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posted : 2005.Apr.11 @ 9.06pm
Hey Guys, What's up?
I wrote this song a long time ago and always wanted to do an image for it.
I think it was inspired by an episode of Aeon Flux.
It was about this race on a vertical track.
and the narrator was talking about how everyone wants to see a crash.

>>Skyway Racer

I think I got a little carried away with the chrome.
I was having too much fun.

This image started the whole overland trip.
I got a little nuts with it. I even did a solo album dedicated to it.
I probably filled 10 sketch books full of scenes and dialogue.
It was such a blissful escape.
Back in my drinking days. With a couple pints of Harp,I was off to the wasteland.
Man that was a good beer.
Sometimes I miss the oblivion.
Here's the song.


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