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posted : 2005.Jul.01 @ 9.00am
Hey guys I've finally got some new music.
I started working with a female vocalist named
Lili De La Mora. I think her voice is amazing.
>>Moon Viewing Parties (You might know this one)
>>The Truth About Stars
>>New Anthem
We're up for collaboration if anyone's interested.
We're really looking for cool beats to write songs over.

posted : 2005.Jul.05 @ 1.44am
I love these sounds-
there is light psychadelic love juice
flowing from within the heart of each tune.

I'd love to hear what PD or TL sould do with your sound.
Watch out!

I put some of your tracks in the podRadio,
check 'em out.


posted : 2005.Aug.18 @ 10.30am
Yes, the psychadelic love juice is surely flowing in your music.
There is something here that I have been missing... I love it.
I would love to send you some rhythm and see what you guys could do with it. Wink
Lili's voice is beautiful, it goes perfect with the mood of the music.


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