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posted : 2005.May.05 @ 2.27pm
My music product of the day

>>This is a Scary Song

posted : 2005.May.05 @ 11.21pm
Jamberi.. I like the intro sample. I saw the movie, this week and was happy with it.

posted : 2005.May.11 @ 12.49pm

posted : 2005.May.17 @ 9.52am
I'm experimenting with thickening out sound, adding depth and complexity, not allowing the ear to hear exactly all thats going on so it has to hear it again, and of course keeping the hook.

>>The chord progression for a song's chorus

posted : 2005.May.17 @ 7.05pm
I really like that.

posted : 2005.Sep.13 @ 7.41pm
Some 170 BPM stuff in a style that im not used to making. Still not complete, and the mix sounds really thick. I need to sort through the EQ on this

Sep 12

posted : 2005.Sep.18 @ 7.32am
Yeah Jam! hey, I like that. 170 is a great speed for Drum and Bass type rhythms. Have you thought of pulling the Drums toward the front to give it a D&B sound? I like the cosmic undertones. Wink

posted : 2005.Nov.16 @ 11.43am
Nearly finished collaboration with a friend, tried to get that "ultimate poppy chorus" thing going, the verses definitely need some bubby female vocalist to make more interesting.

Revox & Friends- Happy

posted : 2005.Nov.27 @ 1.24pm
As Brother Xavi is fond of saying, this thread is Ridicu-fresh!
Revox & Friends- Happy is right up there with Mysterious Crystalis,
which is one of my all time pod favs. The ending is bliss.
I could use five more miinutes of that synth break down
sprinkled with random ambient elements. Cheers

posted : 2005.Nov.30 @ 6.12pm
I just caught this post, it somehow past by my radar. Thanks for the encouraging words.

One thing I've noticed about working on music is that you get so used to hearing the individual tracks of a song that by the time you actually complete the mix and hear it all back together you lose the gestalt, all the things that make a whole seem different than just an amalgamation of its parts, and it becomes hard to make heads or tails of what you actually think about it.

Hearing of others enjoyments reassures me that it all adds up to something.

posted : 2006.Feb.03 @ 3.13pm
Spur of the moment knob twirling jam i decided to record:

>>Revox- Strawberry Jam

posted : 2006.Feb.09 @ 1.44pm
Another live recording, this time weighing in an at epic 9 minutes (i'm not used to writing much more than the three minute pop song). I think i'd call this a completed track. Would love to hear some feedback.

>>Revox- Future State

posted : 2006.Feb.09 @ 6.42pm
It is really hard (I find) to make a song that is 9 minutes long and not get repetitive or boring. You've done a great job, it kept my interest all the way through. A little heavy on the reverb on the drums sometimes, but that is a very minor issue. Nice song!

Is that track made in Reason? or...?

I just made a remix in Ableton Live (my first time using the software). I entered it in a contest at Proton Radio .Unfortunately, I can't post it yet or I might be disqualified. Deadline was today!


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