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posted : 2005.Oct.27 @ 1.15pm
You know how it feels if you've ever shared an experience with a large crowd at a concert or a sports game. When somthing really incredible has just happened that everybody could identify with, a wake of energy rips across the space. Your hairs stand on end, and a spontaneous rush of energy shoots up your spine inducing waves of bliss....

01.A Breif Phong:ular History

A few years ago in late 2001- I was 19 years old when spontaneous chills of energy began shooting up my spine. It started in meditation. Each night I would meditate for 1 hour on my bedroom floor, gazing into a candle while contemplating the nature of ritual existance, and the inevitability of death.
What the hell is happening to me?

Gradually the conditions for the electric chills came under control, as all it would take is a straightening of the spine and the imagining as though I were drinking holy water through a straw in my spine. If my back were the center of the universe and there was a one dimentional straw running upwards- how would I go about drawing nectar up through it?

Practicing what the Tantra and Taoists refer to as the 'art of semen retention' caused the chills to grow considerably stronger. Avoiding lower-chakra ejaculation for weeks and months at a time, a cauldron of energy formed deep in the spinal column. Then attaining conscious control of these blissful waves, I began to feel incredible passion for the creation of artwork, music and dance. The sensations built so that I was aware of this feeling so many times in a day it began to change my whole perception of being in a body.

Head expanding as though the entire world were inside of it, I felt as though my feet were floating off the floor. In deep meditation I discovered a way to channel the energy up the spinal column and into my brain causing what could only be referred to as mental orgasms, always resulting from this upward flow of spinal energy.

Often times meditation practice would quickly degrade into a series of mental orgasms until all of the energy was expended, and I was satisfied enough to get back to some artful busiwork.
Kundalini Fire by Daniel Jacob

I started asking other people if they were feeling this. My father confessed that since practicing yoga he feels rushes of energy up his spine on occasion, yet it is only on random occasion.

As the energy continued to build, so did my anxiousness. What is this blissful flow? Where is it coming from? What is going on here? What will become of this? Then spontaneously the question of... who am I?

I coated the ceiling of my bedroom with tinfoil and began studying alien memes and conspiracy theories, formulating a thorough paradigm that the end times were upon us, that I was a choosen one and with special powers which I should hide lest the CIA discover me. I could use my channels of spinal energy to call upon the aliens from my homeworld to save me in case times got tough... score!

Yet in retrospect, this paradigm was a gross mythology of subtle truths, stemming from a lack of socially established knowledge to interpret just what was happening to my expanding awareness as it began to perceive the subtle body.

Considering the creation of a new religion, or the seeding of a new mythology based on the depth of these sensations, I came across online texts on buddism which were of great help. Reading buddhist and taoist philosophy and practice caused waves of internal laugher, as I realized I was already of this paradigm, and it was comforting to find many others who shared it.
Holy Fire by Alex Grey

The deeper I delved into buddism the more laughter flowed, and the more I romanticized about the east. I had to find out what it was lke in a country where supposedly everybody shared this knowledge. I felt like running to the east... such an intense feeling that eclipsed most other volitions, so I arranged to travel to Sri Lanka for three months.

Shortly before traveling, I met a joyful woman Ktanya who happened to be a Reiki master. I asked her all about what I was feeling, and helping move the flow into the heart chakra, she said the energy I was feeling is called Kundalini in the tradition of Yoga, and there was more about it then she could possibly describe so I should research it.

02.Anapana, Samadhi

After not long, I found myself high in the hill country near Kandy sitting on a rock overlooking luscious valleys for hours on end. There my friend, a venerated Sadhu monk, taught a buddhist meditation technique called anapana.

Anapana is taught in Vipassana (insight) meditation to develop samhadi, a subtle form of concentration which manifests insight into the nature of consciousness.

He sat close before me and reached out his right index and middle finger, pressing them lightly on my upper lip, "Now breath you through nose. Feel winds blowing past here... very simple, but never stop practicing."

After practicing anapana all day, I was into my longest sitting of over 2 hours without so much as a flinch; wind from the breath was raging across my upper lip. While staring at an ancient tree across the valley, practicing anapana and contemplating many analogies between life and the tree, my reality suddenly shifted.

It felt as though my head were a thousand miles above my body- I became enormously huge. Although my eyes were closed, it were as though the top of my head were all the stars. A series of major shifts in the very way my body felt in space ended with a sudden clap which resulted the total dissolution of the sensation of body into a singularity of breath.

Floating there in a deep void of ultimate bliss, there was no consciousness of body but infinitely vast space to expand through. Abiding in a blue grid of four dimentions, expanding eternal tingles, revealed through direct experience that space itself is alive and aware.

03.The Origins of Subtle Body Perception

Now when you turn off the light in a dark room it first looks totally black, but quickly your eyes adjust to perceive contrast within the darkness. In the same way, when the mind isn't pushed through thoughtforms, in the silence it gradually adjusts to project awareness upon it's own underlying nature, a form which conditions all thoughts thus transcending them. To know this form is to know the foundation of all thoughts upon which perceptions of the world arise.

In the same way that if you feel the same thing a thousand times you become numb to it, when the body is deeply stilled through surrender to a practice for a long period, the mind in an alert state becomes totally numb to it, so is liberated from it's vibration. Freeing the awareness previously projected to perceive the body, the eternal forms which condition the perception of space itself are naturally revealed.

Meanwile, without the volitional mind mucking around in the affairs of the body, it flows into autopilot and enjoys a period of regeneration much like in sleep.

So with the body totally disappearing from consciousness through a series of perceptual shifts in the proportions of space, the mindful awareness enters a lucid space which naturally generates insight into the forms beyond the common experience of the grosser body.

posted : 2005.Oct.30 @ 6.28pm

04. Chakras

Chakras are points in a body where many threads of energy intersect forming a center. Chakras in the human body are aligned with the spinal column, as this is the central channel for the entire nervous system which is our portal into this world.

The nervous sytem is the common thread of the body's awareness. Through it all parts of the body are interconnected so they may communicate with electric vibrations. It is these vibrations that are the foundation of the very experience of a body and of manifest space.

The chakras project states of consciousness from ascending points along the spine, and the very way our experience in space is oriented corosponds with their positions.

05. Carnal Chakra Consciousness

First is the root chakra, located at the base of the spinal column by the tailbone. This is our connection ot the earth, and is the wellspring of kundalini energy in the body. The root is related to survival consciousness.

When sombody is chasing you around with a wet towel, snapping it at your ass, you run with all the vigor and it feels as though this emergency is coming from the root chakra. It motivates you to hustle. Often times in sports, or if you beleive that you willl face death or serious risk to your survival this chakra garners a major flow.

The sensations of grounded security, safety, as well as panic and immeadiate fear project from this chakra.

Second is the sacral chakra. Centered in the pubic region, this is the center of sexual energy, the struggle for power, primordial emmotions, and a great flow of creativity from the body. Thus it is the center of propogation consciousness.

Roll your pelvis in a sexual manner, or think sexy thoughts and you may feel this center activate. If you see an attractive person, this chakra may express magnitizing thoughtforms which pull you towards them, or manifest insecurity, avoidance. Or if you feel you're being controlled by another person in an uncomfortable way, this chakra may be the projected source of frusteration which motivates a fire for struggle. At times it may feel as though this center is throbing inside your body.

Third is the solar plexus chakra is the center of power, storehouse of energy. Through this center your digestive systems express hunger, and it is through this center that awareness is provided to aid in digestion, and it is generally from this center that the physical energy gained from successful digestion eminates. This chakra might be said to be the center of consumtion consciousness.

When the lower three chakras are balanced, a warm current of energy flows between them and relaxation is a possibility.

So- once you've secured your existance, awareness will flow through the root to the sacral, and you may feel like having sex to propogate your pattern of being. When this chakra is consciously balanced or satisfied, the energy will continue flowing to the solar plexus, and you may grow hungry. As such the consciousness flowing through these three states transcend one another.

You're not going to want to have sex until your safe at least for the time it takes, and if given the choice between sex and food, the animal within will likely choose sex, after which there is nothing left but to eat to maintaining your being.

Now most people in the world are well attuned to the three lower chakras- it is neccessary that we survive, propogate and consume to live in the world. And because these three states are neccessary for our existance, and we do exist, it is most natural for these three states to be activated. Yet despite the fullfillment of these states we still feel desire and fear in our lives, leading us to run around in suffering states of confusion- so what to do with consciousness once you're existing and well fed?

posted : 2005.Nov.02 @ 6.31am
namuamidabutsu Buddha

posted : 2005.Nov.02 @ 1.12pm
06. Higher Chakra Consciousness

So with awareness balanced in the carnal chakras, the heart chakra is prepared to activate. Located in the center of the chest, this is the center of unconditioned love and it beams golden like the sun. This is the gateway into the higher states of awareness, and is the center of compassion consciousness.
Holy Fire by Alex Grey

To activate the heart chakra, take a moment to breath. As the lungs are filling with air, draw awareness to the center of your chest. As you exhale imagine the heart is a great big star flinging tenrils of flaming love in all directions, beaming outwards into infinity. Repeat this breath as many times as it feels good.

Now, when the heart chakra is opened the world may seem like a great big play populated by hilarious characters, and visualizing it as such will assist it's expansion.

Imagine all beings are in an epic stage production, which is in spontaneously unfolding and without end. Like a show, there is no real point to it other than to educate and entertain. There are many composers directing the show into a myriad of climaxes and relationships which manifest meaning. The world is the stage and you're just here to watch, and so long as you remember it's a play, there can be no fear. Even when the protagonist (yourself) is in grave danger, you can always reach down and grab a handful of popcorn and close your eyes- take a deep breath.

You are just a character in this play, conditioned by your parents upbringing, and the culture you live in, the language you speak and the thoughts that others suggest you think... and all this is perpetually changing, so identifying with it to be yourself is to plant the seeds of frusteration. Yet what you are not is so useful to perceive what is.

Life is a show in which all beings are just looking for some form of lasting happiness, yet have gotten themselves caught up in a cosmic tragedy in which they all end up dead. So just as you a watch Shakespeare play with the spirit of a humerous grin sitting on your shoulder, an open heart encounters all the characters in the world with a curious smile, walking amogst them bearing the gift of love.

Once the heart chakra has opened and you're ready to play, the throat chakra is ready to activate. Center of the transmission and perception of speach, this is the center of communication consciousness.
Throat Chakra by James Kern

A healthy round of chanting is great for activating this chakra. The easiest thing to chant is Aum // Om. This is a good sound because it activates the entire vocal range. Just to take a deep breath, open your mouth and exhale slowly making this noise with as much fullness as you can manage.

When speaking to another being, it generally doesn't feel as though you're communicating from your feet, or from your stomach, or from the top of your head. The awareness attempting to project to another being's perception tends to feel as though it's flowing through a portal in the back of the throat, which is right where the voicebox manifests.

The art of speach is most subtle. We are all so familiar with it that it's been long forgoten and our grasp of it's nature we accept to be the character of our own voice. Yet to master communicating our intent requires an awareness in our speach equally as subtle as the thoughts we seek to communicate.

Activating this chakra creates a portal of consciousness into the way we speak and the conditions through which we perceive what others have to say, and also what our subtle perceptions are saying.

(to be continu:sis)

posted : 2008.Nov.02 @ 10.23pm

Phong! I wish I could somehow get over to Sri Lanka. My interest in Buddhism and meditation have slowly been building through the years. Oddly enough it all started as a confused teenager trying to figure out why LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and dimethyltryptamine had the effects they had on the body. Then I was turned onto a website that said that LSD use was a cheap way of extending your Kundalini through your chakras prematurely and briefly. However if you mastered the proper meditations you could achieve these feelings without the negative aspects of drug use... At the time I was working for a brilliant woman who was a hippie during the 60s and is now a practicing buddhist. We would talk about our psychedelic trips and the aspects of Buddhism that interested me. One day she came to my apartment and dropped me off a copy of the book "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass. This brilliant book explains the life of Ram Dass who experimented with psychedelic drugs heavily and was good friends with Timothy Leary but wanting more moved to India and followed his maharaji. He never touched psychedelics again and became a devout buddhist who has been helping spread the religion to other people just like him. What you can achieve through meditation versus psychedelic use is incredibly similar and I now meditate regularly and it just makes me feel exceptionally well I feel more rested in the morning if I meditate before sleeping. I can focus on projects and ideas better if I meditate on the topic. It allows me to think deeper about subjects and opens me up to new ways of thinking. I regularly practice the sensation of naturally extending Kundalini through the chakras and it is an amazing practice that I hope to master some day. Anyways it seems that this shift is more common recently as I have several friends that have come to the same conclusion about psychedelic use leading them to buddhist practices. And recently I have been comparing original translated copies of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead to the version Timothy Leary reworked for the psychedelic user and have found the copies very similar and in some cases the way that Leary breaks the descriptions down actually makes it better understood.
Yeah... So I guess Im just trying to say that as an ex psychonaut I have embraced many Buddhist practices and I'm glad there are other people out there experiencing the brilliance of this amazing way of life.

blah...thats me trying to spit that out... Up way too late..Im probably just rambling.

posted : 2008.Nov.03 @ 12.17am

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posted : 2009.Jan.03 @ 5.14pm
NIceness... Thanks for sharing this...


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