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posted : 2005.Oct.30 @ 5.22pm

Rychard's Audio Blog-01

I recently went to a gathering of Circuit Benders called Bend This

Circuit Benders find musical toys and electronically modify them into works of art that move, flash and spit out a wonderful mix of glitch and noise.

This is my friend Tom Koch peforming as Univac.

Tom is also the sound tech for the band Negativland .

Last week I went to see them at the El Rey Theater in LA.

The three members are Mark Hosler, Peter Conheim, Don Joyce.
They basically set up their studio on stage and created a live radio show.

Here is Don, backstage playing with one of Tom's latest creations.

Using a CD mixer, turntables, synthesizers and old radio station tape carts, they created a mix of music, sound effect and spoken word, (both live and sampled), that was both an aural collage, and a treatise on religion and the media.
Blindfolds were handed out at the door to enhance the listening experience.

More about Negativland .

posted : 2005.Oct.31 @ 9.02am
This is such a glorious moment.
Pod brother Rychard drops the fat bomb,
complete with his own super nice photos,
about chilling with one of my favorite bands of all time!
Negativland! It keeps happening, Ry. We keep kickin' it
with our favorite artists in creative settings and communicating
with them on a completely podular level. It's surreal at times.

Ok, class. Now go get a hold of some Negativland.

posted : 2005.Oct.31 @ 10.21pm
I've had Negativland on my playlist for years, and loved them, but knew nothing more of them than the songs. Thanks for the great photos, and account of the show.

Also check out People Like Us's home on epitonic, they have a great free remix by Negativland, as well as a couple other songs that still make me smile on the 3093th listen-through.

posted : 2005.Nov.02 @ 10.32pm
I listened to the 'People Like Us' track and loved it,
Thanks !

posted : 2005.Nov.09 @ 3.47pm
>> Negativland iPOD
Hwang loaded the iPod, originally a U2 Special Edition model,
with seven albums from Negativland. (he was)...blocked from selling
an unauthorized Special-Edition Negativland vs. U2 IPod on eBay's
auction site after Apple complained it violated its copyrights.


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