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posted : 2005.Jun.19 @ 2.50am
Podular rematrixing
Evolution of Fora culture
Refinement of the interface

::explore the filter system::

Phong is here
Captured by his own cam

Xavi is here too
It's the apodcalypse

Stencils overtake all blank clothing
Empowering symbols transform the mundane, myth crafting

Patterns everywhere
Neuropodular imprinting

Too blue skies
Fresh ocean breeze
Sun-kissed @ the Sandcastle
Creating and playing... and giving in to gravity

Cali at its best

Hoops.... everywhere, always
Sandbag ponders and becomes inspired

Back to the Airpod
Refueling protocols initiated

Chef Xavi's Super Bomb Quinoa Pasta

Deep delvings into podular space
Reworking concepts and rebranding the collective...

The energy wave swells
As the flow unfolds the glimpses will continue

Fora Cells:
We encourage you to drop by and say hello, get some
Xavi stencil tech for your gear, take pics, chill.
Xavi will be here until July 1.
Phong may stay longer.

posted : 2005.Jul.08 @ 6.37am
I can see us all from behind my eyes...
they're you're eyes too!

Mmmmm, tropical burrito.

posted : 2005.Jul.08 @ 7.04am
i see us too
yet not quite as you do
making another bc elf connect
st.even was a welcome part of the flow

posted : 2005.Sep.29 @ 9.30pm
Just unearthed this Apodcalypse nugget
and slathered it with some yummy Pattern Diver .
>> .mov
But, don't do it without a high speed connection Smile

posted : 2005.Sep.30 @ 6.44am
Super cool !
Make more.

posted : 2005.Sep.30 @ 9.04am
Wow! Total coolness!

  • Is Phong using MAX there? If so, WOW,.. can we get a tutorial?

  • What's the music? I want that for my morning!

  • posted : 2005.Sep.30 @ 11.26am
    Well done! what a groovy command pod!
    I knew there had to be some XAVI influence behind the new interface...

    Thanks for the cameo. Cheers

    posted : 2005.Sep.30 @ 2.28pm
    what's happening in MAX there is really simple-
    there is a bevel profile on the pod portal logo,
    then I'm just dragging vertices on the profile spline
    and watching it create gnarley intersections real-time.

    try it on some text really simple-
    just throw down a text spline with a simple form,
    then made a little curve spline next to it,
    and add the bevel profile to the text spline,
    and use the curve as the profile.

    then go and play with the curve,
    and have fun!


    posted : 2005.Sep.30 @ 4.39pm

    Hours of trippage ahead... thanks Podling!


    posted : 2007.Dec.25 @ 12.29am
    The story board quality to this thread is nice
    I'd thank you but I'm late for a meeting!



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