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posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 12.04am
Hi everyone,
TheNimoys "Eventide" cd got picked to be on the front page of our cd distribution site with a fairly eloquent review that describes the album as "in a nutshell? kick ass."
check it out if you get the chance, it will be up there for the next 3 days.
otherwise you can go directly to the eventide page. there are listening examples!

posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 1.21pm
Fun stuff Razz
I liked all the samples quite a bit-
i liked "Above" the best out of what i heard.
Id love to hear the rest but i cant spare the twenty Sad
the web site is great too- i like the front page and the "bellybutton video" was rad.


posted : 2005.May.15 @ 10.36pm
hello all!
thenimoys are now on iTunes.
check it out to hear samples of all our stuff.

in the meantime,
here are some songs from our next album
that we plan to release over the summer.

00100010 Pulsing Love rainb034
00100011 Pulsing Love rainb035

posted : 2005.May.15 @ 10.52pm
twinkly goodness abounds
coated in 8-bit nostalgia
onto my ipod

Pulsing Love Rock Pulsing Love !!

Pulsing Love rainb035 Pulsing Love

posted : 2005.May.16 @ 12.20am
way to go.


posted : 2005.May.24 @ 6.38pm
Radicool Man!
hey what the beans is this?

it looks like the future to me...

posted : 2005.May.25 @ 12.48am
thank you all for your kind words and 8-bit enthusiasm!

for organizational purposes, i responded to the picture here. thank you for your inquiry.


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