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posted : 2005.Aug.25 @ 10.57pm
Nice ones, phong and Heavy Magic.

I just opened up this email:

i saw your last selfportrait in podcollective and
couldn't help drawing it in my mac. i hope you don't
take it as a lack of respect or something offensive,
that was not my intention.
it's just that your face shape and expression move me
to draw.

since i don't even know you, i'm not trying to make a
portrait or a caricature. only what the vision of the
photography inspired me in the moment. i'm sending it
to you just in case you like it.

anyway, i've enjoyed your art a lot, specially the
mandalas and the photography. thanks for sharing it.

good by

juan aquilanti, buenos ires, argentina"

Sweet piece, Juan!
Thank you for sharing your flow with us.
I'm touched by your words and your work.
That was a very podular thing to do Very Happy

posted : 2005.Sep.05 @ 10.55pm
Never know who you might see out there...

posted : 2005.Sep.06 @ 9.47am
aaaaghh hahaha!
welcome back welcome!
the trinity is complete! or is it?
it's quite possibly a web.

<3 relax. come down. and expect me around on the weekend of the 23rd!
let me know how things go.

posted : 2005.Sep.07 @ 10.13pm
Playafied purple cruiser // Burning Man 2005

posted : 2005.Sep.07 @ 10.51pm
Lovin it man looks incredible
hope all your dreams were crystal clear out there.


posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 4.03pm
Glass distorted me.

posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 10.59pm

posted : 2005.Sep.23 @ 10.13am
Yar, i'm a hairy otter YAR!!!

posted : 2005.Sep.26 @ 8.16pm
I finally got there!

posted : 2005.Sep.28 @ 11.21am
you guys are lovely!

posted : 2005.Oct.07 @ 12.49am

and Mr. Melo, thats AWSOME!

posted : 2005.Oct.08 @ 6.08pm

This is a few years old, but theres something i like about it.

posted : 2005.Oct.10 @ 8.50pm
Is it getting cold up there Pox?


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