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posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 11.25pm
Bumbling about this evening, I experimented with my flash to see what I could and couldn't capture.
It turned out interestingly, I think.
Please, add to this thread with your own flashing. (take that how you will Wink)

Two pictures, one with flash the other without, superimposed. Joy.

Fauna photo flashed from forest footpath

An old, rusty barrel whose photo-op lured me into a sinkhole. Nearly lost my shoe.

Construction barrel study; with flash, without.

SBC; Going beyond the call.

Worm's-eye view from a road under construction.

Once a pipe, now a weed garden.

Rings & things

The Great Wisconsin Mudflats

Flash that bush!

posted : 2004.Sep.27 @ 12.34am
A tip for when you're getting up close to things, put somthing like your finger or a leaf over the flash to filter the color.


Here is with a finger half over the flash.

posted : 2004.Sep.28 @ 10.57am
Very nice, phong. You've given me a couple of interesting ideas I hope to try out this week. Hopefully I'll find some subject matter in need of a good tinting. Wink


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