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posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 11.05am
"Naked" sculptures are great for museums and federal buildings. Let's see some paint on those!

Got an airbrush?

Totally beautiful stuff man.

posted : 2004.Sep.25 @ 8.35am
Points all taken. It's a tough decision for me to paint them. If I had an airbrush...I'd be more inclined to give 'er a go, but with only acrylics and brushes...I'd like to practice on things a little less detailed first. I actually had a professional figure painter offer to paint them for free for me. (he does awesome work) but I'd have to ship them, and the risk of breakage is high. I am also thinking that if I ever want to cast resin replicas one day....they'd be much easier to take apart unpainted. On top of that, I have WAY more people in favor of leaving them raw, than painting for now...I'm sticking to just sculpting them. There's time for everything still, as I don't plan to leave this earth anytime soon.Wink


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