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posted : 2005.Nov.09 @ 3.20am
Mutual Reception by Vibrata
Welcome to the podular exchange.

Use this space to offer your goods and services to the beings that support you in this world. All of us in this world have become so specialized that our flow of life relies on money to buy things that other people have prepared for us.

Whether it be computers, food, shelter, water or electricity, each of us consumes a great deal of energy carefully prepared by other beings. In turn, we crystalize this energy into our own creations, and here we offer it to the world.

Feel free to use any social support mechanism you wish
be it money, art trade, or any form of bartering.

Idea Feel free to use this space to interface your PayPal and eBay systems.

Arrow Please post juicey images of the items you are offering, or a breif bio // portfolio of your previous services.

Arrow Provide sufficient contact information such as email and phone number, to be held accountable for transactions.

Arrow Only reply to threads with constructive reviews and/or imagery of the goods in action.

Exclamation Buyers and sellers are responsible for all of their own transactions.

And that is all- may we flow into one another!

posted : 2005.Nov.09 @ 10.48am
luminous threads

in a world of corporate presence
and mass produced
consumption feuled
it is more important than ever to remain aware and intentional
about who we are supporting with our energy and resources

bypassing the distributor
buying direct from crafters, artists and musicians
supporting DIY and local productions
and getting goods which are not mass produced
is the first step in reclaiming our intentions in a world of haze

tribal economics is about energy cycling
keeping resources flowing thru the underground networks
of our extended community circles
cycling energy back and forthe
to continuously support people who are making a living
without pillaging the planet
or supporting an unintentional corporate or military presence

dream large
live small

posted : 2005.Nov.10 @ 3.21am
Nice category admins. Podlings will surely make use of this category. I've been very busy but will contribute to the fora soon. Wink Thanks again!


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