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posted : 2005.Sep.06 @ 7.25pm
Fourty thousand inspired souls
made it out to the pre-historic playa this year
to form a week long experimental society
known as Black Rock City,
temporarily one of the largest towns in Nevada.

Artists from all disciplines
manifested rare social phenomenon in this space,
surrendering to the flow
of dance and laughter in the art of life.

>> phongz burning photos 2005

posted : 2005.Sep.06 @ 8.20pm
Tatooine Vibes on The Playa

posted : 2005.Sep.06 @ 9.22pm
Wicked fire sculptures.

posted : 2005.Sep.06 @ 10.12pm
Glorious encounter // Air & Poxin meet eachother in physical space

Joy // triggers a wave of bliss

posted : 2005.Sep.07 @ 10.22pm
Amongst all the beautiful chaos,
a tribe lead by Carey Thomson and Victor Olenev
constructed the Di Methyl Temple,
a homage to our psychadelic allies in the molecular plane,
housing the artworks of Carey Thomson, Luke Brown, Xavi,
Andrew Gonzalez, Alex Grey, Victor Olenev, Robert Venosa
amogst which Plant Mind was honoured to be situated.

Di Methyl Temple // Carey Thomson and fellow temple manifestors

Sunset at the DMT // A small crowd gathers

posted : 2005.Sep.08 @ 1.30am
Cozmic Elves // wrinkle hamoc village

Poxin & Adelay // strumming the flow

posted : 2005.Sep.08 @ 7.23am

posted : 2005.Sep.08 @ 12.03pm
The Red Temple // Playanese style cut

The Spirit of Kahli // Goddesses propogating dhamma

Surrender // attachment to the flames

Silent witness // to the wrath of reaction

posted : 2005.Sep.08 @ 2.28pm

posted : 2005.Sep.08 @ 3.49pm
Ya harr matey! // I see a crowsnest

Hellonious // offers herbs and a magic mushroom

Shiver me timbers // from the crowsnest

posted : 2005.Sep.08 @ 6.23pm
"Because mutiny on the Bounty's what we're all about
I'm gonna board your ship and turn it on out"

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 5.35am
Wahoo-oo-ooya!!! Holy mother of desert winds!.... Mo-o-o-o-ooooooooooor! Shocked Shocked Shocked

Question ... and.. no dust/sand storms?!!!... Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

posted : 2005.Sep.09 @ 8.06am
More glimpses of the DMT


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