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posted : 2005.Sep.22 @ 9.30pm

Congratulations on completing the hike!
A very amazing and enjoyable read from start to finish!
Now, I beckon you to come forth and share some more insights on your journey.

posted : 2005.Sep.26 @ 4.17pm
• ? • After completing the hike, have you thought about putting the logs of your adventures into a more formal literary form (whether it be in digital or on paper) for others to enjoy?

I have thought of this. My sis is a bit of Englishy student and has suggested that i give a book type thing a whirl. I am not sure how to go about it, but i feel it is a logical move.

• ?? • Besides having a gun pointed on you, everyone that I remember in your logs were extremely nice and hospital, especially for being total strangers. Did this, or anything else about your trek suprise and amaze you? Did you have any other negative confrontations that you didn't list?

There were a few negative aspects that i excluded from the logs. Newfoundland is the oldest European Settlement in North America. Being such, it also has been the site of the most effective Native American genocide. I believe they were called the Beothuck Indians. Since their departure the island turned quite European. In recent years, there has been a small influx of other ethnicities. Mostly due to Canada's great imigration policies. This influx has been a sore spot for many of the current citizens. Some of the "locals" I ran into were up in arms about this. In Gander i ran into this guy in his early 20's. He had travelled canada quite extensivly. He talked poorly of Toronto and its rich cultural diversity. He spouted off every racial slurr while describing to me his time there. "then I moved back and there were n***ers living in St. Johns." I didn't try to correct his language outright. I figured that would just turn him against me. Instead i used the clever tactic of suggestion. Instead of using the colourful terms that he had for, Africans, Asians, Arabs, and others of different skin tones, I used their politically correct terms. By the end of the conversation he admitted that he met a decent Black fellow, and that the guy had the best pot. I let the stereotype slide, he had found his own reason not to hate. I just wish i could've turned him off of this skinhead bullshit that he was definately into. Unfortunately it wasn't just this one instance. there were a couple of times that i chatted with folk who were incredibly pissed off with Canada's imigration policy. I can't believe that a country like this could contain such crap. I mean that's what Canada is founded upon. Most of the population of Canada are imigrants, and to hear that people think we should close our doors is absurd. Let them in, I say, let the popluations of the world disperse. But i am running the risk of turning this into a rant so i will go on to the next question. after a little break though.

posted : 2005.Oct.04 @ 2.02pm
• ??? • Your ability and drive (only a small slice of a pun is intended) to "Walk For The Cure: From Cars" is awesome. What were you motives behind it? Reducing pollution? Personal goal? Personal vandetta against the cars? Or just showing saps like myself who are far too addicted to cars how enjoyable a nice long hike can be?

Personal vandetta, i like that. maybe i should get a cape . wage war on criminal cars by night or something. but lets not get on a silly tangent. Walk For The Cure From Cars is an art project that i started partly for an excuse to walk absurd distances, but mostly to spread the idea that cars really aren't all that they are gassed up to be. please don't get me wrong though i would never want to show people up. I would rather like to get people thinking about the inevitable consequences of continuing to use this disaterous, insidious technology. Pollution is one extremely concerning issue with the use of cars. Global warming is a reality ever expanding from the use of gas. Economy is another potentially explosive topic. What happens when we run out? Everything has become dependant on the use of the black goo. Don't get me wrong though. I am not some kinda crazy amish-admiring-revertist. Horse and buggies have their own draw backs. piles of shit in the middle of the road to list but one. I believe that the idea of the car is beautiful. Personal transport is a slice of freedom i would never like to see vanish. Its really the gas that i take offence with. However i doubt the effectiveness of the title: "Walk For The Cure for Gas" for obvious reasons. Gas is the true disease/drug. Therein lies the vandetta. My arche nemisis so to speak. Until they stop sucking the sludge from the basements of the world, I will continue to walk and talk to people about doing without gas. i am really starting to consider that cape now..

posted : 2005.Oct.04 @ 2.34pm
• ?? • Will you ever eat Chef Boyardee again?

Most likely. Rolling Eyes but that will be on some distant adventure some time far from right now. I am extremely happy to be in such close proximity to a gas stove again. In fact when i am done with this i think i may make some crepes, or as we dutch say: pannekoken.

• ? • What material objects did you have to start your journey with? What would you recommend that others bring if they were interested in something like this?

Great question. Such a tough descision. the scales of wieght and comfort. this is what is in my bag almost all the time. *A good sleeping bag, ***a hoodie (or as they say in Saskatchewan "a bunny hug"), *****a towel, *a tarp or two, *a swiss army knife, *****a jar of peanutty butter, some tent pegs, several pairs of socks, *inscence, *a candle, camera, *****A harris tweed (leather patches optional), water bottle(s), ***a bit of rope, some more random tent pegs, and a bunch of stuff i don't need and end up giving to people or leave behind. i'd recomend to go into adventure with nothing though. I've tried it out before. we'll thats not really true. there are always a few things to fill your hands with. I'd like to do a pilgrimage with a bowl and some tea leaves someday. but i'm saving that one.

thanks for the questions. apologies for taking so long. i have been in transit once again. another few thousand kilometres. by bus this time.


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