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posted : 2005.Apr.05 @ 8.23pm
I have a very hard time living within the boundaries of normal society. Perhaps you do too?

I was an ATT Wireless customer and switched over to Cingular when the companies merged. For FIVE months now I have been receiving not one, not two, but THREE invoices from Cingular. One is my normal monthly bill. One is a bill for $34.00 that seems to have sprung from ether. The other is a credit for $27.00 that says "This is not a bill, do not pay." Each one has a different account number and customer service phone number on it. Laughably, they all arrive on the same day.

Numerous phone calls to Cingular can neither explain to me why this multiple billing is happening, what the $34 or $27 charges/credits are, nor prevent it from continuing.
"That's an ATT account number, so I can't help you."
"But it says Cingular right on it and this is the customer service number printed on the page."
"I'm sorry, that's their department."
Who is THEY? No one knows. So I just continue to pay my normal bill, incur late charges on the mystery bill, and bask in the glory of my $27 credit each month.

I had a Capital One credit card that I paid the balance off on and wanted to cancel. I called to cancel the card in November, they said it needed to remain at a zero balance for 60 days and then the account would be cancelled. But every month I get a bill for $4.00 and the account stays open. The $4.00 charge is the membership fee for the card. That I cancelled. That they are charging me to be a member of. That I am no longer a member of. So the account never has a zero balance because they keep charging me for it. The card. THAT I CANCELLED. I don't pay it, and then I get another statement with a late fee. On the membership fee. For the card. THAT I CANCELLED. Every month I call in and point out that they have charged me yet again and that I closed this account.
"You will need to maintain a zero balance for two billing cycles and the account will close."
"I have maintained a zero balance, YOU'RE THE ONES CHARGING ON IT!!!"
"Okay, I've credited the account and once it has remained at a zero balance for two billing cycles, the account will close."

Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

posted : 2005.Apr.05 @ 9.49pm
Vanessa, sounds to me like they are strong arming you, definitely on the Capital One situation. They will just continue to do this as you allow it. I would not argue the endless point any longer. Pull a switch on them. Have you spoken to a supervisor?

posted : 2005.Apr.06 @ 3.58pm
I'm terrible with that whole paying the bills thing. I sign up online to pay a bill. I wait until they process me and say it's ok to use the system. I am approved. After filling in numerous boxes with personal info I get to the end and the submit payment button is grayed out, can't click it! I call the giant phone robot they employ to work this out and there is no way to reach a human! I go to a location where the web says I can pay in person and find out they do not except payments. They tell me to call the giant phone robot and DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS when it tells you to so. Finally a human picks up and I pay with a credit card.

I fully comprehend why people move to places like Costa Rica. flee the robots.

posted : 2005.Apr.15 @ 8.26pm
you shouldnt blame society for every bad thing that happens to you. as has been mentioned, theyre just going to keep doing this to you if you let them. chances are, it could also possibly make total sense. the system works, and the best part about north american society is that youre free to make with it what you will. its just about how lazy we are or are not. you can let this one push you around, and it can walk all over you, or you can bap it on the nose and put the reins on it. capitalism is kick ass.

but of course, im sure the bears and cougars would love to discuss your phone bill problem with you. or you could go to say, a communist country and be thrown in jail! concider yourself lucky, and just dig a little deeper. theres always someone around to help you out *thumbs up*


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