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posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 11.06am
and now for some dance vibes...

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 2.39pm
Luke & Carey are on fire!
Also groovey reflections of the daytime Center Camp dance scene, Ang.

Remember that scene from Baraka with all the Balanese dancers
throwing energy at eachother in the jungle directed by one man
behaving like a mad pack of monkeys in organismic patterns?

Balanese Chi // community voice

Drum circle // unfolding the rhythm

Bike shui // with cameo by The Man

Ice transfer dance // $2 bag, block or crushed

Center Camp // from the espianade

Espianade // from near Center Camp

Thundering view // of a thin slice of the wheel

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 5.55pm
Wow guys. All of this stuff is really great. Thanks for being the eyes for us who couldn't be there. Did any of you bump into eachother there?

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 5.58pm

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 6.30pm
Dropping the poxin burn, that last shot aaron, so tight. Miss you loads my brother, such a good time.
Burnt poxination // The visionaries
Burnt poxination // Robutt Attack
Burnt poxination // Lay down the funk
Burnt poxination // Cry of the carrots
Burnt poxination // Clock Tech
Burnt poxination // Camel rider
Burnt poxination // Night life
Burnt poxination // Wrinkle wizard
Burnt poxination // Temple sunset
Burnt poxination // Windstorm setup
Burnt poxination // Sky dancers
Burnt poxination // Resisting the elements
More to come! Dinner time!

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 8.29pm
Yeah! The Poxinator strikes again.

Sunscorched man // dancing with the wind

Joyous Saratonin // unifying the yang

Untactful Jedi // invading the hamoc village

Rolling ferris // stayed still until the wheel fell off

Best wedding avar // unifying the dualism

Water truck // weilds a free shower

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 12.01pm
"Let's cruise over to Center Camp!"

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 12.33pm
Yo Air,
What is that strange levitating loop of dust in the sky?

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 12.43pm
Big black smokerings that went "FOOOOOMMMMP!"

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 1.07pm
Michael Franti is a musical shaman. This was such a beautiful show.

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 3.00pm

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 3.48pm
Mmmmm.... circley.

posted : 2005.Sep.10 @ 4.54pm


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