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posted : 2006.Jan.20 @ 2.20pm
The Dollar Sign Replaces The Cross

They gather at the golden arches to gain entrance
To a hall where they will praise Paris Hilton
And their Internet Service Providers.

They dip their fingers in Nelly’s Pimp Juice
And anoint themselves
In the names of Disney, MTV, and Time-Warner.

They sing the gospel of Coca-cola ,
“I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…”
Of course, they mean E-harmony.

Text message disciples speaking in tongues ~ LOL, BRB, AFK
To anyone who cares to visit their MySpace profile.
All of their friends and lovers are digital.

A wide-screen television delivers the sermon,
Mad Cow Disease. Wild Fires. Paris Hilton.
Fall Clearance. Here’s how to order. Paris Hilton.

Diet Pills. Bling-Bling. Paris Hilton.
Sleeping Pills. Sex. Sex. Sex.
Paris Hilton,

Our lady of commerce & catch phrases.
Hallelujah. “That’s hot.”

Individual prayers courtesy of Verizon & Cingular Wireless.
Monthly service charges apply.

They all rise for communion.
Supersize the wafer and the wine.
Drink the blood & Eat the flesh…with a side of fries.

The collection plate is by the door. All donations are tax deductible.
Donors receive a coupon for 10% off anything
In the giftshop.

Miracles available on Ebay. Paypal accepted.
Or order by phone ~ 1-800-I-M-S-A-V-E-D.
Call now.

***Shipping and handling charges may apply.

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~ V ~

posted : 2006.Jan.21 @ 10.15am
Now that is Just perfect!! My new favorite. It would make a great song..Amazing stuff, V.

posted : 2006.Jan.21 @ 10.26pm
oh my goddess

i am floored, dude. these are rediculously good. sooooo intelligent, so unique, so so beautiful, in the most strange and unexpected way Smile

morning in new wonderland is now among my absolute favourite poems of all time.

that's saying a lot.

absolute cheers and all highest props of tilting my little hat to mr V

is thank you very much sir, for posting your poems here.

Rock Pulsing Love Deep respect Pulsing Love Rock

posted : 2006.Jan.22 @ 9.24pm
Thank you both for the compliments. Tiki, I would still like to collaborate with you. This summer?
Here is more of the new.

Celebrities Should Be Quarantined

When the elevator door opened,
I found myself looking at Princess Leia
From Star Wars.

Actually, it was the actress, Carrie Fisher,
Twenty years after the war.

My favorite Princess Leia scene
Is when Jabba the Hut is holding her captive,
clad in a galactic Bikini, chained, and wearing a collar.

That’s why I looked at my feet instead of Carrie Fisher.

I told myself I didn’t want to degrade her by imagining her
Struggling half-naked at the base of a monstrous mound of flesh.

But, really, I didn’t want her to destroy the fantasy.
The scene wouldn’t work if the princess was middle-aged.

They would look too much like people I know,
Like some married couple sprawled out in the living room,
Beer guts, wrinkles, and flabby underarms
Caught in the faint glow of the television.

I kept my back to her until we reached the next floor
And got off the elevator without looking back.
I don’t want to see her again
Unless she’s on top of that monster
with a chain wrapped around its neck

In a glorious celebration of youth
On her campaign to save the universe.

~ V ~


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