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posted : 2005.Dec.12 @ 10.59am
wow, becky awesome colours there.

Sunset from yesterday:

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 12.30pm
Sunset from arches:

posted : 2005.Dec.13 @ 9.31pm
Holy Moabian pictures!
Again, awesome pictures!
Makes me feel like I was right back there.
Haha, and also makes me wish I was. Laughing

Thank you Markodius.

posted : 2005.Dec.25 @ 5.33pm
Sun wasn't really setting:

*images no longer hosted*

posted : 2005.Dec.26 @ 12.43pm
mike, thanks! Very Happy

TL that first one is great, superb cropping and composition.

posted : 2006.Jan.05 @ 10.12pm

posted : 2006.Jan.06 @ 3.15am
whoa. motherload. I like all of them!

But I like this one as well. Which is why I choose it. Yes.


posted : 2006.Jan.13 @ 7.43am
A couple from my drive home last night

posted : 2006.Jan.17 @ 4.14pm
mark you're a genius.

posted : 2006.Jan.18 @ 12.44am
melo, love the pose in the first one!

Fog, very nice texture you have going on int he 2nd shot.

Becky, I really like the quiet mood of yours

Cheers to you all

posted : 2006.Feb.20 @ 12.04pm
-- square

-- or rectangular?

posted : 2006.Feb.20 @ 6.55pm
both are great.
rectangle has the rays of sun though... and i like the triangle composition of the silhouettes.

posted : 2006.Feb.28 @ 3.44am
thanks becky.. here are some more!... I was out for the day, saw the light was getting interesting so I waited. Very Happy Cool

B&W version
colour full length

B&W version

a shaft of light on a dull day


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