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posted : 2005.Mar.02 @ 4.16pm

posted : 2005.Mar.06 @ 4.20pm
A new Jim Henson Productions film....looks interestingly inventive... Smile


posted : 2005.Mar.07 @ 11.45am
>> Giant Steps
A nice piece of Jazzometry.

posted : 2005.Mar.18 @ 7.57am
>> Animated Drawing
Pure KGB Flow. Mesmerizing.
Something in there says D-Man to me.
I wonder if it's the collective Russian consciousness...

posted : 2005.Mar.23 @ 11.18pm
Hey !
Mirror Mask is the new project from Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean !
I can't wait...

The Giant Steps video is inspiring and I could watch the animated drawing for ever.
Great stuff !

posted : 2005.Mar.24 @ 1.46pm

posted : 2005.Mar.26 @ 8.49am
Air, animated drawing! ruled... KGB! rules... NO-O-OT!

Pixel Roller - awesome visual and I remember the music (cuz i am so old Boo hoo! ), which made watching experience even better.

::::::::::::::::::::::KUNG FU HUSTLE: OPENS APRIL 8th 2005::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
*click above for trailer*

posted : 2005.Mar.31 @ 8.45am

posted : 2005.Mar.31 @ 10.41am
Whoa Shocked
i'm all dizzy now

posted : 2005.Apr.04 @ 9.09pm
Witness the magic that is broken saints...

All original artwork, music, and story combine in an epic online flash based comic book unlike anything you have ever seen. This is without a doubt the best use of flash I have ever seen. 24 episodes combine to weave a 16 hour journey of beauty and magic, with an ending that will leave you shivering at its brilliance.

Click "Classic Flash Series" and once the window has popped up click "Story"

Definately the most inspiring thing on the web today. I'm hoping to get the DVD soon.

much love

posted : 2005.Apr.04 @ 9.21pm
Fog's whodunit solved...

The artist you're looking for is Laurent Pratlong. His website is which seems to contain mostly video work.

The image in the book is a full two page spread... just gorgeous, although I definately dig so many other images within...

So happy with my copy of expose. Some of the kids here should definately consider submitting.


posted : 2005.Apr.06 @ 2.18pm
this is mad, wicked sweet!


posted : 2005.Apr.06 @ 9.20pm
Poxin - hell yeah!

If you want, checkout the artists website for similarly cool video action. The parking structure clips are especially sweet.

>> ne-o



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