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posted : 2005.Jul.07 @ 11.42pm
a flowing landscape of life

The green samurai clan is a secret society style underground
network of artists, visionaries, musicians, architects, designers,
magicians, coders, dancers, djs, performers, poets, priestesses,
promoters, presenters, producers and cultural creatives who are
building the foundations for a sustainable planetary

For many years the greensamuraiclan has been involved in creating
events, gatherings, rituals, parties, festivals, conferences and
tribal councils. The clan is for hire as downtempo collective, dj
crew, performance troupe and production team. It is also available
for preproduction and postproduction consulting, website,
development, community building, graphik design, altar building,
event d├ęcor, article writing, relationship counseling, art creation
and permaculture design.

Uniting the west coast downtempo sound design with a microfusion of
imbedded polyproduction, the green samurai clan is a synergy of
different styles, lineages and musical traditions.
Spreading across the underground like a new form of life, the gsc
downtempo sensibility melds sonic environments with chilled out
mindstates bringing the goodness like a cool mountain breeze
on a hot day. With two original compilations to smoke out your
dojos, the new clan disk is set for release in the coming months.

the greensamuraiclan is primed and ready for a rebirth
this is the time of the website relaunch
peep the new site and spread the word.

deepest of the deep

gsc outreach wing


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