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posted : 2005.Jul.14 @ 7.17am
TL yeah it is pretty accessible and i should get out into it more. That 3rd is goredale scar and is left over from the ice age, it is pretty impresive when you first get there, nothing on the scale of some of the US geography but still, a nice place.

Thos stones are part of whats referred to as "limestone pavement" They are part of a 100-200ft limestone cliff, those cracks vary in depth from about a foot or two to a meter or more, and allow water to seep through the cliff to the stream below.. oh and some move when you walk on them Shocked

oh and thanks! Wink

posted : 2005.Jul.16 @ 6.12pm
Speaking of accesability,... it seems that all your shots are from the middle of nowhere Mark. I'm always wondering how you get the time to get out to the remote spots and shoot in the right light.

Looking West into the Rockies



BTW, I'm on Vacation!


posted : 2005.Jul.16 @ 9.35pm
Mark, your photos and knowledge are a fora treasure.
Fog, digging the vacation blog. The NZblog was the best though.

posted : 2005.Jul.17 @ 1.55am
Fog i have to make the time, like getting up at 1am to drive 2 hours to climb a mountain in the dark. That particualr day didn't work out as i'd planned though, so i just watched the sun come up. I live pretty close to the centre of the UK, and so i can get to some good locations within a couple of hours. it helps that i have a couple of friends that are keen walkers, so we try and go out over the weekend, this helps me scout out locations to shoot.

A nice shot of trails while on the trail Wink

Air Wink thanks.

posted : 2005.Jul.18 @ 5.54pm
fog Rock

recent brush fire in marc's and my home town...

posted : 2005.Jul.19 @ 4.32am
Thanks Becky,...

Bummer. Is that San Diego? I was down there then too...

posted : 2005.Jul.19 @ 8.40am
whoa Shocked fog, becky great shots.

posted : 2005.Jul.19 @ 9.12am
hey fog, its actually rancho palos verdes (technically not my home town). the fire was maybe a week ago or 2

posted : 2005.Jul.26 @ 8.11pm

posted : 2005.Aug.04 @ 1.10pm
mike that's a big ole chunk of red rock in that last one where is it?

storms, they are a coming

posted : 2005.Aug.05 @ 10.24pm
Its right inside the entrance to Garden of the Gods.

posted : 2005.Aug.21 @ 2.01pm

posted : 2005.Aug.22 @ 8.02am
hi becky bloom is awesome!


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