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index « biological « Event - Fuente Eterno in Baja, Mexico - March 3-5, 2006

posted : 2006.Jan.27 @ 1.27am
I designed the flyer Smile

In this place, far beyond the desert of the rat race, sprawling cityscapes, and frustrations of our waking lives, the swirling crystaline waters of purification and rejuvenation stem forth from an eternal fountain to surround and embrace us. It ushers away all of the stress, fears, and doubts to leave us in the peaceful place of Being that is our birthright. A place of simple serenity where we realize infinite possibility and renewed hope. It is here that we close our eyes and become an audience for the song of the wind as it dances though the palm trees that tower above. We listen closer still to hear the voices of the ancestors whisper within the sounds of running water even as if they were travelling downstream from the caverns nearby that bear their tribal designs. There is something ancient about this sacred space. This peaceful oasis is a place within all of us where we can retreat to and become one again. Our own pool of bliss that eases mind and body while elevating the soul. A place that could have only existed in our imagination, our hope, or in tales long lost to antiquity... until now.

Fuente Eterno or the Eternal Fountain exists and is an experience unlike any other. A 3-day retreat to a paradise in Baja, Mexico where numerous natural hot springs bubble up from the earth, waterfalls cascade into pools of cool blue water, and beats from Southern California's finest Sonic Shaman mingle with the sounds of our laughter to echo through the canyon.

(Yeah, that's my foot!)

posted : 2006.Jan.28 @ 1.44am
I digg that wavey text on the top of the cover.
Post some flicks here when you get back.

The event looks phatt. Cool
How much does it cost to participate?

posted : 2006.Jan.28 @ 1.10pm
Thanks Phong.

The event costs $45, quite a deal considering you get campsite and all that entertainment for a weekend.

I've been to that place a few times over the years... some pics are here:


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