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posted : 2005.Dec.04 @ 10.00pm
Well, it looks like we'll be finishing up The Year Zero record in early January.
I think the record will be called "Oceania (I Will Return)".
Hopefully it will come out in April 2006.

I'd like to thank Air for encouraging me to make more art.
Sometimes I forget what a blissful world it is to get lost in.

The piece below just kind of came together while thinking about the concept for the record.

Here's the a rough mix of the title track.
>> Oceania (I Will Return)

It's supposed to be like Oceania's national anthem.

I think it could use a keyboard or string part about half way through.
If any one want's to contribute something let me know.
I can send you an Mp3 of this rough mix to work on.

We have a g-mail account so we can get really big files.
and we can line your part up with the track in protools.

Pattern Driver, I have lyrics and melodies worked out for your song.
Lili and I just need to put it all together.

posted : 2005.Dec.05 @ 10.09am
This reminds me of the german lied, romantic era "art songs", usually written for piano and soloist. Composers of that era like Robert Schumann took the piano to be the unconscious self, allowing the instrument to continously ebb and flow, while the singer played the part of the conscious self, structured and with definite cadences. Your song seems to use the same dichotomic interplay to your advantage, as well fuses in some Kim Deal'esque stuff i grew up on, making it a track i'm instantly in to.

If i could humbly put forward a suggestion: the rhythm guitar is mixed really soft, in songs without drums or percussion its helps to use the percussive elements of the instruments to help give the song momentum. This could be fixed in equalization by emphasizing the "hits" of each strum of the guitar by EQing up the higher frequencies (although if the detail isnt there in recording this wont really help so much)

posted : 2005.Dec.05 @ 11.01am
Beautiful, I'm always a fan.
I loved it from beginning to end, although i think Jamberi has a valid crit.
Maybe if you did bring up some chunk just in the highs as the song moves along...
Either way i cant wait for the Record.


posted : 2005.Dec.05 @ 5.32pm
Oh yeah... Cool
Very smooth guys! I like the droning quality of the guitar and voice combined. Keep it up!

posted : 2005.Dec.05 @ 10.23pm
Hey you guys, thanks for the critique.Yeah, the vocals and the music need to be in the same space.
Right now, the vocals are out in front.We'll be compressing it quite a bit when we do the final mix
so that ought to even things up, and bring out some of the chunk of the guitar.

I'm glad no one minded the repetativeness.I like it myself, but I always wonder if other people
will be waiting for something to happen.

Jamberi, thanks for the comparison to Schumann. I love the idea of the music being the subconscious and the voice being the entity within it. The music is actually backwards. I like to do that sometimes because it gets me out of my usual patterns. I find this works best with a soothing asymmetrical part. You end up with all these unexpected changes but the song still has the same overall feel. I'm glad it reminds you of music that was done a long time ago. I want some of this stuff to sound like it was recorded in an alternate 20th century. Like if the Pixies would have been popular in the 20's.

Thanks again for your comments. I'll post a newer mix when I have one so you guys can see how it turns out.


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