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posted : 2005.Apr.05 @ 11.51am
When the infinite nature of yesterdays become tomorrow, as this moment is forever;

Tomorrows and yesterdays will limitless be, with particles traveling through eternity.

posted : 2005.Apr.15 @ 8.28pm
so what are you getting at? and what is that picture? it looks neat

posted : 2005.Apr.16 @ 2.00am
Laughing lol Laughing

posted : 2005.Apr.17 @ 5.43am
The image is called a Calabi-Yau shape. It is an attempt to put into visual the dimensions of the superstring theory or m-theory. Heard it described as "an intricately folded knot of space". Strings and loops.

It is something I certainly have not come to fully wrap my mind around, but was inspired to write that bit based on what I have read thus far. It's fun! Smile

posted : 2005.Apr.17 @ 4.35pm
haha, good timing! i saw that a few many months ago on tv, and i just rewatched it yesterday. its still blowin my mind. will take some meditation, but im glad concepts like that exist out there

posted : 2005.Apr.19 @ 7.46am
Love that synchronicity! Smile

posted : 2005.Apr.19 @ 11.59am
maybe we're kindred spritis Laughing

posted : 2005.Apr.20 @ 1.16am
Laughing lol Laughing

posted : 2005.Apr.25 @ 2.28am
Kindred indeed....I like that! Very Happy


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