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posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 12.04pm
Just more than a week ago, a quest of mine had ended. I had sought for such a long time for a means to release the energies inside my imagination and to find people that I could tell, "This is how I experience the world. These tiny nuances of beauty that I experience in every little thing that crosses my path; these things are what wake me up in the morning and help me drift peacefully off to sleep at night."

I knew that somewhere in the void there must be such a place because in all places far and wide, people of like interests tend to happen upon each other. They form a collective in which they challenge themselves and others to be the best that they can possibly be.

Where inspiration was just a light breeze across my consciousness, the pod has caused a great gust, sweeping off the layers of dust and blowing away stagnance so that the cycle of growth can begin again.

Merely being told of the pod was a great gift. Having looked at the creations and experiences you've all seen fit to share, I could have never made a single comment, a single post, and walked away with so much more than I started with. Instead, I was extended an invitation to join the collective and to participate in its discussions, add my own thoughts and opinions, and to share with all of you the ways in which I have learned to grow and to fulfill my potential as an intelligent and expressive being.

Thank you all for all that you are.

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 12.33pm
Blessings and gratitude
to the Clever Poet for such
Heartfelt expression.
The Fora organism is nourished
By his artful words providing,
in turn, a sea of creativity and
understanding for the cell's
Swimming pleasure.

The words that dwell above are
the reason the Fora organism
manifestated itself.

Respect *bows*

An echo of past thanks to
Phong for this newest podular
Facet. The Very Heart of the Pod.

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 12.37pm
It grows. It breathes new life. It locks in freshness.

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 5.16pm


posted : 2004.Sep.29 @ 10.14pm
The fora is as close to "sacred" as I can get.


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