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posted : 2005.Jun.06 @ 2.10pm
While I was on the master cleanser I spent a lot of time researching healthy ways of eating and all roads seemed to lead to eating RAW foods. Apparently when food is heated above 115 degrees it destroys most of the beneficial enzymes needed for digestion thus requiring your body to produce it's own.

So I decided to give it a try and it really is great. I can attest that eating enzyme and nutrient packed food has rapidly increased the rate at which I digest meals. After a meal I feel energized which is great compared to the food coma I used to experience after lunchtime at work. I'm actually typing this because I'm so buzzed on fresh jalapeño that I have to share Very Happy

Right now my most common meal is the wrap, but instead of using a tortilla or something, I use a big leaf of collard greens.
You can put whatever you like in these but a really good recipe goes like this:

1/2 avocado sliced
1/4 tomato sliced
about 8 slices of cucumber
2 long slices of portabella mushroom
1/2 fresh jalapeño minced
Daikon Radish sprouts to taste (any sprouts will do)
Sliced onion to taste

1 tbs pesto (basil, olive oil, garlic, salt)
optional hummus and tahini sauce
2 large collard greens, it helps if they are ever so slightly wilted, so they stretch just a little...

Sometimes instead of the pesto, hummus and tahini I just squeeze half a lime over it and add cayenne pepper and dill.

I cut the bitter stems out of the collard greens and kind of lay them next to each other overlapping about half way, then put all the ingredients on the left, tuck the bottom and roll it up like a burrito. I haven't tried it yet but I want to try using a bamboo sushi roller and maybe even holding it together with a strip of nori. Depending on the quality of the collard you can make a pretty stable wrap. Sometimes it falls apart but it's still amazingly good and very energizing. The jalapeño is really what makes the whole thing tick. Every day after lunch I find myself telling people how amazing jalapeño is. Laughing
It's not hot like you would think. More like rocket fuel.

Anyway, I'm going to post more raw food info here as I go.
Any input anyone has would be rockin.

I will post pictures of the wrap process when I solve my camera problem.

posted : 2005.Jun.06 @ 5.32pm
This is awesome!
Nice to see podlings taking better care of the
earthship and stoked about the fora's biological
section getting some good use.

So, Yeller. You eating all raw these days?
Details, man! I need details! Tell me of your healthflow.
It's about to get monk-like in my house with Phong and the Xavster
getting here this week! We will hit you back with our Jedi culinary skillz.

posted : 2005.Jun.06 @ 6.06pm
YaY! Melo, you ROCK!!! That is absolutely wonderful that you are trying raw foods. I know that after the cleanse you feel like you don't even want to put anything processed/fried into your body. I can't wait to see the photos of this jalapeno wrap. Keep the updates coming! Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jun.07 @ 10.27am
yeah it's wonderful!
I am eating mostly living food.. fruit for breakfast, and various wraps for lunch and dinner.
I'm not a nazi about it though. I've been eating sprouted grain bread and other stuff. Last night I had the most amazing veggie PHO noodles at this vietnamese place. I speculate that eating even 50% raw food will drastically effect your health.
I really want to get into dehydrating because that blows it wide open.
i've been going to this restaurant in culver city that serves only 100% organic raw food with no animal products, called Leaf Cuisine they make this sprouted chikpea falafel by dehydration, it's seriously one of the best things I've ever had.
I would like to encourage everyone to try eating only raw foods for just one day and report how it made them feel. You could start the morning with some kind of fresh juice (no flash pasturizing) snack on raw almonds and blueberries throughout the day and for lunch and dinner get wrappy... avocado and fresh jalapeno are your friend Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jun.09 @ 1.34pm
Mmm... Thai Guacamole is soooo gooood! It's nice and spicy.. though I think next time I will increase the curry goodness (I heart curry... Mmm....) Thank you, Melo, for introducing me to this site! Next on my list to try is that apple pie.. it looks soo good.

Here's the link to the guacamole recipe I tried I spent about an hour and a half on it with a blender.. I was amused ^_^.

posted : 2005.Jun.09 @ 3.07pm
wow, convergence, this website was an inspiration from old, photography meets raw foods, well my first introduction into raw foods anyway Very Happy

Your wraps look great melo... Cheers

posted : 2005.Jun.09 @ 5.55pm
i like this site,
looks like decibel Dragon is friends with raw food guru juliano.
There's pictures of them hiking together in the eagle rock series.

posted : 2005.Jun.11 @ 2.04pm
here is one of my wraps...
I'll do a step by step in the recipe section soon

posted : 2005.Jun.15 @ 1.18am
Not raw but organic. I also dropped this in the linkbase, but this thread made me think of it Smile


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