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index « biological « Event: Soul In The Machine July 22, 2005

posted : 2005.Jul.23 @ 11.27am
Talk about fun times!

Props to DJ Blue for another jumpin', bumpin' good vibey throw down!
It was great to see everyone again and the acts all went off.

Beginning with Nominal who were awesome. I look forward to seeing them again.

Soul In The Machine

20meat:6fry from Liquid O wrapped it up in bangin' style and the Octopus even got in on the fun.

See y'all next time!

posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 1.35pm
It was a unique and solid show.


Laser harp:

Aboard the BORG mothership:

There's a drone now:

Epic colored lighting:

Nice glowing under the boots:

And it wouldn't be complete without a firespin on the beach:

Nice pants, devilgirl:

Fire hoop:

All at once, now:


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