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index « permaculture « art, nature and the integrated polypath

posted : 2006.Feb.05 @ 10.38pm

Keep a green tree
inside your heart
and perhaps a singing bird will come

- ancient chinese proverb

visionary art culture meets permaculture

Earth's ecology is evolving
the way we learn and teach
is growing along with the plants and animals
which which we share this sacred world

a new culture is emerging
and with it a revitalized approach to community education
and holistic living

The new model of permaculture education integates experiential education with individual learning, interactive project based work with reflective process oriented applications. Integrated curriculums promote permaculture not only for creating abundant systems of food production and ecological design, but also towards helping us to refine our communication skills and create healthy relationships with ourselves, each other and the planet.

I am excited to announce the emergence of an integrated permaculture curriculum that connects visionary art, design, healthy diet, physical exercise, ecological awareness, new gardening practices and conscious lifestyles. Nestled the beautiful Californian redwoods, is a breathtaking retreat center called Frogwood which will host a two week Permaculture and the Arts experiential education retreat and certification program. The course is open to beginners and students of permaculture as well as to teachers and experienced permaculturalists. Imagine a living classroom and transformative two week curriculum integrating yoga, contact dance, visionary art classes and a full permaculture certification. This course is the first of its kind, a special opportunity to refine your life and lifestyle and inspire you to make evolutionary changes in your own work in the world.

this is a truly amazing opportunity to get your permaculture certification
in the context of a cusp education experience

this will be a truly valuable upgrade to your pod toolkits
a phat exploration into your relationship with people, plants and planet
as well as your own creative potentials


Please forward this page to any lists,
forums or kin who might be interested.

posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 9.22am
OMG I so want to go! But that is so expensive =\

I need to find some people who are extremely into this to help get me going.

posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 9.57am
"I've lived at Cold Mountain - how many autumns
Alone, I hum a song - utterly without regret
Hungry, I eat one grain of Immortal medicine
Mind solid and sharp; leaning on a stone"

- han shan

indeed $1500 seems like alot
but when you consider it is for a full permaculture certification
including 4 permaculture teachers, 2 art teachers, 2 yoga/movement teachers and a raw foods chef
including accomidations in a beautiful retreate center in the redwoods
and all intentional meals it is really not so much

for 112 hours of classes
this is only about $13 / hr

posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 10.03am
I know, but Im broke is what I was trying to get at ;D

posted : 2006.Feb.08 @ 10.20am
there are a number of $250 grants avaliable
for participation in this project

for more details

i am broke too
so i totally relate

posted : 2006.Feb.09 @ 8.40am
those grants look like a wonderful opportunity.
i've gone through a long period of time being totally "broke"
a word which i've noticed doesn't serve me that well any more Smile
so i can relate too.

but one thing i've definitely noticed about money
is that it tends to flow in a dance with my own consciousness
when i know something is meant to be, and i decide on it, it happens.
always a miracle how that manifests.

for example i remember my first training in shamanic healing
the course was $2,000 or so... i was visiting the foodbank a lot then.
i decided it was going ot happen, and some kind person lent me the funds
i had just put it out there i was on the manifestation kick - there was no deadline to repay it.

same thing has happened to me at least three times.
now everyone up till the most recent time has been repaid.
i've been told many times that i'm particularly good at manifesting like that.
but i think the reason i'm good at it is because i have a certain bold faced confidence.

when something is that good for you it can't not happen.


a passing thought.

posted : 2006.Mar.09 @ 1.11pm
here is a remix of the article
refreshed for better access

This world of dew
is only a world of dew -
and yet...

- issa

Permaculture is a process of becoming conscious by evolving our awareness about what is happening in the world as a consequence of our actions. Using this awareness we can refine our life and lifestyle, work and relationships, plans and applications. It is based on creating systems that are efficient, catch and store energy, produce functional energy in abundance, value renewable and recycling ethics, design from nature, and utilize edges to promote biodiversity, permaculture is working to stabilize and heal the toxification of our world. In a nutshell, permaculture promotes intentional education about sustainable, low impact, highly productive systems of design and development. Permaculture education focuses on long term awareness, sustainable development, generating abundant surplus, localizing production, generating symbiotic relationships, promoting biodiversity and enforcing resource conservation.

Exploring the real, long-term implications of our actions on all levels, permaculture seeks to cultivate an authentic awareness about how we can have healthy and abundant relationships with all things. With a focus on remediation, permaculture inspires discussion about how to revitalize the earth, remove toxins, safely dispose of dangerous chemicals, reduce waste, and preserve habitats for all the plants and animals of the planet. It has a deep focus on the role and functions of different elements and how they work together to create solutions for existing problems. In short, permaculture is a process of becoming conscious, and integrating that consciousness into our work in the world.

The core curriculum of permaculture is cross disciplinary, able to inform and evolve the development of any relationship, project, communication, structure, philosophy, or lifestyle.

In this light a permacultural convergence is being organized deep in the lush redwood forests of a northern California retreat center. Organized by Jenny Pell of the Wilder Institute, this 112 hour certified permaculture design course will also integrate classes on art, language, theater, movement and yoga. This two week, next generation permaculture and the arts retreat is happening at Frogwood, a spirited learning center supporting intentional culture and alternative education.

By evolving the way we design our role and place on the planet, this course will help us to refine the way we live and relate to ourselves, each other and our world. Integrating the idea of holistic living, permaculture stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through appled awareness and life long learning.

This design course is intended to create more than just a living classroom, it looks to imbed a refined template of experiential education into the context of conscious living on a number of different levels.

Permaculture classes and projects will explore the application of concepts like indigenous cultivation, traditions and practices, perennial polycultures, bioremediation, agroforestry, ecovillage design, whole systems theory and ecoliteracy. Daily yoga classes will compliment an exploration of body ecology that includes contact dance, authentic movement, and playback theater. Daily art classes will use painting and drawing, as well as sacred geometry and mandala building, to inform the process of designing gardens and other permaculture systems. A delicious diet of vegetarian and raw food meals helps to support integrative learning by providing clean, healthy energy to fuel the process.

The experiential curriculum supports individual learning paths in the context of collaborative group projects and caters to a polymedia of teaching techniques, styles, modes and mediums.

Permaculture education is a way to evolving your relationship to the natural world to enhance the way you are able to communicate and carry out relationships.


posted : 2006.Dec.15 @ 2.16am
Unfortunately the course did not end up happening but this template is the beginning of many others like it.


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