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posted : 2005.Aug.12 @ 10.53am
Since so many beautiful night shots have been flooding into the everyday snaps thread I thought It might be cool to have a proper place for our midnight musings. Twisted Evil







posted : 2005.Aug.12 @ 2.04pm
man melo Beer Toast Shocked Rock Wink Very Happy Deep respect Bouncer Dancing

posted : 2005.Aug.12 @ 4.24pm
ha ha, thanks becky Very Happy

2 more

posted : 2005.Aug.12 @ 4.31pm
Deep respect Deep respect Deep respect

Melo. Master of the Creatures of the Night!

posted : 2005.Aug.12 @ 4.34pm
Dang, Becky... I was gonna do that!
Super extra good photos, Yelo.
*many bows*

posted : 2005.Aug.12 @ 5.20pm
Love, yella! Mastering the Darkness itself!

posted : 2005.Aug.12 @ 10.32pm
I love that bridge, and you captured it amazingly well.
I love the industrial hell part of LA.
I think I went to a party in that building on the right in #6.
It was a long time ago but it looks really familar.

posted : 2005.Aug.13 @ 1.31am
SO beautiful! I'm transported. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Aug.14 @ 9.32am
I love the tunnel picts, so many colors in just the right places!

posted : 2005.Aug.15 @ 4.01pm
hey! this thread has nothing to do with rocky horror! Laughing

posted : 2005.Aug.15 @ 4.23pm
you guys are the best Embarassed
xero, are you sure it's not on the other side of the street?
I think they have parties there all the time.

these are taken in my new neighborhood, it's a trip because
i get more creeped out wandering through this place then I do down town.
somethin spooky about it...

posted : 2005.Aug.16 @ 9.39am
Awesome stuff melo.
Love that middle picture in your last set.
It's got a great graphicy feel to it.

Beer Toast cheers to you

posted : 2005.Aug.16 @ 10.45am
thanking you foz, cheers to you as well.

doesn't anyone else have some new night shots?


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