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posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 12.36pm

posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 4.34pm
I love this thread. Great category, and superb pictures, excuse me I've been drooling!
Here's one straight from my brain:

posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 4.38pm
Welcome to page 2

posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 5.13pm
wow foz, that is so clear that it looks like two photographs layered.
thats really awesome

Living Proof thanks for posting a drawing in here!
the quality of line is warm and wonderful

Melo all your stuff is insane as usual...

posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 7.09pm

posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 8.39pm
Becky.. thanks. It's one image. It does look like 2 layers tho.. you're right.
I love the vein look to the branches.
Air - awesome color. Multi podular-orbulated light spots. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Mar.21 @ 4.19am
Terriffic Foz...reflectively perfect. Great shot. Smile Foz said GREAT COLOUR!

Here's my contribution...

posted : 2005.Mar.21 @ 2.01pm
LP, your (awesome) post reminded me of something...

this was for a font I was working on a while ago:

Becky Thank you for el elogio Very Happy
Foz Excuisite!

posted : 2005.Mar.22 @ 4.48pm

posted : 2005.Mar.22 @ 5.14pm

posted : 2005.Mar.24 @ 5.14pm

posted : 2005.Mar.24 @ 10.07pm
Those are pretty crazy, st. even.

posted : 2005.Mar.25 @ 9.26am
Becky, Meloyelo, muchas gracias.
Scotty, I'm digging your post with the shallow rocks and emerging ripple. It's very interesting!
Not to get too bent out of shape over this one, but this series is wonderful! I'm transported by reflections in their entire world of perspective behind this one with some heavy meaning and intricacies.
I've been carrying around the idea in my daily life since I saw this topic and I keep seeing some cool ones! I'll get in some pictures yet:)


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