.12 @ 5.59pm
to order a pack of trading cards, go to :

>> Elphintome Art Catalogue
>> Nemo's Utopia

posted : 2006.Feb.12 @ 6.01pm
peep the deeper lore :

primer | array interface | holistic metamap


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