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posted : 2005.Jun.14 @ 7.08am
Thanks Becky - jellyfish it is! Shocked

Yela!!! you look like a mad scientist, man! I like the technique too - simple but very effective!!!
You rule again, bud! Wink

posted : 2005.Jun.14 @ 9.40pm

posted : 2005.Jun.17 @ 10.51am
Dman all of these are awesome



posted : 2005.Jun.17 @ 11.10am
those are awesome becky, black and white was a good choice.

i always wonder, when lapses come out like a trail of dots, if that is the minute increment of time that the camera uses to register an exposure or if the source light is generating a pulse invisble to the eye.... Rolling eyes

posted : 2005.Jun.17 @ 12.39pm
Becky.. those B&W's are awesome! Laughing

posted : 2005.Jun.18 @ 10.15pm
feeding, bleeding



posted : 2005.Jun.18 @ 10.23pm
Deep respect You are Master Yelo Wan Kenobi. Those are eternal.

posted : 2005.Jul.05 @ 9.09am

posted : 2005.Jul.05 @ 12.34pm
dude those are rad!
I climbed up into the hills above dodger stadium last night to try and get some firework shots and then realized there was no firework show after all. Super wack Sad
Yours made up for it though.

posted : 2005.Jul.06 @ 9.08am
fireworks have gone to a better place Frog Buddha

posted : 2005.Jul.06 @ 9.43am

posted : 2005.Jul.07 @ 11.45pm
/. melo is a master of 'ness.

//. many thanks to becky and mike
for beautiful explosions of light.

posted : 2005.Jul.08 @ 7.55am


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