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posted : 2005.Nov.12 @ 8.00pm
drumroll please..............

posted : 2006.Jan.15 @ 5.49pm
Galactik Art Council, NYC

posted : 2006.Jan.15 @ 5.54pm
phong, you give me an idea. that's it - no more half baked posts on this forum Smile

i was lucky. i got to go to a visionary art conference and dance called avatar (, click on events), at alex and allyson grey's chapel of sacred mirrors in new york. i would say that this was the best event of my life, if it weren't for the fact that my experience was so informed by a similar event i had explored, called synergenesis, just a couple weeks prior in san fran. that event was put on by a woman named eve, and avatar was delvin's gig, and becuase those two beings are just about the two most inspiring people in my world, i was able to experience those levels of inspiration of massively blooming levels of manifestation, in the form of their events. it was the time of my life.

i liked avatar cause it was 'essentially' delvin. loads of deep medicine was streamlined into short, potent downloads. instead of the whole day of fullon workshops from various artists, like synergenesis, we were blessed with one whole panel of artists from around n.america, such as alex and allyson grey, xavi, luke brown, sijay, carey thompson, vibrata chromodoris, to name just a few. i think there were 13 or so artists on the panel, all of them astounding beings. one by one they showed their best art by slide show, and gave downloads on the inspiration and intention behind each piece. one by one i was completely floored, even when i knew several of the artists personally and had studied all their work. it was a rare and precious opportunity to understand the deep levels of what goes on with visionary art for these beings and like delvin's poetry, it was a lot of information woven very tightly.

my absolute favourite story, was from luke. he showed his most famous piece, the baphomet:

and explained that he had once seen this being in an ecstatic vision, right after finding that he wouldn't be abel to continue doing tattoo art for a living, and facing a massive shift in his survival strategy. the being came to him with great benevolence, as something of a good version of the devil if you like. he showed him the frequency of fear in the deepest levels of his muscle tissue, and taught him how to shift the frequencies - he was able then to let go of huge levels of fear, from death and disease, to starvation and beyond. he then asked the being, how will i be able to take this back with me, so that it's not just a fleeting hallucination, worth nothing in the real world?

the being responded by breaking itself up into all its parts, and showing each part in detail to him one by one, accompanied by instructions. luke recognized then that each piece of the baphomet was actually a small sketch he had done, for tattoos or otherwise, some time in the past. the being instructed him down to the last detail. for example, this piece of my face, is from a sketchbook from 3 years ago, which is in your closet. take that, and flip it sideways in photoshop for the other side of the face. following the baphomet's instructions, luke was able to exactly re-create the image, with little no difference whatsoever from what he had seen, all out of his little vignette pieces from over the years. the baphomet represented his move into the realms of becomming a seriously recognized visionary artist, and as far as i know he's now supported by his artwork, and has done several shows with alex grey, robert venosa, martina hoffman, and other visionary masters.

so, this story characterized the re:integration and deepening for me of the importance of visionary art as a cultural tool for accessing some of the greatest resources available to us as human beings, in a time where we need all the help we can get. i had understood that before, but this definitely sealed the wisdom. i now realize that visionary art is a huge aspect of what i'm meant to be doing on this planet. as i slowly bring myself to a point where i feel comfortable really getting out there with my own visual work, i will do everything i can to support other artists. i'm lucky that i get to faciliate a visionary art gallery at the upcoming festival of light in avalon next summer soulstace, showcasing all my friends' talent, and integrating a learning environment, where the artists' can share their stories in a similar way. yay!

of course, a huge plus to that event was the rare and splendid pleasure of seeing alex and allyson grey's chapel of sacred mirrors. is oh my god. frankly, anyone who really loves his work, has got to see it in person. actually seeing all those stunning original pieces, all those little brushstrokes, actually makes each piece so much more than it could ever be as a print. from the direct energetic communion from spirit to alex to the canvas to you, to the accessability of the technique through witnessing those brushstrokes, to the overall high intense power of the entire three gallery space, it is an experience that can't be immitated. incredible craftsmanship went into the buliding of that place - a lot of donations from art lovers everywhere, and a hell of a lot of work visioning and manifesting it, and all to inspire others to create their own art - to help people find spiritual solace, rejuvinate their personal power, and get people in touch with the entirety of themselves! what a loving action for the world. this is what i like most about alex and allyson grey, is their love for the world, and their commitment to making that love real and tangible for people.

i also liked that the hall of sacred mirrors was filled with giant black cushions for everyone to lounge out the whole time. i dared to eat a corner of a hit of acid that night, my first time in quite a while actually. it was a rare thing for me in a way, since i'm usually so sensitive to other people who are tripping that it's enough, and honestly i don't usually feel comfortable and safe enough any more in a one-night party setting to do that. but if ever there was a time to open up in trust that i woudl be comfortable, accepted and safe, it was here. it was the manifestation of three people who i feel extremely comfortable with, particularly allyson and delvin, though i feel fairly good with alex as well, and so i was able to open up enough to fully trip out all night, at times lying down in the hall of mirrors, just speechless, and very cozy, as i grasped to concieve of how to articulate the immaculate worlds beyond all linear conception which i was wildly peering into, and who were wildly peering back at me Wink

of course, crystal and spore was my favourite part of the night, as always and this one was particularly special to me since i understand it to be the culmination and perhaps the semi-end of a long phase of careful work on the part of all the beings involved. it was especially special in so many ways. the visuals were out of this world, the music stunning as always, the prayerformance was incredibly proffessional and rediculously beautiful, dynamic and expressive, and each speaker (del, sijay and eve) were just sooo grounded and well-rehearsed and articulate in their delivery. there was a beautiful combination of pre-written reading out of poetry, as well as conversational speaking to the audience, and each concept was brought through with grace and deep elegance. a great deal was articulated, with carefully chosen spaces between certain thoughts to provoke the audience to think, be a part of it, and give their personal input through the interactive tool they were each given.

every single aspect of it was stunning. i had seen almost the same one at synergenesis, but this time i was on acid, and it was clearly better, and frankly, i was 100% blown away by the subtle craftsmanship on all levels. in fact, i cried my eyes out at one point - i couldn't help it. people were a little worried about me - i had to tell them they were tears of joy Smile and the really good part was that they knew what a good job they had done, and it meant the world to them to inspire everyone so deeply - to collaborate with alex and allyson in that sense, and to manifest such beauty. no matter how many times i see the same presentation, or similar ones, i would still be deeply inspired by these folks. crystal and spore is tha shit - and i'm sure i will do something similar in the future. i'm writing the book for it now (ask me about it if you like).

and as if that wasn't enough, this was followed by the most fascinating and stunning prayerformance i have ever seen (and i have seen a lot of damn good prayerformances in my day). i was able to learn, in the context of synergenesis, what eve has been up to with lynx, isis, and the revolving crew of beings who take part in these prayerformances. what it is, is a learning session, expressed through specific dialogue, poetry, sentient sounds and visionary guidance from eve and sometimes others, with music of course, articulated and demonstrated through an exquisite webwork of beautiful dancing, costume, props and acting. the whole thing is all so very intentionally crafted to enchant, direct energy, empower the audience, and most importantly i think, to dynamically and on every sensory level possible, download the concepts, ideas and flavours that are being presented.

This is the thing that i like about eve, about crystal and spore, and anyone else who works on these levels. It's a new, and in my mind far more effective model for education, which achnowledges the limits of words to express the most important concepts of our time, most of which are undefined through mainstream channels, and both expands the lanugage (in understandable ways), and the mediums, to help people grasp concepts on every possible level. this is, in my mind, the best way to teach effectively, and it's exactly the model i'm aiming to perfect in my own teachings. thank god for these amazing beings! i am *so* lucky to have people like this around to learn from.

in every way that night for me was the obvious manifestation, in microcosmic orbit, and macrocosmic reflection, of the highest flowering lotus blossom of the seeds that have been planted in me over the past couple years of rapid evolution, and spinning off into the future as well. in other words, the event both reflected for me the kind of worlds i know i'm meant to create in the future, articulated for me why this kind of thing has meant so much to me in the past, in a context i could experientially understand, re:affirmed my commitment to the path, and showed me plainly how much i have grown as an individual. i just felt so lucid, grounded, eager to learn, and open hearted to everyone around me. i'm like that anyway, especially at peak moments, but there were many subtleties which opened up a sense of a much evolved lyoness, and that was sweet.

so i end it on that note, and say once again - thanks delvin, for putting on this event! i love you.



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