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posted : 2005.May.22 @ 10.17pm
dialing the gate;

i'm dropping the newness on the pod before it hits the rest of the world
watch out, the paint is still wet...

peep :: >> Divine Reflections

feedback is appreciated...

there are plans in the works to align the podgallery style setup
especially given that i'm not super happy with the gallery aspect,
but for now something had to be thrown up

paypal activation coming soon

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 10.32pm
A nice level up for your web presence.
The works are tight and go well together.
I like the concept also. The nav is ok but
a podular overhaul will add depth and ease of use.
Some little bits of interactive flash would be cool.

I dig it! I hope it does well for you.

posted : 2005.May.23 @ 7.57am
I just noticed somethiing else.
The portrait you did of me was over a photo that I took.
That does two things. First it makes the piece a collaboration
and second, if you are selling prints of a collab, you need the other artists' permission.
Of course I have no problems with you using the piece. Just be sure there are no
other loose ends like that. When I do design work or composites I only use photos
that I have taken. That way I know there won't be any copyright/credit issues.

posted : 2005.May.23 @ 11.34am
there's definately levels to explore in that realm
the photos of you and of david are the only pieces that use borrowed images
and were created out of respect and love with the knowledge that taking a photo of you would be difficult

i have a plan in place with the limited edition canvas prints to ensure that successful pieces flowe out into the community as well; the sixth print is dedicated to the subject, the eleventh print is donated to someone or somewhere that will appreciate it but can't afford it (yoga studio, ashram, local hangout), and the 23rd canvas is mine.

that doesn't include compensation for use of the photo, however my ideal situation is that i'm taking the shot, especially since i've been learning what works best in photoshop.

it's an interesting conundrum and one i'm going to have to dive into more deeply as i am also sharing completed pieces on canvas with other artists, allowing them to overpaint the works.

evolving the pathway


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