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posted : 2005.Feb.28 @ 4.11pm
I suggest listening to this all the way through. Alex, allyson and zena talk about various subjects. Those of art, relationships, family, drug use. It was a really interesting listen.

You can find the mp3's of the conversation and photos of the event here:

The quality isnt prime but it's good enough that you can hear the conversation and gain some insite via the words of these masterful artists.

posted : 2005.Dec.20 @ 7.40pm

i love this picture of the three of them! ha ha ha!

posted : 2005.Dec.20 @ 7.47pm
The four of them. That's the Man back there Wink

posted : 2006.Jan.17 @ 3.09am
Also available here on Psychedelic Salon :
>> Podcast


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