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posted : 2006.Jan.16 @ 7.02pm
i have been lucky enough to watch wendy : : and ocean : : righteously branch out from their work with copper chris to create a new version of ulantia studios. they have learned all that they could from chris, and have been empowered to expand their work into something more unique, expressing themselves through a beautiful line of creations that focus on natural scapes and psychedelic designs rather than sacred geometry. their work is of course, functional and beautiful. i'm honoured to wear their wares.

posted : 2006.Mar.05 @ 12.54am
Your Work makes me Smile man every Time I see it.
just amazing and full of magic.


posted : 2006.Mar.05 @ 2.55am
it really is some incredibly magical work they're coming out with.
probably, since recieving this poster it has improved by leaps and yards.
those two goddesses are soooo talented and genuinely devotional
their work is the expression of a deep spiritual communion with the earth.

if it's not already obvious Wink

posted : 2006.Mar.06 @ 9.07pm

this lovely piece was designed by chris and entirely put together by wendy and ocean.

posted : 2006.Mar.06 @ 9.17pm

posted : 2006.Mar.06 @ 9.42pm
yidang right that is some saweeetness prayer
these sistarz are on fire.
that piece was very much a custom made work...
much shamanic process went into it.
honoured to present the photos

posted : 2006.Mar.06 @ 11.49pm

posted : 2006.Mar.07 @ 12.11am
Nice Phong that should guide you into the unknown in Style..........................


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